CPI(ML)’s Dharna Before Assam Assembly

CPI(ML), ASDC(P), KSA and KNCA jointly staged a dharna at Dispur on 18 December, 2003 to demand : (1) To adopt a resolution in Assam Assembly for creation of Autonomous State, (2) To scrap Clause 8 of the BLT accord signed on 10th February, 2003, (3) To reject ASDC-Kuki agreement signed on 4th Dec., 2000, and to ban KRA and KNA organisations (4) To recover Khanduli-Saisima area of Karbi Anglong from illegal occupation of Meghalaya Govt. and restore the territorial integrity of Karbi Anglong as per 1951 boundary demarcation and (5) To withdraw the proposed wild-life sanctuary project and to stop eviction of Karbi villagers.

The agitators condemned the failure of both State and Central Govt. in creating Autonomous State for Karbi Anglong and N.C. Hills and also the failure of Congress-led State Govt. and Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council in preventing the recent Karbi-Kuki violent clashes. They also condemned ASDC(U) for signing a treacherous pact with KNA and conniving with the Govt. in the conspiracy to grant ST(Hills) status to the Bodos in the hill district of Karbi Anglong and N. C. Hills. The agitators demanded that as per boundary of Karbi Anglong (Mikir Hills) demarcated in 1951-52 period, Khanduli, Saisima area must be restored back to Karbi Anglong immediately. They also opposed the Cong(I) Govt’s inhuman approach reflected in the plan of eviction of Karbi people inhabited in the areas of Klurdung, Kaki R/F, Ruirelangso, Pharkong abi, Mijung Disa, Langkaijan, Pungadong, Kailamati, Disama Area, Chorleng, Ramphi, Inglongkiri, Uttar-phonglokpet Choi-ang Teron Gaon area etc. for proposed wildlife sanctuary project.

The dharna, participated in by more than 2000 people from different parts of Karbi Anglong and N C Hills districts, was addressed by the CPI(ML) MP Dr. Jayanta Rongpi, Party’s Karbi Anglong Secretary Selawar Bey and CPI(ML) leaders Robi Kr. Phangcho, Mujari Hanse, Daniel Teron, Samuel Ronghang, Among Engti, Kajek Tokbipi etc.

Samajik Nyay Abhiyan Launched

CONVENED BY Adivasi Vanvasi Mahasabha, a “Social Justice Conference” was held in Lucknow on 14 December. Dalit intellectuals, political leaders, representatives of minority and backward social organisaiton, senior administrative and police officals and social activists participated in it. The convention demanded that the UP Govt. constitute a “Social Justice Commission”, award the benefits of reservation to the extremely backward and tribal communities who are as yet deprived of these, and introduce reservations in the private sector. The conference was addressed by Comrade Akhilendra P. Singh, UP State Secretary of CPI(ML), Ashok Kumar, Asstt. Editor of Samkalin Lokyuddh, SR Darapuri, IG of police, writer Shivmurti, Prof. JP Mishra of Giri Institute, and representatives of the Momin Conference, Adivasi Vanvasi Mahasabha, Kharwar Mahasabha, Gore Mahasabha, and Eklavya Sena The conference was conducted by Dr. Brij Bihari, editor of Dalit Asia Today.

The conference launched a Samajik Nyay Abhiyan (Social Justice Campaign). SR Darapuri was elected the Convenor. Speakers expressed the opinion that the BSP experiment of capturing political power without a social movement to liberate dalits has failed. New experiments are necessary, and for this Marxists, Lohiaites and true Ambedkarites must unite and bring the dalit discourse out of the confines of the Poona Pact.