Messages to the Second National Conference of AIALA

Message of Comrade Ram Naresh Ram, the Founding President of AIALA

I, Ram Naresh Ram, warmly welcome all delegate comrades and wish grand success for the Second National Conference of AIALA. I am extremely sad that despite my earnest wishes I am not able to participate in the conference.


I am fully confident that AIALA will emerge as the biggest, struggling revolutionary class organisation of agricultural labourers in the country. I am hopeful that in its course of development it will attract the overwhelming mass of agrarian labourers who are presently under the fold of various misleading organisations that pose to represent them, as well as revolutionary democratic organisations and even left organisations, and its banner will fly high all over the country!

I convey my revolutionary greetings to the newly elected office-bearers and committee members of AIALA.

Comradely yours,

Ram Naresh Ram


Message of Comrade Rameshwar Prasad, General Secretary of AIALA, from Beur Jail, Bihar


From Beur Jail of Bihar , I salute all delegates, observers, guests, and the struggling masses gathered on the occasion of the Second National Conference of AIALA. On this occasion, I would like to greet the heroic masses who are waging anti-imperialist and anti-feudal struggles all over the country.

Comrades, we have developed our organisation at the national level through immense sacrifices and hard work. Even today many of our comrades are facing repression day and night. Still, they are holding high the banner of political and social assertion of the poor and the workers. This is the greatest strength of our movement. I hope that, basing itself on this strength, this conference of AIALA will concretise the issues emerging in the new situation, and along with the old issues it will come out with newer initiatives and spirited movements on the new issues.

Veterans of Telengana Honoured by Comrade Dipankar

•  Kancherla Sanjeev Reddy

•  Doodipala Sathi Reddy

•  Bummi Bakka Reddy

•  Bathina Yadagiri

•  Garlapati Raghupati Reddy

Veterans of Srikakulam Struggle Honoured by Comrade Dipankar

1. Bendalam Appa Rao

2. Barla Chiranjeevulu

3. Tamada Polamma

Today, the Congress regime is ruling in the country. The Congress-led UPA is systematically throttling democracy in our country, implementing anti-labour policies one after another and is turning the whole country dependent on the USA . Recently the BJP and the Congress held their national conclaves and both have come out more openly with their pro-US and anti-poor policies. Today, the country is once again reeling under the policies of the ruling parties. Starvations deaths have become the order of the day and the phenomenon of farmers' suicides continues unabated. The government is even conspiring to cut the ration foodgrains quota and kerosene. Recently, the people of Bihar avenged the Lalu-Rabri regime for their betrayal. Nitish Kumar has come to power promising good governance and development but there is no let up in repression on the masses of poor or in crime.

Nitish Kumar wants to solve the issues of Bihar 's backwardness or poverty on NRI-Naidu model. It will certainly not help the poor but there will be loot of development fund. Development mafia will benefit.

Friends, repression on the poor has intensified after the Jehanabad jailbreak and Giridih operation. Along with initiatives on the economic issues of the poor, we should intensify our initiatives on the social question and strengthen the forces of resistance.

Lastly, I will appeal to you once again to make AIALA the united platform of broad agrarian labourers and poor of the country. This is the wish of the comrades held here in jail.

Long live AIALA!

Long live CPI(ML)!

Comradely yours,

Rameshwar Prasad.