CONTENTS Annual Number April 2001


Foundation Day Call: Rekindle the Revolutionary Spirit of Naxalbari, Prepare for a New Tide of People’s Struggles



The swindle that is Enron

As the Centre and the Maharashtra governments are grappling with the hot potato called Enron, here is a closer look at what is wrong with the Enron project. An exposure of how the US power major is holding the consumers to ransom by manipulating the government agencies to make unrealistically huge projections of power demand and agree to Shylock-like conditions.

The Balco sellout

Tehelka Aftershocks




Disorganising the Organised

Reshaping Europe


Within a decade after bourgeois ideologues paid their elegies to Marxism, Karl Marx and his theories are acquiring a new popularity under the heat of growing anti-capitalist struggles.
Dipankar Bhattacharya underlines the need to return to Marx to gain new insights into the present phase of capitalism.
Randhir Singh sets out the undiminished relevance of Marx in the new century.


All India Peasants' Conference at Faizabad

CPI(ML) in Forthcoming Assembly Elections




In the process of instituting a police state in Jharkhand and letting loose repression against all democratic movements, the Babulal Marandi government tried to crackdown on CPI(ML) too. A series of spirited resistance struggles by the Party thwarted the attempt.

Photo Feature

Mirzapur Massacre

The trigger-happy UP police kill 16 people in Bhavanipur village of Mirzapur district as part of its anti-naxal drive. A CPI(ML) team which visited the village brings to light the facts relating to the massacre.

Kanpur ?Riots?

The PAC has once again gone on a rampage against Muslims in the name of controlling a ?riot? situation. A report by a joint team of CPI(ML) and All India Muslim Forum which visited the troubled town.

Dewas Killings

The bloodhounds of MP police butchered four tribals and injured many others while evicting them from their traditional forest dwellings by letting loose a reign of terror. Leaders from CPI(ML) and Prayas visit the tribals areas and report.


People?s Conference against Globalisation

Activists and intellectuals associated with left and democratic parties, social movements and other prominent persons gathered in Delhi to launch People?s Campaign against Globalisation. A most wide-ranging Indian rainbow coalition against globalisation is thus born. A detailed report plus Delhi Declaration and Decisions and Action Plan released by the Conference.

Delhi Declaration

Decisions and Action Plan

Agricultural labourers' struggle in the movement against globalisation


Impact of globalisation on agricultural labourers and peasants

Two papers presented at the People?s Conference against Globalisation deal with the impact of globalisation on the rural classes. Elaborating on a theme much marginalised in the anti-globalisation discourse, Kalpana Wilson?s paper explains how agricultural labourers are subjected to newer forms of exploitation and deprivation under globalisation. Utsa Patnaik?s note deals with how the developed countries steeply raised their farm subsidies to force third world peasantry into unfair competition.



The conditions of workers facing industrial restructuring and deindustrialisation in Peenya, Bangalore, reportedly the largest industrial estate of small-scale industries in Asia.

The impact of downsizing and impending closure of the public-sector mining unit, Bharat Gold Mines Limited, on the local community.



Socialist ideologue and noted legal expert Ravivarma Kumar on the review of Constitution currently undertaken by the saffron regime.


Porto Alegre Meet

Anti-globalisation activists from all over the world gathered at the Brazilian town of Porto Alegre to discuss their further strategy and alternative programme against globalisation. Designed as an alternative to the World Economic Forum of Davos and Christened World Social Forum, the meet marks a major step forward in the post-Seattle movement. A report plus the Call for Mobilisation issued by the leftwing of the movement.

Quebec Protests

Protesters numbering over ten thousand launch a spirited protest against the Summit of Americas. George Bush and other heads of state, gathered to discuss free trade in Americas, barricade themselves into iron fencing, ?the Wall of Shame?. The Canadian police let loose barbaric repression on protestors, wielding their brutal batons and firing hundreds of teargas canisters. Quebec takes its pride of place after Prague in the glorious anti-globalisation movement that began with Seattle.

Zapatistas March

More than one-hundred thousand people marched through the streets of Mexico City under the leadership of EZNL commandantes under the banner of ?Indigenous People?s Dignity?. The Zapatistas who had decided to open political negotiations with the administration of the new Mexican President Vincente Fox stormed into the capital in their characteristic style from the Chiapas hinterlands. The march reflects a loose and radical social coalition emerging in Mexico currently in a political flux.