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January 2008

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8th Party Congress

Tributes to 1857 and Bhagat Singh

A Congress of Great Resolve

Festival of People's Culture


Solidarity Messages

Political - Organisational Report







Clarion Call of the CPI(ML)’s Kolkata Congress: People’s Resistance, Left Resurgenceflags

The Eighth Congress of the CPI(ML) has been held successfully in Kolkata. Held in the 150th anniversary of the First Indian War of Independence and the birth centenary of Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh, the 8th Congress boldly underlined the glorious anti-imperialist legacy of the Indian people...Full text


Lessons from Gujarat Results

The widespread factionalism in the Gujarat BJP’s ranks and the fact that on the eve of the polls Modi stood firmly indicted for his regime’s role in the Gujarat genocide and custodial killings of Sohrabuddin and others had created a uniquely favourable situation for its main contender, the Congress. If in spite of this, Modi scripted a win...Full text

Nandigram and CPI(M)’s Response to Its Left Critics

In Kolkata recently, Prakash Karat in a veiled reference to Sumit Sarkar said that those who compared Nandigram with Gujarat were ‘enemies of the people’. This accusation, in much the same phraseology, is elaborated in a piece by Prabhat Patnaik (henceforth PP) titled ‘The Left and its ‘Intellectual’ Detractors’...Full text

  8th Party Congress

CPI(ML) 8th Congress Pays Tribute to 1857 and Bhagat Singh

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of India's first war of independence in 1857, the CPI(ML) pays respectful tributes to the hundreds of thousands of men and women who heroically laid down their lives in the struggle to emancipate colonial India from the yoke of British imperialism..........Full text

A Congress of Great Resolve for a Big Push Forward

The CPI(ML)’s 8th Congress at Kolkata, the biggest ever yet, sent out a powerful and timely message of Left resurgence against a raging agrarian crisis and the ruling class surrender to.........Full text

National Festival of People’s Culture at Kolkata

Paschimbanga Ganasanskriti Parisad, Jan Sanskriti Manch and Sodou Assam Janasanskriti Parisad organized an all-India cultural festival on 16 and 17 December at the historic Esplanade in Kolkata. The festival sketched out the panoramic scape of diverse cultural outfits from all over the country that embody the striving for a revolutionary people’s culture. Comrade Ramji Rai announced the inauguration of the conference.........Full text

Tapasi We Have Not Forgotten You We Never Will

They came from all corners of the country, they came with a warm message of solidarity. At a time when Mamta Banerjee's Trinamul Congress is engaged in cheap and stale theatrics in the name of continuation of the Singur movement, nearly hundred women delegates attending the Eighth Congress of CPI (ML) in Kolkata marched to Singur.........Full text

Interview with Sue Bolton

[The Assistant National Secretary of the Democratic Socialist Perspective (DSP), Australia, Sue Bolton, attended the Party Congress right from 10-18 December. Comrade Sue did not just remain confined to the seats of the Congress Hall; she sought out comrades of the working class and peasant fronts and interviewed them; with the DTC workers of Delhi she shared her own experiences of being a bus driver and organizing transport workers; tirelessly interacting with a range of delegates she seemed quite at home and it was difficult to remember that she was a guest! .........Full text

Historic Moment in Nepal

[Abridged version of a note by Comrade Madhav Nepal on the Political Situation in Nepal].........Full text

Interview with Saiful Huq

[Comrade Saiful Huq, General Secretary of the Workers Party of Bangladesh, attended the entire Congress along with a delegation comprising Nasiruddin Ahmed Nasu (PB Member), Abdus Salam, (PB Member), Bahnishikha Jamali (CC Member), and Nazrul Islam, a journalist and Party member. Members of this delegation also joined teams that visited Singur and Nandigram on 17 December. Below Comrade Saiful discusses his Party’s work and the concerns of the Left movement in Bangladesh.].........Full text


Sent on the occasion of the 8th Congress of the CPI(ML).........Full text

Political-Organisational Report: Major highlights

(Since all documents as amended and adopted in the eighth party Congress will be released shortly, here we bring to the readers the more important points covered in this report in a summarised form and under subheads supplied by us. Space constraints have compelled us to leave out the parts dealing with reports and review of our work on the women's, cultural, students' and the youth fronts altogether. -- Editor).........Full text


Tribute to Poet Trilochan Shastri

... He was an immensely influential figure in Hindi literature and he was deeply sympathetic to the revolutionary communist movement all his life. ...Full text