New Series Vol. 8 No. 4 (September 2001)

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The crisis thickens


The Kashmir cauldron

The dangerous one-upmanship between Indian and Pakistani governments in escalating violence in Jammu and Kashmir has once again proved that the Centre’ policy of bringing about a military solution has been a miserable failure. Jammu should not lead to another Kargil. New Delhi should sincerely seek political reconciliation with the people of J&K.
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Amidst the pre-election political heat in UP

Desperate moves by the Rajnath Singh Government to shore up BJP’s plummeting fortunes fail to pay much dividends. Pre-election horse-trading is on. The caste card is back. Dangerous communal designs are in the making. But, no matter what they do, the BJP government is beyond salvage.
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Preserving the caste system at all costs!

Caste may not be the same as race. But that is no excuse for the Indian government to prevent dalit organizations from being heard in Durban. By refusing to make a case for inclusion of caste in the agenda of the UN conference to discuss discrimination based on race, descent and birth, the Vajpayee government is only betraying its upper caste Hindutva bias.
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Industrial scenario and industrial relations in West Bengal

West Bengal tops the list of PF default by big companies in both public and private sectors. Wage agreements keep pending for years. Even wages remain unpaid. Unemployment is high. The mandays lost due to lockout outnumber the mandays lost in strikes by 40-45 times. A sordid record of the LF government that characterizes itself as Shilpabandu (industry-friendly).
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Summary of Polit Bureau Deliberations [New Delhi, 17-18 August, 2001 [Excerpts]

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AISA All-India Conference held in Allahabad on 21-22 August

Under the BJP government, education has come under the pincer attack of elitisation and saffronisation. Designing a new educational architecture for India’s elites has been left in the hands of Ambanis and Birlas by the Vajpayee government, while saffron hordes have taken over key institutions of educational policy-making and administration to bring about systematic communalization of the curriculum. The tasks of the revolutionary student movement in this backdrop are identified by CPI(ML) General Secretary Comrade Dipankar Bhattacharya in his address to the AISA All-India Conference held in Allahabad on 21-22 August
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BJP’s Assault on Education and Educational Institutions

Elitisation and Saffronisation
The two-pronged onslaught on education


A massive revolt by the workers of Peenya industrial estate in Bangalore over refusal by the local PF office to settle their PF dues.
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A round-up of recent initiatives and struggles that includes report on CPI(ML)’s Vajpayee Hatao campaign on August 9, demonstration demanding an enquiry into the Cossipore-Baranagar massacre in Calcutta, joint protest against eviction of hawkers and slumdwellers in Calcutta, police crackdown on CPI(ML) district conference in Garwah, land struggles in Bhojpur, Chandauli and South Orissa and a CPI(ML) team’s findings on Baghpat firing.
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Reports from States

Uttar Pradesh






West Bengal


Indonesia: Labour movements on the rise

Indonesia’s fledgling labour movement, which survived the repressive ‘New Order’ of Suharto regime and the devastating impact of the East Asian crisis, is forging ahead facing new challenges. A report.
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Appeal to resist the launching of the New Round in Doha in November 2001

A statement by People’s Campaign against Globalisation against a new round of trade talks.

The first part of a popular feature on the Doha Ministerial Meet of the WTO, which argues against India agreeing to a new round of trade talks.