MCC Kills Innocent Adivasis

Lalkhandis, as the MCC is popularly known, most dastardly killed 7 Santhal adivasis and badly flogged a dozen children and aged Santhals in Gondlitand, a village under Vishnugarh Thana of Hazaribagh district, recently. Such is the cruel treatment meted out to those very people, the tribals and poor peasants, whose revolutionay party it claims to be. The villagers put up a brave resistance against the cowardly attack in which 5 Lalkhandis were killed and more than six were seriously injured. The adivasis of Gondlitand had dared to resist the Lalkhandis against forcing them, especially the poor peasants, to participate with the latter in extortion, violence, kidnapping, smuggling and looting developmental funds. They also boldly sought to lead their life in their own way. The police-administration have in their own way tried to protect the murderers. It is also not surprising that the local MLA, Teklal Mahato of JMM, who has his own equation with MCC, has not condemned the killing.