Appeal to subscribers

Appeal To Subscribers

Dear Subscriber,
 We are concerned at complaints of subscribers who are not getting their copies. We request your cooperation in correcting any errors on our part. 

Please note that Liberation is usually despatched by the 27-28 of the previous month. So if you don’t get your copy by the first week of each month, we request you to try the following:

1.       The end month and year of your subscription is printed just above your address on the wrapper; please check if your subscription has ended. It’s better if you can renew your subscription before the end date.
2.       Send us your complaints, if possible by postcard to U-90, Shakarpur, Delhi-92, or by email to Please send your full address with the pincode, so that it is easier for us to verify that we have it right; in case you send an MO, write the full address on the portion allotted for the message. 
3.       If you have an email address/phone number/mobile number where you can be reached, do send it to us for our record.
5.       Once we confirm that the magazine is being mailed to you at the right address, if you are still not receiving the magazine, it helps to submit a written complaint to your local Post Office. We have often found that such letters help to ensure that the copies reach you. 

Finally, do remember we run no corporate ad campaigns and are not ‘funded’ in any way: You and other subscribers are our sole source of funding and advertisement! So, if you enjoy reading Liberation, please do support us, by getting your friends to subscribe and helping us to increase our circulation.

Warmly yours,

Manager, Liberation