CPI(ML)'s Election Campaign in Bihar – First Phase

The vigorous election campaign by CPI(ML) in Bihar is evoking a good response from the people. Liberation has received some initial reports about the campaign for the first phase of elections on October 18. Comrade Dipankar Bhattacharya – accompanied by Comrade KD Yadav – launched his election campaign on 4 October 2005 from Gaya , where he visited Gaya Jail and met Shah Chand and other comrades incarcerated there serving life sentence under TADA. The same day they addressed mass meetings at Barachatti and Belaganj. At both places, high enthusiasm of our ranks and youth was witnessed. On 5 Oct they addressed a mass meeting at Pakri Barawan of Warisaliganj constituency in Nawadah district. It was a big gathering where women participated in good numbers. This is significant in the light of the fact that the same day Laloo Yadav and Promod Mahajan were also holding their election meetings there.

Former DGP DP Ojha Campaigns for CPI(ML)

Former DGP of Bihar Mr.DP Ojha has come forward to campaign for CPI(ML) in the Bihar elections. During his one-year tenure as DGP, he tried to nab mafia kingpins. One of them was Surendra Yadav, a RJD minister. He also tried to arrest erstwhile Ranvir Sena chieftain, Sunil Pandey, a gangster belonging to the JD(U), Nityanand Rai of the BJP and Rama Singh of the LJP. In all these four cases, he faced a lot of political pressure not to act. Due to political patronage from various political parties, these criminals were never brought to the book. DP Ojha was present during the release of CPI(ML) Election Manifesto. On that occasion he said: "Only Maley is the party that is fighting against criminalisation, so it is the only party which can stop criminalisation. This is the reason I have agreed to join CPI(ML) election propaganda. Although I am not a member of CPI (ML), I will continue to address people in favour of CPI (ML) throughout the election". DP Ojha was DGP during 2003-04, when the RJD-Congress Govt. was ruling Bihar . In his drive against criminals he tried to act against Shahabuddin but Laloo Yadav stood in the way. The controversy between DP Ojha and Laloo-Rabri on Shahabuddin appeared in the press and brought embarrassment to the RJD rule. Rabri Devi transferred him to some sideline DGP post which was actually a demotion. Mr.DP Ojha has addressed several election meetings in the state in favour of CPI(ML).

On 7 Oct, they addressed mass meetings at Dehri, Karakat and Bikramganj. On 8 Oct, they addressed large election meetings at Jagdishpur and Koransarai of Dumraon constituency, where Com. Saroj Chaube, the candidate, also participated. On 9 Oct, they addressed mass meetings at Ghoshi, Jahanabad and Masaurhi. The gathering at Masaurhi was quite large and outsiders participated in it in good number. Even among a section of upper caste (Rajputs) sympathy in favour of Maley was visible. On 10 October they addressed two rallies of Arwal constituency at Arwal Bazaar and Kaler, and both were large mass meetings. Mobilisation of minorities in our favour was visible and our own downtrodden base showed enthusiasm. On 13 Oct., they addressed a meeting at Barahara and four meetings in Sandesh constituency - Sandesh, Pauna, Belaur and Piyania. The gathering at Sandesh was quite large. Here the candidate, Com. Rameshwar Prasad is in jail. On 14 they addressed election meetings at Obra and Daudnagar of

CPI(ML) condemns the handcuffing of its leaders during filing nomination papers in Bihar

CPI(ML) strongly condemned the illegal handcuffing of ex-MP and sitting MLA Comrade Rameshwar Prasad, Central Committee member of CPI(ML) and General Secretary of All India Agricultural Labour association (AIALA) and Sudama Prasad another senior leader of the Party while they were taken from jail to the office of the Returning Officer for filing their nomination papers for the Assembly elections from Sandesh and Ara constituencies respectively. Both the leaders filed their nomination papers and took oath in handcuffs which is a clear-cut human rights violation even as per the Supreme Court ruling in this regard. Such a conduct of the police and administration in Bihar is highly condemnable as it explicitly involved political bias and intended to send a message to the electorate that crusaders for peace and democracy and leaders of the struggles for an equitable society would meet a similar fate. Party demanded immediate suspension of the officers involved, and enquiry and disciplinary proceedings against them.

Obra constituency and later an election meeting at Paliganj. On 15 they went to address two particularly large mass meetings Sahar and Khutaha Bazaar, both lying in Sahar constituency. In these meetings, our candidate from Sahar, Comrade Ram Naresh Ram and Com. Ramji Rai also addressed the gathering. The meeting at Khutaha Bazaar was particularly significant and an upsurge in favour of Maley was discernible in the whole Sahar constituency. On 16, the last day of the first round of election propaganda campaign for the first phase, they addressed election meetings at Piro and Arrah where the candidate, Comrade Sudama Prasad is purposely detained to deny him chances. Senior comrades from outside Bihar took part in the election campaign. Comrade Akhilendra Pratap Singh visited and addressed election meetings in assembly constituencies Bhabhua, Mohania, Arrah, Sandesh, Sahar, Piro, Bikramganj, Arwal, Paliganj and Obra.

Kisans belonging to upper castes also participated in the meetings presided over by SC local leaders. This is because the upper caste feudal dominance represented by Ranvir Sena has collapsed in this area. A section of upper caste kisans has definitely come over to Maley fold because they say that Maley is fighting for kisan cause. Secondly, severe discontent against RJD is visible, but on the other hand, there is no enthusiasm in favour of JD(U) either. There are two new things. One, Maley's influence has expanded to some sections of enlightened people from higher echelons like ex-DGP of Bihar , Mr.DP Ojha. Two, Maley has also carved out some space among pasmanda (backward) Muslims. Particularly in Arwal this trend is quite visible and pasmanda Muslims have come over to us in large numbers. Comrade Md. Salim from UP addressed meetings at Arrah, Arwal and Obra and Paliganj. According to Salim, there is no appeal for Ram Vilas Paswan's slogan of Muslim chief minister. People take it as an election stunt. Secondly, secularism of Laloo brand, in which a duplicate of Laden accompanies Laloo, is taken by Muslims as a derogatory symbol. People say that RJD is making a mockery of Muslims by doing this. Comrade Kumudini Pati took part in the release of election propaganda cassette and film CD on 6 October prepared by the Hirawal team of Jan Sanskriti Manch. She also attended mass meetings at Dihri, Karakat, Bikramganj, Dumraon and Jagdishpur Ghoshi, Jahanabad, Masaurhi, Jahanabad. Kurtha, Phulwari Sharief and Naubatpur Bazaar. Comrades Vinod Singh and Sunita from Jharkhand, Lal Bahadur Singh from Delhi and Comrade Rajvinder Singh Rana from Punjab were other prominent campaigners from outside Delhi . Election propaganda speeches of Comrades Ramjatan Sharma and Meena Tiwari were broadcast on TV.