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‘Independent' Foreign Policy in the Strategic Shadow of Imperialism

Manmohan Singh has now completed his first major foreign pilgrimage. On his way to deliver his first address at the UN General Assembly, he has had his first direct encounter with both Tony Blair and George Bush. Full text

  Review Article

The Intellectual Scenario in China – 1990-2003

B. Sivaraman reviews the recent book on China by Verso

This latest book by Verso, published on the eve of Deng Xiaoping's birth anniversary, is a welcome addition to the scarce literature on this theme in English. That the volume is a collection of interviews and articles on Chinese reforms by Chinese scholars themselves makes it all the more important. This volume edited by Chouhua Wang contains an introduction by the editor, four interviews with leading Chinese intellectuals, nine articles by different noted authors, and finally, a group discussion on the future of China ... Full text


Census and Nonsense: The Sangh's Communal Demography... Full text


Congress Bankruptcy Is Fodder for the BJP ...Full text


Goodbye POTA, Hello ULPA!
A Black Law By Any Other Name … Full text

  Special Report

On the Legitimacy of Protest:

Armed Forces Special Powers Act and People's Agitation

The struggle of the Manipuris against the AFSPA continues in the face of brutal state repression. In this article, S. Minthang [Secretary, Trinity Youth Services (Manipur Chapter)] traces the roots of this agitation – in the nature of the Manipuri State and society, and its relation with the Indian State and ruling establishment....Full text


Rape in Rabri's Constituency

Padyatra and People's Convention in Bihar : Against TADA, State Repression, and Crime, For Relief to Flood and Drought Victims

AIALA State Conference in UP

Sixth Assam State Conference of CPI(ML)

Suicides and Starvation Deaths Continue, Why is the Parliament Silent? -- Peasants Demonstrate in Delhi

AICCTU's Jail Bharo: Thousands of Workers Courted Arrest


Debt Trap – Death Trap -- Fact Finding Report on Farmers' Suicides In AP

A team of 6 members of the Andhra Pradesh Unit of the All India Kisan Sangharsh Samiti, comprising the State Convener D.Harinath, and members K. Venkatanarayana, B. Peeklahnaik, S. Yesubabu, M. Parameswar Rao and K. Satyanarayana visited the families of 7 suicides - 3 in Krishna District, and 4 in East Godavari District. We reproduce excerpts of the findings. ...Full text


Another September: More Fodder for the ‘War on Terror'

Three years have passed since the 9/11 assault on the Twin Towers of New York . Three years since the ‘Global War on Terror' declared by Bush and his ‘willing' allies, which promised to rid the world of various evils – Islamic fanaticism, terrorism, WMDs, dictatorships, to name a few. 9/11 told the people ruled by Bush and his ilk that the ‘End of the World' scenarios dished up to them by Hollywood were true, and could be averted only by a ruthless preemptive wipeout of all potential enemies. ...Full text

A Tale of Two Nations

Arindam Sen

In the emergent global people's backlash against neoliberalism, of late three Latin American countries have shot into prominence with three different kinds of experience. These are Brazil , Argentina and Venezuela . The Lula regime resembles West Bengal 's social democratic model replicated on a national plane: trading left rhetoric for backroom deals with neoliberalism. Of course, this government is still in its early years, still to be thoroughly exposed; ...Full text


Of Market, State and Culture

Brij Bihari Pandey

(The ninth national conference of Jan Sanskriti Manch is scheduled to be held in Ranchi , Jharkhand, on 2 and 3 October, 2004 . The theme of the conference is “For a culture of new resistance against the culture of market domination”. The following article is related to the above theme.)

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point, however, is to change it” – this is what Marx had commented on the philosophical scenario one and a half centuries ago in his celebrated ‘ Theses on Feuerbach '. Later on, some intellectuals resented the ‘overemphasis' laid in the above statement on ‘changing' and instead suggested that both interpreting and changing may assume a primary role in their turn, depending on circumstances. That is because they claimed that the circumstances in their own period had made ‘interpretation' their primary task. Well, that is understandable. Presently, however, it seems a good section of established intelligentsia in the field of literature and culture has even stopped interpreting the world. Instead they have now confined themselves just to ‘describing' or ‘depicting' the world. Despite all their ‘analytical' exercises, what they end up doing is precisely defending the status quo. ....Full text


Long Live the Memory of Comrade Yogendra!

Comrade Yogendra Bind of Jehanabad was killed by People's War goons while returning from a meeting on the night of 14 September. He was 29 years old.

He had joined the peasant movement at a very young age, and played a vanguard role in the anti-feudal struggle, even at the height of the Bhoomi Sena terror.

He hailed from a village of very backward caste peasants – mostly poor labourers. ...Full text

Liberation Salutes Progressive
Assamese Dramatist Munin Bhuyan ...Full text