Killer Bush Go Back:

Saying a Loud No to 'Enlightened' Spinelessness and Bankrupt, Benign Barking

So, Manmohan Singh wants us to believe that his government's act of siding with the US on two successive votes on Iran in the IAEA is just an expression of “enlightened self-interest”! Not only that, the ‘soft-spoken academic-turned-administrator' has also gone on to accuse whoever is opposing his government's decision on this score of indulging in 'minority vote-bank politics'! To use an expression often used by the RSS against Singh's own government, he is simply blaming the voices of opposition as being prompted by considerations of 'Muslim appeasement'! More than merely justifying his government's vote on Iran , the man is trying to use this instance for developing a new doctrine of nationalism: whoever supports his government's blatant pro-American stance is an 'enlightened nationalist', everybody else is an overt or closet communalist, a minority appeaser! For all the noise it may currently be making on Iran or more precisely on India's N-deal with the US, the BJP can surely have no argument with Singh on this new nomenclature of nationalism. While in power, the NDA had religiously practised this nationalism which internalises every American dictate or interest as India's own 'enlightened self-interest' and attributes any opposition to, or even deviation from, this grand and 'globalised' nationalism to sheer minority appeasement or vote-bank politics! But what about our 'enlightened communists' who had earlier threatened to take the Iran issue to the people? Comrades Karat and Bardhan have now made it clear that they only want a full discussion in Parliament on the subject, and not even a vote, let alone tabling a no-confidence motion against the UPA government! Media analysts are now left wondering if this 'climbdown' is prompted by the latest decision of China and Russia to back the US-led resolution! Beyond the possible influence of the Russian and Chinese position, it is also quite likely that the comrades have begun to see some merit in Singh's explanation of 'enlightened self-interest' and concerns about signs of nuclear irresponsibility in India 's neighbourhood! This is why they now insist only on a full discussion in Parliament so that there can be an 'enlightened dialogue' before a consensus is possibly created around the UPA government's 'progressive' foreign policy. After all, generations of CPI and CPI(M) leaders have been schooled and trained to assess the Indian ruling classes on the basis of this delightful dichotomy between 'progressive foreign policy and retrograde economic policy'! Apart from this strategic perspective to the classical confusion dogging the Indian parliamentary communists, there is also the long tactical tradition of blowing hot and cold, which has now come to be known as the art of 'biteless or bitefree barking'! The pre-poll revival of the agenda of a 'third front' is only a confirmation of this syndrome. For the people of India , and especially the inheritors of Bhagat Singh's anti-imperialist legacy, the issue of New Delhi 's growing convergence with Washington 's global offensive and design, cannot however be a matter of just parliamentary gossip or haggling among the partners and allies of the ruling coalition. More so when on the eve of the March 6 deadline, the head of the American war-machine and pirate-brigade is himself scheduled to visit India . This is the most opportune moment for Bhagat Singh's India to rise in roaring protests and demarcate itself from Manmohan Singh's India Inc. For Manmohan Singh and his cohorts 'enlightened national interest' consists in paying glowing tributes to colonial slavery and celebrating neo-colonial bondage. For the heirs of Bhagat Singh, patriotism demands integrating the international fight against imperialism with the domestic battle against all the Indian retailers and retainers of the Bush brigade. There can certainly be no middle-of-the-road parliamentary partnership between Bhagat Singh's people and Manmohan Singh's cabal. This coming March we will observe the 75th anniversary of Bhagat Singh's ever-inspiring martyrdom. This coming March we are also scheduled to witness a new low in India's spineless foreign policy when the 'enlightened' rulers of globalised India behave in a manner as though to stake India's 'claim' to becoming the fifty-first state of the United States of America! Let us reject the spinelessness of India 's 'enlightened ruling elite' and reaffirm with all our strength the people's spirit of independence, national dignity and anti-imperialism. Let March 2006 witness a grand celebration of this indomitable spirit at every nook and corner of our great country.