Find Your Way Home

You broke my bones for throwing stones
Help came too late to make my limbs straight
So I walk in circles hoping to find
The key to your straight lines
This hungry thirst I cannot quell
You poisoned the water that fed my well
To survive the years I drank my tears
And they couldn’t find their way home

Ghar ki rah naheen paya
Mujko tum kaheen bhee na mile
Chaon main hum kab baithenge
Mere watan ka saya

I didn’t find the way home
I didn’t find you anywhere
When will we sit in the shade
Oh shadow of my homeland?
You stood and watched, you seemed so cold
I bled to death on a dusty road
To your driver I was unholy load
And I couldn’t find my way home
You stole my country, you killed my friends
Twenty years before me in Her Majesty’s Den
But you can’t kill beauty nor frame my soul
She will always find her way home


Ghar ke rah…


The sword you died by is the sword you live by
The sword I die by is the sword you kill by
Am I the David to your Goliath
Will you ever find your way home?
I am the mirror lodged in your eye
Only by my grace can you see your own face
The welling scar that rips your grin
The shame you hide to justify the place you’re in
The secrets you keep even from yourself
That blare like sirens on a night in hell
Don’t blank me, don’t thank me, understand this alone
Without me you will never find your way home.


(This song was performed by singer-songwriter Razia Aziz at the ‘Party for Unity’ - a fundraising event for the survivors of the Gujarat genocide organised by South Asia Solidarity Group on 13 September 2002.)
ã Razia Aziz 1997