CPI(ML)'s All- India Protest Day against India 's Vote against Iran in IAEA

CPI(ML) observed September 29, the all-India strike day also as a protest day against India 's vote against Iran at the International Atomic Energy Agency under American pressure. On 24 September India shocked and shamed the entire developing world by voting in favour of the US-EU resolution referring Iran to the UN Security Council for alleged violation of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. In spite of not being a signatory to the NPT, India chose to side with the US ostensibly to prove India 's credential as a 'responsible' (read loyal) nuclear power to the US and the big three of the European Union – Germany , France and Britain . India 's surrender stood in sharp contrast to the bold opposition put up by Venezuela or the strong reservation expressed by the twelve abstaining member countries including China , Russia and South Africa at the 35-member board of governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency. No wonder, the US has thanked India for her support to the US-led move to isolate and coerce Iran .

The Indian sellout on the Iran-US confrontation comes in the wake of India 's notoriously wavering and increasingly collusive pro-US posture on the issue of the Anglo-American invasion, occupation and destruction of Iraq . Iran has generally been friendly to India on every international platform. Apart from being a major supplier of India 's petroleum needs, Iran has also been willing to supply natural gas to India through the proposed pipeline project involving Pakistan and India . The US has always been opposed to this idea of Iran-India-Pakistan cooperation in the crucial energy sector and it was to appease the US that Manmohan Singh had expressed doubts about the pipeline project during his earlier visit to the US . Now this Indian stand at the IAEA amounts to nothing short of a backstabbing sabotage against a long-standing friend.

The economic, defence and foreign policies of the UPA government are all marked by a pronounced pro-imperialist and especially pro-US tilt. Not a single month has passed since the UPA's coming to power without the government announcing some major concession to foreign capital. From banking and insurance to aviation and telecommunication, FDI restrictions have been removed in every key sector of the economy. By reenacting Jalianwallabagh in Gurgaon, the government has also demonstrated the degree of its loyalty to the interests and dictates of foreign capital on the Indian soil. From Bhopal through Dabhol to Gurgaon, the Indian rulers have repeatedly allowed foreign MNCs to get away with every conceivable crime, be it a case of mass murder, mega robbery, or terrorization of workers.

CPI(ML) organised nationwide protests against the shameful surrender of Manmohan Singh Govt.. Protest marches were organised and effigies of Manmohan govt. were burnt at all important centres of the country including Chennai, Patna , Kolkata, and Lucknow . In Delhi , the protest was led by Party General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya along with Central Committee members Kumudini Pati and Rajendra Pratholi, AISA President Kavita Krishnan and Lal Bahadur Singh. Addressing the protesters, Comrade Dipankar said that Manmohan Govt.'s suicidal step is like stabbing in back a very old friendly country which is against the national interests. He warned of dangerous consequences of making India an American stooge and called upon the patriotic and justice-loving people of the country to oppose and defeat such designs of the government.

– Prabhat Kumar