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Vinod Mishra:
Selected Writings
Thirty Years of Naxalbari

March 2005

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Forward to a People's Republic in India

Formal democracy has once again been suspended in Nepal. On February 1, King Gyanendra dismissed the hugely discredited and unpopular Deuba government and clamped down a state of ‘constitutional’ emergency! In 2002, he had done a similar thing . . . .Full text


Revelation of its Ambitions by the Regional Hegemon

Amidst growing criticism in the region for postponing the SAARC summit in Dhaka and just a day before the External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh’s visit to Pakistan, Indian foreign secretary Shyam Saran delivered a policy address on India and its neighbours at India . . . . . . Full text

The Telecom Sell-Out

In the latest of a series of attacks on the frail economic sovereignty of the nation, the UPA government has decided to raise the foreign direct investment (FDI) limit in the telecom sector to 74 per cent from the current ceiling of 49 . . . . . . Full text

On restructuring of the banking sector

Getting rid of staff is the only prescription for all Banks for all seasons -- whether banks are strong or weak, whether it is boom time or bust time, whether interest rates are rising or falling, whether it is NDA or UPA which is ruling . . . . . . Full text

Cold-blooded killing of Saket Rajan by the trigger-happy Karnataka police

The dastardly and cold-blooded killing of Saket Rajan and Shivalinga has evoked widespread protests, with most of the progressive forces and intellectuals of the state denouncing the state government and the police. The fact that the . . . . . . Full text

  Special Report

Crackdown in Lakhimpur Kheri

 A massive food-grains scam, a major land scam, forced sterilisation – the powerful landlords and the District Administration of Lakhimpur Kheri have no dearth of crimes to their . . . . . . Full text

The Land scam in Lakhimpur-Kheri

Dalit and Muslim peasants allotted land by the government in Uttar Pradesh's Lakhimpur district 50 years ago are still working as daily wage labourers not far from their `own' land, writes HEMENDRA NARAYAN from The Statesman. We carry excerpts from his article. . . . . . Full text

PDS Scam in Lakhimpur-Kheri

DM, 6 SDMs, others suspended
PDS grains diverted to open market .. . . . . . . Full text

Interview with Ajanta Lohit . . . . . . . Full text

    Cover Feature

Dictated Democracy and Royal Rule can Never Suppress Nepal People’s Struggle for a Genuine Republic!

February 18. A scene out of Alice in Wonderland, with the King and his soldiers ordering his ‘subjects’ to celebrate ‘Democracy Day’ in Nepal; if you ask questions, it’s “Off with your head!” Military personnel armed to the teeth patrol every street. Military officials stationed in media houses and . . . . . . Full text

Timeline: Nepal's turbulent history

1951 - End of Rana rule. Sovereignty of crown restored and anti-Rana rebels in Nepalese Congress Party form government.

1955 - 1959.... 1960....... . . . . . . . . . .. 2004...... 2005. . . . . . Full tex


Poem by Mahendra Singh

Farewell to Comrade Nagbhushan Patnaik,
Bold Voice against the Guns of Power! . . . . . . Full tex

Condolence Letters . . . . . . Full tex


State convention on Land Reforms in AP

ON the occasion of the 6 th death anniversary of Comrade Vinod Mishra, the AIALA unit of AP organized a state convention on “Land Reforms – Policies of the Government” at Vikram Hall, Rajahmundry, on December 18 th 2004. . . . . . . Full tex

State-level Tea Gardens Cadre Meet

Asam Sangrami Chah Sramik Sangha (ASCSS) held a state-level cadre meet at Nagaon on 18th January, which was attended by more than 70 cadres from around 30 tea gardens covering Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, Jorhat, Nagaon and Sonitpur. It was conducted . . . . . . Full tex

Fact-finding in Tsunami-affected areas in Pondicherry

A Fact Finding Team (FFT) of Pondicherry unit of the Party comprising Comrades Shankar, CCM, Balasubramanian, State Secretarty, SLTMs Sankaran and Motilal along with Dr. Shiva, a journalist Mr.Charles and Comrade Poarkodi visited Tsunami affected areas . . . . . . Full tex


AIPWA unit addresses the problems of fisherwomen

Pondicherry state unit of AIPWA took out a rally of fisherwomen. . . . . . Full tex

Agricultural labourers' force the Collector to meet their demands

Agricultural labourers virtually forced the district collector of Nagapattinam to meet their demands. Around 2000 workers blocked the traffic and . . . . . . Full tex

A New Initiative in the Organised Sector Work

On Jan 23, workers of Ashok Leyland, MRF, Carborandum, Wimco, Simpson and students and youth from Manali and fisher folk joined hands in solidarity, in the Inaugural Conference of Thiruvotriyur Solidarity Council. Earlier, workers under the banner of Solidarity Forum . . . . . . Full tex

Memorial Meeting for Martyr Comrade Nagendra Saklani Held in Uttarakhand

On 11 January 1948, two brave comrades – Nagendra Saklani and Molu Bhardari, were killed after having challenged the reign . . . . . . Full tex

Workers’ Dharna Against Starvation, Land Scams and State Repression in Banaras

On 9-10 February, the CPI(ML), Weavers’ Association, and Agrarian Labourers’ Association together held a two-day dharna . . . . . . Full tex




Comrade Anil Baruah Remembered

CPIML leader comrade Anil Kr. Baruah was remembered in different places of Assam on 11th February, his martyr day. Comrade Anil Kr Baruah erstwhile secretary of Assam State Committee. . . . . . Full tex

Martyred Heroes of Hurua, We haven’t forgotten you!
We never will!

 On 25 February 1980, the Tripura State Police assassinated 7 CPI(ML) comrades at Hurua, in Tripura. An Inquiry Commission submitted its report in 1982, finding that the killings were completely unjustified. Despite this, . . . . . . Full tex




‘Musafir’ Hakim: The Great Hero of Naxalbari Movement in Punjab

The book “Hakim Singh: The Hero of Naxalbari Movement in Punjab” portrays the character and life history of a comrade who has secured his name among the front-ranking revolutionaries of the glorious communist movement in . . . . . . Full tex

Law and the Rise of Capitalism

 Tracing the roots of modern capitalism way back in 1184 AD, the book Law and the Rise of Capitalism by Michael E. Tigar and Madeleine R. Levy gives a lucid and vivid account of its growth through more than eight centuries . . . . . . Full tex




Iraq’s non-‘election’

For all those who thought that the elections in Bihar, with their widespread violence, booth capturing, rigged votes and misuse of official machinery, were the worst in the world there is some good news. The recent national elections in Iraq on January 30, organized by the occupying US army, has proven that it is indeed possible to organize a ballot that is even worse. . . . . . . Full tex

Kyoto treaty takes effect
US refusal to sign evokes strong protest

The Kyoto treaty on global warming signed by 141 nations, restricting emission of greenhouse gases, came into force on Feb.16.
The biggest polluter in the world, the United States, and Australia have refused to sign this treaty evoking strong protests . . . . . . Full tex