All Genuine Communists! Rally Behind CPI(ML)!...
The Only Sincere Communist Opposition Today!!

Critical turning points in the political development of a country bring out the true colours of its parties. It has taken a hung parliament to expose, beyond doubt, the social democratic character of CPI and CPI(M), something which we have been pointing out all along.

The CPI has joined the government as if it is only a natural decision. This would make even a Dange turn in his grave. Of course, this party never had any programmatic qualms about joining a bourgeois government. But CPI(M), despite CC decision, despite the check in the party's programme against any such social dmocratic pitfall, has also become part of this Congress-driven government, even if indirectly. Its becoming part of the UF, its active role in drawing up the common minimum programme and its joining the high-powered coordination committee to steer the government do not leave any doubt on this score. Rather, it only makes a mockery of the decision not to participate directly in the government.

Supporting UF govt., to begin with, from outside is one thing under given conditions but it should have been solely for acting against the Congress as a counterveiling force. The UF government could have remained independent and true to its programme, it could have dared Congress to pull down the government than succumbing to its pressures, and declared that it is ready to sacrifice the government instead of sacrificing the principles. But from the choice of Gowda to the declaration of CMP and the austerity package, from the shielding of the corrupt in the Congress to uncritically adopting its policies, it is amply clear that Gowda cares two hoots for the Left and is begging for strategic partnership with Congress. Hence, the day-to-day pronouncements of the government are bound to be a daily dose of embarrasment to the Left, taking away whatever prestige they are left with.

True, there have been some public criticism from CPI(M). We welcome that just as welcomed the CPI(M) CC decision. Any attempt to distance and dissociate from the government to put the Left on a more principled footing by these parties, would be welcome. But, unfortunately, collaboration rather than principled demarcation remains the dominant feature till date.

This leaves CPI(ML), the so-called 'ultra-left', as the only genuine communist opposition which remains true to the programmatic principles of communism. Hence, we appeal to all leftists, especially the ranks of all communist parties, who want to uphold basics against political opportunism and betrayal of programme to rally behind CPI(ML) Liberation, the only banner of communist opposition left in the country.

Renounce the political opportunism of the Left leadership!
Uphold the political indepence of communists!
Join CPI(ML)!