Killer Ship Go Back: Demonstration in Chennai

Protest Against USS NimitzNuclear powered aircraft carrier, the killer ship USS Nimitz, infamous for its role in world politics since World War II, reached Chennai port on July 2 for the ‘rest and entertainment’ of the inmates of the ship and was anchored over there until July 5. The ship was greeted by widespread criticism and protests from all quarters, including environmental organizations to various kinds of political parties. Apart from massive protests by the Left parties, the arrival of the ship was protested by parties like MDMK and also PMK that are part of the ruling coalition at the centre.

Apart from the environmental effects of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the CPI(ML) was highlighting the anti-people, pro-imperialist, war mongering political, military role of the ship in the world politics. Comrade V Shankar, CCM while addressing a party demonstration on July 5 just in front of the Chennai harbour, said that anchoring of the ship in Indian waters was a violation of international law and a symbolic assertion of US hegemony over Indian affairs. He came down heavily on the Congress-led UPA government for allowing the killer ship to enter Indian waters. He said that it is a clear indication of surrender of Indian sovereignty in front of American pressures. The Indo-US nuclear agreement is not yet signed and the Indian government being part of NATO, which has all along opposed to the entry of nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, has surrendered before the US by relaxing all principles and norms of a sovereign nation”. Comrade A S Kumar, State Committee Member of the party led the demonstration.