The National Agenda of Governance: Promises and Performance

The Confederation of Indian Industry president was all praise for the NDA manifesto: "We welcome the NDA Manifesto whole heartedly. My first impression is very positive. It is briefer and to the point. It is more reform and Indian industry-oriented than the Congress".

"The National Agenda for Governance of the National Democratic Alliance constitutes the basis of our joint commitment for a stable Government to take India into the new millennium. On this occasion we appeal for a new political age of reconciliation and accord based on our principled commitment to:

NDA Promises in its 1999 Lok Sabha Election Manifesto The Actual Record of Implementation

* National Security - ensuring full combat effectiveness of our armed forces;

* There were post-Kargil defence scams.

* National Reconstruction - an end to divisiveness and a moratorium on contentious issues;

* Gujarat was perpetrated and Ayodhya was rekindled

* Dynamic diplomacy - In service of motherland to obtain for India it's rightful place in the comity of nations;

* Absolote surrender to the US.

* Federal harmony - ensuring a partnership of the Centre and States;

* There was no initiative even on the Cauveri dispute. No extra powers for states. Sarkaria Commission recommendations were not implemented. North-eastern states were trampled upon through CRPF and military reign.

* Economic Modernization - harnessing technology for rapid, equitable growth;


*MNCs were given a free hand.

* Secularism - the emotional harmony of all Indians and full protection of minorities;

* Muslims and Christians were further attacked. .

* Social Justice - empowerment of all weaker sections and gender rights;

* Attacks on dalits and women increased. Women's Reservation Bill was not passed. Tribals were evicted from their traditional homelands.

* Probity - transparency of decision-making and corruption-free governance"

* Tehelka scam made BJP's corruption transparent

NDA Promises in its 1999 Lok Sabha Election Manifesto

   The Actual Record of Implementation

"India shall be built by Indians


* There is an invasion of MNCs.

* Berozgari Hatao


* Unemployment increased

* Measure growth by generation of gainful employment


* The percentage of people under poverty line increased under NDAgovernment

* A hunger-free India, Food security for all


* There were starvation deaths

* Health for all


* Health sector is increasingly privatised.

* Potable drinking water to all villages


* Lakhs of villages are still without potable drinking water supply.

* Eradication of illiteracy


* Still there is a high rate of illiteracy, especially among dalits and women.

* Primary education to be made free and compulsory up to Class V


* School donations have become exorbitant

* Elimination of child labour; To present a National Charter for Children


* Child labour is still rampant

* Comprehensive Administrative Reforms in Police & Civil Service"


* Corruption in the administration and misuse of powers by the police have increased.

*'Fairness and justice will be rendered to one and all and we assure you that there will not be any discrimination'


*Muslims, Christians, dalits, tribals and women are treated as second class citizens

*One crore jobs would be created every year Muslims, Christians, dalits, tribals and women are treated as second class citizens


*The number of job seekers registered in employment exchanges increased to 406 lakhs during NDA rule.

*Good governance


*Tehelka is an example.

*Calibrated globalisation with a Swadeshi thrust.


*Free hand to MNCs.

*The new set of reforms will include the channeling of large amounts of capital into the infrastructure and heavy industry sectors, as well as agriculture.


Actual investments were meagre. This is to be financed by the sale of public enterprises, and by reforms to the financial sectors that permit the accumulation and channeling of capital from the provident fund as well as from the insurance sector and from mutual funds directly so that small and medium sized savings can be channeled directly into the stock market and thereby into specific sectors of the economy.

*More powers to states and panchayats.


*Not done.

*6% of GDP for education.


*Not done.

NDA Promises in its 1999 Lok Sabha Election Manifesto

   The Actual Record of Implementation

"We will introduce necessary electoral reforms on the basis of the recommendations of the Goswami Committee, the Inderjit Gupta Committee and the Law Commission so as to deal with the malaise of defections, corruption and criminalisation of politics, and to prevent electoral malpractices."


 * Not done.

*$10 billion FDI every year.


 *FDI did not exceed $2 billion.

*7-8% GDP growth per year.


 *Average GDP growth declined to 4.4% per year.

*National savings would be increased to 30%


 *Not done.

*Construction of 20 lakh additional housing units every year.


 *Not done.

*60 per cent of the Plan funds towards agriculture, rural development and irrigation.


 *Not done.

*Crop insurance scheme would be introduced for all crops.


 *Not done.

*Fiscal Responsibility Act would be enacted to check government spending.


 *Not done.

*Lok Pal bill would be passed bringing the office of the prime minister and chief ministers under its purview.


 *Not done.

*Golden Quadrilateral project.


 *1.6 lakh villages remain unconnected by all-
weather roads.

*Free education to girls.


 *Not done.

*Labour welfare.


 *6 lakh workers exempted from ESI.

*Rural water supply programme.


 *Not done.

*Concessional ration facility


 * PDS prices increased.

*3 crore Kisan Credit Cards would be issued.


*Kisans were only issued cards but not credit.

*19 languages would be made official languages by including them in the Schedule 8 of the Constitution.


 *Not done.

*Review of Prasar Bharati Act.


 *Not done.