Solidarity Message from CPI(ML) to the Labour Party of Pakistan (LPP) and the Communist Party of Pakistan on Earthquake Devastation


The General Secretary,

The Labour Party of Pakistan &

The General Secretary,

Communist Party of Pakistan .


The biggest natural disaster of South Asia has paralyzed the entire Kashmir region. The massive earthquake has caused very high loss of lives and enormous damage in both Pakistan and India as well as across the sub-continent, including Afghanistan . Its death toll is the highest in Pakistan , Kashmir and NWFP. It has destroyed villages and towns leaving several thousand dead and injured.

We express our condolences to those who lost their beloved and express our wishes for early recovery of the injured.

Together with you, we feel the grief as well as the common responsibility and we do share the agony of the peoples of Pakistan and the divided  Kashmir . And also their anger against the governments of both India and Pakistan for their irresponsibility and insensitivity towards the peoples' lives expressed in the inability to provide urgent and adequate relief and rehabilitation.

On behalf of the entire membership of our Party and the people of India , the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) wholeheartedly offers fullest cooperation and extends all possible help to carry out the mission of rescue, relief, rehabilitation, reconstruction and prevention of epidemic diseases promptly.

We firmly believe that turning the grief into determination, the courageous peoples of Pakistan and the whole of Kashmir shall overcome this great tragedy unitedly and win the war against death, disease and destruction with international people’s solidarity and support.

Comradely yours,


For the Central Committee

CPI(ML) Liberation.

October 11, 2005