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CPI(ML) Performance - Other States and in Assembly Polls

Party's own electoral performance in Karbi Anglong has been quite impressive. ASDC has won all five assembly seats including the one in North Cachar Hills and also the lone parliamentary seat where Comrade Jayant Rongpi has won again with increased margin.

Among the other constituents of Assam Peoples' Front (APF), Mishing Memang Kebang (MMK) failed to win any seat though it polled large number of votes. Parliamentary candidate Comrade Ranoj Pegu polled nearly 1 lakh votes and lost by a narrow margin of 2000 votes in assembly seat. ADSF candidate in Morigaon assembly seat polled over 13000 votes. In other seats too it polled good number of votes. In Behali assembly seat, where we expected a CPI(ML) win, we polled over 18000 votes as against 18000 votes by the winning Congress candidate. It was a much better performance compared to the 1991 elections. Yet, the new support base among the tea garden workers couldn't be consolidated.

In other assembly seats as well as the Dibrugarh parliamentary seat our performance was quite poor. Assam situation is highly volatile and there remains enough scope for APF's growth and hence ASDC, keeping to the Party's policies, has rejected the offer of joining AGP government. Instead, while offering support from outside, it will concentrate on strengthening the APF.

In Bengal, elections results did show a strong anti-LF govt. current, and Congress, despite its serious factional infighting, could double its parliamentary and assembly seats. Its almost total sweep in industrial areas is a matter of deep concern. We, however miserably failed to utilise this trend in our favour even in a single area.

Though the objective space for the growth of any left force beyond the Left Front still appears to be quite limited in the context of a sharp CPI(M)-Congress polarisation (particularly in view of CPI(M)'s attempts to incorporate even the Naxalite trend within its fold and projecting itself as the broadest left formation), still had we exclusively concentrated in a special belt of a few rural districts, we might have been able to consolidate the anti-LF trend in our favour to a limited extent.

CC asks Comrades in Bengal to intensify propaganda offensive to intervene in the intensifying debates within CPI(M) and growing factional infighting among LF constituents. At the same time, Party leadership must concentrate its energies in a special area of work. Earnest preparation should be made to effectively intervene in Panchayat elections. We must patiently pursue our tactics and patiently wait for a new polarisation within the CPI(M) as well as the LF.

In other states, participation in elections was mainly for propaganda purposes and we must try to consolidate new forces and areas which have come in contact during electioneering.

(Excerpts from Party Central Committee Circular dated 20.5.96)

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