Shahbuddin Unleashes Terror

The Party had been waging a relentless struggle since the recent parliamentary polls demanding the arrest of the notorious JD-MP from Siwan, Md.Shahbuddin. A writ petition was filed by Com. Taqui Rahim in the Patna High Court for Shahbuddin's arrest. The Chief Justice admonished the SP, CID and after intensive police raids Shahbuddin ultimately surrendered on August 29.

Taking revenge, Shahbuddin's gang forced a Siwan Bandh, kidnapped and killed Com.Surendra Yadav, a Party organiser of a long standing and a very fine comrade who was incharge of Jeradei block and the prospective Party candidate in the forthcoming by-elections. In retaliation, JD President of Andu block was punished to death by the people's forces.

Then some six members of Shahbuddin's gang on motorcycles swooped into Com.Gulam Haider's house on the evening of September 13 at Bhawrajpur village under Andu block. They killed his 90-year old father, a freedom fighter and our Party's staunch supporter, his 4-year old baby and his 40-year old brother Afzal. Gulam Haider's wife and his two sons were also injured.

Over 1500 people gathered on the spot. And in a highly surcharged atmosphere five of Shahbuddin's supporters of the village were done to death on 14th morning. Next morning Shahbuddin's gang killed a popular doctor Manoj near Siwan Town. He was a Party sympathiser and the elder brother of a Party cadre. This death too was avenged the same day by punishing two of Shahbuddin's goons. Since then till today an uneasy calm prevails in the district and the Bhavrajpur village. Gulam Haider who survived because of his absence on the fateful day has however been booked by the police and is currently in Siwan Jail. Travesty of Justice. His morale is high and is being fielded as the Party candidate from Jeeradei. Shiv Shankar Yadav, ex-minister and JD candidate, who is the prime accused in the killing of Gulam Haider's family is however, roaming around freely.

Shahbuddin is a notorious criminal of Bihar with over 25 cases of murder and loot pending against him in the courts. Though he claims to be saviour of Muslims and champion of the struggle against BJP, all his victims belong to dalit, backward and also Muslim communities. He works hand-in-glove with upper caste feudal forces of the area promising them security against ML. Our initiatives in the struggles against him have been instrumental in pushing back the BJP which has been desperately trying to communalise the issue of his goondaism. A section of the JD too has put pressure on the higher leadership to check Shahbuddin's depredations; they have threatened to join ML otherwise. Meanwhile, Shahbu, as he is popularly known, has been shifted from Siwan Jail from where he was masterminding the operations. The current phase of struggle may as well be the beginning of the end of Shahbu's rule of terror in Siwan.