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Condolence Messages
(Following are excerpts of some of the condolence messages received)


The CPI(ML) has become an important force in contemporary Indian politics. The untimely and sudden demise of Comrade Vinod Mishra, a long tested dynamic proletarian revolutionary leader and General Secretary of your Party is an irreparable loss for your Party and communist movement of India. However, I believe that an energetic rank of leadership is determined to fulfil the unfinished tasks initiated by Comrade Vinod Mishra. I realised it more deeply, while I participated in his funeral ceremony in Patna on December 22, 1998.


Madhav Kumar Nepal,

General Secretary, CPN(UML)


His death has created not only a deep vacuum in the Indian Communist Movement, it has also imparted a loss to the whole international workers movement. The communists of the world have lost a staunch revolutionary and a good Marxist theoretician. For us, his death has meant the loss of a true friend who always stood staunchly favouring national movements of Nepal.


Sahana Pradhan,

Chairperson, CPN(UML)


As General Secretary of CPI(ML) for 23 years, Comrade Vinod Mishra demonstrated outstanding courage and commitment as an Indian revolutionary, an extraordinary understanding and leadership skills in building the Party and in charting a revolutionary and non-sectarian course for the Indian socialists. His passing away is a tremendous loss to the Indian working class and peasants, to the CPI(ML), and to the world revolutionary socialist movement.

I had the privilege of meeting him when attending the 6th Congress of your party in 1997 in Varanasi, and I know first hand how much his political wisdom and leadership skills in welding together the leadership team of CPI(ML) will be sorely missed.

Our own party congress convenes in just two weeks time, and as it opens we will have the sad duty of standing in silence in memory of two martyrs to our cause in India, Comrade Vinod Mishra and Nagbhushan Patnaik. But the memory of these comrades, through the example of their unswerving commitment and their sacrifice, will serve to inspire our comrades in Australia to greater efforts in our common fight for socialism.


John Percy,

National Secretary, Democratic Socialist Party


Comrade Vinod Mishra led the CPI(ML) for 23 years as GS. Under his outstanding the party grew from a few pockets of struggle in the rural areas of Bihar and Bengal to the national political scene. Through the IPF, the party developed the mass movement under its leadership to become a powerful voice within the left movement in India.

The CPP joins the CPI(ML)-Liberation in mourning the loss of Comrade Vinod Mishra.


Central Committee

Communist Party of Philippines


Comrades of our party came to know Vinod Mishra at your Sixth Party Congress in 1997, as a comrade who was held in high esteem by his party and the mass organisations. We wish you much power and good success in overcoming the great loss which the death of Comrade Mishra means.


Stefan Engel

Party Chairman

Marxist Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD)


We salute the heroic and uncompromising struggle of Comrade Vinod Mishra. This is not only a big loss for the working class movement of India but we the workers of Pakistan in general and members of our party feel deprived. We reaffirm our faith in the struggle that Comrade had launched and vow to complete this struggle.


Farooq Sulheria

Labour Party of Pakistan


It is with deep sorrow that we learnt of his untimely death. We extend to you our deepest condolences for this great loss for both your party and the cause of revolutionary Marxism in India. We hope and firmly believe that his legacy will live on in the remarkable group of leaders that he contributed to educate and that you will carry forward the struggle to which he dedicated his entire life.


Salah Jaber

on behalf of the Secretariat of the

Fourth International, Paris


He became a beacon of hope for revolutionary forces even during the period when the left was passing through a global crisis. It was his vision which made possible the combining of underground actions with the creation of vibrant and militant mass organisations, and later the transition of CPI (ML) itself to a new phase as a strong overground Party which remained true to its principles.

It was in the second half of the 1980s during the resurgence of peasant struggles in Bihar that our organisation first came into contact with the CPI (ML) and since then, we have continued to draw inspiration from the Party’s revolutionary approach and practice. Later when several of our members had the opportunity of visiting Bihar, we saw for ourselves the great affection in which he was held by the toiling people alongside whom he had worked for so many years and with whom he always continued to maintain a live interaction.


Sarbjit Johal

South Asia Solidarity Group,London


On behalf of Alternatives, I wish to convey to you our deepest grief on the death of Comrade Vinod Mishra. I had the opportunity of meeting Comrade Vinod in early 1998 in Delhi and Patna. I visited his comrades in Bihar and elsewhere and was very impressed by his work, commitment, intelligence and sense of humor. His departure is a great loss for the world revolution, his legacy is also going to be nurturing future generations of revolutionaries.


Pierre Beaudet,

General Secretary

Alternatives, Montreal, Canada


He was well known as an internationalist leader and ideologue. His death is an irreparable loss not only to the Indian people’s movement, Nepalese communists and students have also lost a close friend.


Hikmat Karki


All Nepal National Free Students’ Union


He was a very close friend of the Nepali people. He was the new thinker of the communist and democratic movement in India. After the conspiratorial killing of Comrade Madan Bhandari, the way Comrade Mishra had bolstered our confidence at that hour of grief, had developed a great respect and admiration amongst our people for Comrade Mishra.


Vidya Bhandari


All Nepal Women’s Association


I am grieved to learn about his sad and untimely demise. At this moment of sorrow I extend my sincere condolences and wish eternal peace to the departed soul.


Girija Prasad Koirala

Prime Minister, Nepal


Our Party mourns the sudden demise of our beloved comrade and an acknowledged leader of the downtrodden masses, Comrade Vinod Mishra. Our Party vows to go hand in hand with the CPI(ML) to follow his revolutionary path in order to accomplish the democratic tasks on way to socialism in our country.


AD Bhonsle, President,

Lal Nishan Party (Leninist)


I was saddened to hear the news of the death of Comrade Vinod Mishra. He was a dedicated leader who fought unremittingly for the cause of the working people and the rural poor, particularly in Bihar. His death is a big loss for the CPI(ML) and the progressive forces.


Harkishan Singh Surjeet

General Secretary, CPI(M)


Allow me to convey to your Central Committee, deep condolences, on behalf of the National Council of the CPI, and on my own behalf, on the sudden and unexpected death of Com.Vinod Mishra. He has been an outstanding leader and organiser of the Left and Communist movement. Death has snatched him away, when he was in the full bloom of his career as the General Secretary of the CPI(ML).

It has left a void, which will be difficult to fill. I hope and I am sure, you will do everything to continue to hold aloft the Party banner, and to strive, like him, for broader left and democratic unity.


AB Bardhan

General Secretary



As the General Secretary of your Party, it was expected that he would put in many more years of work and contribute to the debate about the course of the Left movement in the country.


Prakash Karat

Politburo member



With heavy hearts and deepest sorrow we, all the Central Committee members of the CPRM on behalf of all party members and lakhs of toiling people and oppressed minority nationalities of this region mourn the death of our beloved revolutionary leader Comrade Vinod Mishra. We are deeply shocked on his untimely and unexpected demise. He had kindled a new hope in the hearts of Indian revolutionaries through his creative vision and practice.


RB Rai

General Secretary

Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxists



Deeply shocked at the sudden demise of Comrade Vinod Mishra, a prominent leader of the Left movement and the General Secretary of your Party. I, on my personal behalf and on behalf of the Central Committee express our heartfelt condolence at this hour of grief.


Nihar Mukherjee

General Secretary,SUCI


On behalf of our Central Committee, I share this burden of grief with you all. It is a loss to the entire communist movement in our country. His contribution in the orientation of the communist movement in the correct Marxist-Leninist direction will always be remembered.


Jagjit Singh Layallpuri

General Secretary



We recall with great reverence the unique role played by Com.Vinod Mishra in the transformation from the underground activities to mainstream national politics of working class. We have felt his departure as an irreparable loss not only to your Party but the working class movement of our country also. His contributions to the struggle for the liberation of the working class will be remembered for ever.


Debabrata Biswas

General Secretary



His untimely death is a blow to the forces struggling against imperialist exploitation and feudal oppression in our country.


Yatendra Kumar

General Secretary,

CPI(ML) (New Democracy)




It was an untimely death and a serious loss to the Communist Revolutionary Movement and the struggle of toiling masses of Indian people.




Central Organising Committee

CPI(ML) (Janashakti)

It is a great loss not only to your party but to the revolutionary movement as a whole. His absence will be greatly felt by Marxist-Leninist forces. We are sure that the party which he led will stand firm in this moment of great ordeal and continue to play a major role in leading the Indian people in their great struggle against imperialism, comprador-bureaucrat capitalism and feudalism.


Santosh Rana

General Secretary



It is a grave loss to the Marxist-Leninist movement owing allegiance to the historic struggle of Naxalbari and also to your party.



Secretary, CLI(ML)


His passing away has delivered a heavy blow to the entire ongoing movement against feudalism and imperialism.


Arvind Sinha

CPI(ML) (New Initiative)


His passing away is a great loss to the communist movement.


KN Ramachandran

CPI(ML) (Red Flag)


Death has snatched away from our midst at an early age a valiant fighter and leader of the Indian communist movement whose entire active life from early youth till his last moments was dedicated to the glorious and unfinished cause of the liberation and emancipation of the Indian people. Our party dips its red banner in memory of this martyr to communism and revolutionary leader of the Indian working class and people.


Lal Singh

Central Committee member

Communist Ghadar Party of India


The democratic movement in India has suffered a great blow with the sudden passing away of the hero of the working class, and it will be felt deeply by the poor, Muslims and the toiling masses.



President,All India Muslim Forum


Devoted as he was to the cause of poor and downtrodden, his life has been an inspiration to all those who have been striving to achieve a just and human society. His contribution to the consolidation of the secular and progressive forces in the country, especially in the fight against the communal and fascist onslaught in the present critical phase of Indian history, is immortal. He was always a source of support and strength for the human rights and civil liberty groups in the country. We are fully conscious that he and CPI(ML) comrades have always extended their whole hearted support to the activities of our Foundation from its very inception.


ND Pancholi

for Champa – The Amiya and BG Rao Foundation


It is an unbearable tragedy for all of us and colossal loss to your Party and democratic movement .


SN Murty

General Secretary,

Federation of Independent Trade Unions


After independence there has been no leader so committed for the cause of the poor.


Kapil Dev Singh

National General Secretary

Samajwadi Party


He was one of those rare great leaders who with absolute honesty, struggled for the poor, workers and peasants.


Uday Narayan Singh

National General Secretary



He was a great social reformer and dedicated his life for the upliftment of poorer sections of the society. The great deeds done by him will remain a source of inspiration for the future generations.


Ram Vilas Paswan

former Railway Minister


JNUSU expresses its grief at his sad and untimely demise. He was a pioneer of the left movement and his demise will leave a void in the left movement. JNUSU pledges to stand by in this hour of grief with the CPI(ML).



General Secretary, JNUSU


In the fight against the system of capitalist and feudal exploitation, mobilising the revolutionary forces and providing them theoretical and organisational leadership had been an extraordinary quality of Comrade Vinod Mishra. In his life span of 52 years, against the polluted tradition of casteism, individualism, nepotism and corruption, he had set a spark for revolution among the exploited masses and became the other name for militant struggle. Today when the ruling establishment is shamelessly capitulating to the foreign neo-imperialist forces, his patriotism remains a source of inspiration for strengthening the struggle.


Swami Agnivesh

President, Bonded Labour Liberation Front


In today’s time, his death marks the passing away of a revolutionary warrior. A great loss for the Indian working class.


Anand Swarup Verma

Editor, Samkaleen Teesri Duniya


The true soldier in the struggle for the emancipation of man is no longer with us. Only the toiling masses have the strength to give shape to his unfinished tasks and safegaurd his ideals in the future.


Alok Dhanwa, revolutionary poet


He will always be remembered as the source of inspiration for revolutionising the working class movement in India.


SN Malakar, Associate Professor, JNU


His loss will be greatly felt at a time when there is a need to build resistance against the consumerist culture and against feudalism and capitalism.


Vijay Kumar Singh

Joint Secretary, Janwadi Lekhak Sangh


He was the only political leader I knew who truly represented the masses and spoke the truth, rising above dogmatism and sectarianism.


NR Mohanty

Asst. Editor, Times of India, Patna


My personal tributes to the late Comrade Vinod Mishra.


John Dayal

National Secretary, All India Catholic Union and National Convenor, Christian Forum for Human Rights



It is a great loss for the Indian proletariat. It is also a great loss for the Dalits, oppressed, the youth, progressive intellectuals and democracy loving people. His exemplary leadership can never be forgotten. All the comrades here are deeply shocked at the untimely demise. We have a organised a condolence meeting here in the precincts of the jail.


Chandra Shekar Singh

ward no. 3/18, Beur Jail, Patna

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