New History Textbook on Ancient India

The fully revised history textbook was unveiled yesterday by HRD minister in a well-attended meeting of pracharaks and swayamsewaks.

The book has been written under the able guidance of eminent historian, anthropologist, geneticist and an authority on Hinduism, Shri KS Sudarshan. In the foreword, Shri Sudarshan expresses burning desire that the book would in due course help in setting the imagination of lot of people on fire.

The entire Ancient Indian History has been rewritten in the light of the revolutionary and insightful findings of the “Committee on the Aryans in Indus Valley”. Ace detective Shri Arun Shouri headed the Committee. One of the most significant achievements of the Committee is deciphering the Indus Valley script within its time schedule. According to the committee’s findings, Indus Valley script is an old form of Sanskrit. In the notes to its report, the Committee explains that for close to a century the script could not be cracked because scholars were actually reading the seals upside down. It also explains a bit wider than usual gaps in the interpretation as spelling mistakes.

Excavations at a nearby site, where a sack full of hay was discovered, have now conclusively proved presence of horse in the Indus Valley. The Committee has also noted that earlier too some of the more independent minded historians had commented that the bulls found in the Indus Valley seals appeared suspiciously similar to horses.

Government is thinking of introducing a new legislation to award severe corporal punishments to those who henceforth express any reservations about the origins of Aryans.

Speaking on the occasion, Hon. Minister elaborated on the significance of new education policy where scientific temper is augmented by spiritual and moral dimensions. New approach is resulting in almost magical effects on the people who read and distribute these books. He narrated a real life story of a builder who was served by demolition notice by guileful officials of DDA for a huge shopping complex that he had innocently built by encroaching on public land. The beleaguered builder who was running from pillar to post was told by a swamiji about the magical powers of the history book. The meek builder promptly printed and distributed 10,000 copies of the book. And lo and behold! The next day the notice was taken back; the engineer was suspended and the cabinet minister was sacked. Similarly an illiterate Brahmin, who used to distribute the copies of Guruji’s old book of similar type, has risen to head a premiere educational institution.

He also warned the people present to not to take his advice lightly. He told how a retired professor who questioned the contents of the book had to face the divine wrath and lose 2/3 rd of his life’s saving in UTI’s US-64 scheme, for blasphemy. Similarly there were four businessmen brothers who ignored the advice to their peril and lost the disinvestment bid for Air India. The brothers, these days, are distributing the book free in India and abroad, and surely some good is going to come out of that.

He assured the audience that the book would help eliminate illiteracy and dogmatism prevailing in the country, which was the result of wrong kind of history taught in the last 50 years. He also exhorted every reader to distribute at least 1,000 copies of the book free of cost to the hungry and destitute. The book is very useful for lay public also since a big part of the book has been devoted to Sri Satya Narain Vrat Katha.