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Inside the Ivory Tower of Indifference

(Interventions in Parliamentary Debates by CPI(ML)-ASDC MP Dr.Jayanta Rongpi)

Please conclude, We have no time...
[On Bathani Tola (17.07.96)]

Dr.Jayanta Rongpi: Mr.Deputy Speaker, Sir, I want to raise a very important issue of Bihar. I don't know whether I will be able to draw the attention of the government. In fact, I waited for five or six days in the hope that some of the senior members and some of the major political formations of the country will raise the issue.

This incident occurred on the eleventh of this month in the village of Bathani Tola of Bhojpur district of Bihar and - the entire nation should be shameful of that particular day - 21 persons belonging to dalit and Muslim communities were butchered by an outlawed organisation called Ranvir Sena of landlords. It is unfortunate that such an incident, such a heinous crime could not draw the attention of the Government, where many of the political parties which constitute it declare their pious intention of social justice. But in their own State this incident of butchering of dalits and religious minority community has taken place. It has also failed to draw the attention of major opposition parties.
I draw the attention of the Government and hope that the opposition parties will also condemn the incident and demand an explanation from the Government. There are three aspects to the incident. This incident occurred not during night or midnight but in day time, in the evening at four o'clock. The banned organisation Ranvir Sena of landlords attacked the village inhabited by dalits and Muslims and killed 21 persons. I can understand if there had been a fight, or there had been a war, or there had been a battle. But these people were butchered by choppers and only one person was killed by bullet.

Mr.Deputy Speaker: Please be brief.

Dr.Jayanta Rongpi: It is a very important matter. Out of 21 persons, 15 were women, 5 were children and only one adult male member was there. Even the fingers and ears were chopped off.

Mr.Deputy Speaker: Please conclude.

Dr.Jayanta Rongpi: Sir, I do not take much time usually. I am finishing now. This was known to the administration.

Mr.Deputy Speaker: You have already taken so much time. Please conclude now.

Dr.Jayanta Rongpi: The District Magistrate was informed on 3rd July and 8th July, because similar attacks were planned on those two days in the same village. I request you to instruct the Government, the Home Minister, to give a statement on this incident and take immediate action against the DM and the SP of Bhojpur District of Bihar.

(Next the Speaker, refusing a discussion, calls out some other member to speak on some other subject.)


Everything under the sun except peace!
[On No-War Pact with Pakistan (15.07.96)]

Dr.Jayanta Rongpi: Mr.Speaker, Sir, after the breakdown of Indo-Pak talks in the recent past, it is indeed a very positive step that Pakistan expressed its willingness for a mutual dialogue. Our Prime Minister has also emphasised people-to-people interactions and promotion of trade and cultural exchanges. It is indeed a positive step.

I want to know from the hon. Minister whether, in view of India's comparatively advantageous position and the strength of human resources - military or social composition - the Government of India would offer a 'No War Pact' to Pakistan to strengthen our friendship with them and to usher in an era of peace and brotherhood in the sub-continent.

Shri IK Gujral: My hon. friend has asked me to spell out what I shall offer or what I shall not offer. I think, this is not the occasion for me to react to that. The PM of India has offered that we are willing to discuss every subject in the world. It includes what he is saying. Therefore, whenever the talks take place, we will also go with a great deal of hope and optimism into the talks.


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