“Chetawani Rally” in Palamu

S TREETS OF DALTONGANJ, district town of Palamu in Jharkhand was full of red flags and banners on 12 January 12, when tens of thousands of the rural poor, braving a shivering cold marched to declare war against the BJP-Samata combine’s “Bhay-Bhookh-Bhrashtachar and Police-raj” and the criminal stranglehold of the ministers hailing from this region, who connive with the land-jungle mafia, corrupt contractors and criminals.

The rallyists demanded immediate arrest of the minister Madhu Singh who was behind the killing of R. N. Singh, brother of CPI(ML) leader Dr. B. N. Singh, and withdrawal of false cases imposed against Party leaders including Dr. B. N. Singh, Kalicharan Mahato, and their unconditional release, suspension of the O.C. of Chenari thana who had criminally assaulted women in the name of ‘raids’ and has let loose a reign of terror in the area. The rallyists also demanded public declaration of the land and property held by Inder Singh Namdhari, Speaker of the Jharkhand assembly, Madhu Singh and RJD leader Deenanath Singh.

The Rally was addressed by CPI(ML) General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya, Jharkhand State Secretary Subhendu Sen, Party MLA and CC member Mahendra Singh and others. The speakers asked the govt. in Jharkhand to act immediately against the guilty police officials and urged upon the people to carry on their just struggle for land, work and proper wages against mafia-feudal forces and get prepared for militant resistance. Comrade Dipankar also met Dr. B. N. Singh and other leaders, presently incarcerated under concocted charges.