New Series Vol. 8 No. 7(December 2001)

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CPI(ML) stand on POTO

CPI(ML) says that there should be no compromise on POTO, the draconian ordinance promulgated by the Vajpayee Government, and it deserves to be rejected in toto in Parliament. More. . . . . .

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POTO should be defeated in Parliament

A detailed analysis of POTO, the TADA clone, by Kamala Prasad, former Chief Secretary to the Government of Bihar. In an exclusive write-up to Liberation, the central organ of CPI(ML), Kamala Prasad argues that POTO is an instrument of political game in the hands of Vajpayee Government.

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Special Feature

A special feature on left-led struggles against the saffron regime in Jharkhand.

The year the Babulal Marandi Government has completed in Jharkhand is a year of anti-people governance. This year has also witnessed a series of spirited protests by CPI(ML) against the saffron regime, setting a model on how revolutionary communists should take on saffron fascists through mass resistance.

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r e m e m b r a n c e
D e c e m b e r 1 8 -

T h ird V M De at h An ni ve rsa ry
The Politics of War
Vinod Mishra

Special Report

AIPWA workshop on women agricultural labourers in Bihar.

A report by Kumudini Pati on the conditions of women agricultural labourers in Bihar and their struggles based on a All India Progressive Women's Association workshop on the theme held at Samastipur on 21-22 September, 2001.

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AICCTU (All India Central Council of Trade Unions) holds its fifth all-India conference at Dhanbad.

AICCTU, a revolutionary trade union led by CPI(ML) and one of the three major left all-India central trade unions, held its fifth all-India conference at the coalmine town of Dhanbad. A report.

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Dipankar Bhattacharya pays homage to Prithwiraj Singh

Homage to Prithwiraj Singh, one of the founder leaders of the communist party in Bihar and an associate of Swami Shahajanand, passed away recently.

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More than 50,000 people take out a rally against war and WTO.

On November 9, traffic in New Delhi was thrown out of gear by the biggest anti-war mass rally in the country organized by CPI(ML)

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An analysis of Doha outcome and its adverse impact on India

Vajpayee Government's meek surrender at Doha is a big let down of the people of India and betrayal of the national interests.

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anti-war poem by Bertolt Brecht
anti-war song by Tracy Chapman

Demonstrations against US war in Afghanistan in Bihar and Jharkhand in India

CPI(ML) organizes a series of anti-war conventions in Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand denouncing US imperialism and calling for an immediate halt to the war in Afghanistan.

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Anti-war rally in London on 18 November

Nearly 100000 people turn up at the recent anti-war rally in London. The turnout was nearly twice than that in the earlier rally held on 13 October. The US claims of vindication citing recent Taliban reverses in Afghanistan have not deterred the anti-war movement as demonstrated in London. A report by Kalpana Wilson.

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A quick look at the Afghan war scenario

The Taliban reverses might well mark the beginning of a new Great Game and the fragile balance might collapse into a new civil war of different dimensions and new alliances. There seems to be no early getting out of the Afghan mess for the US. A quick look by B.Sivaraman.

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A Left vision for Afghanistan

Rakesh Saxena outlines a Left vision for Afghanistan - a vision of separation of religion from politics, universal franchise, and emancipation of women.

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Jan Sanskriti Manch, a forum of radical and progressive Hindi literary and cultural personalities, held its eighth conference at Patna. A report.

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