Militant Demonstration in Bangladesh against Sell- Out of National Interest


The “National Committee for Protection of Oil-Gas-Mineral Resources and Electricity and Ports” recently organised a powerful protest demonstration in Dhaka calling upon the people of Bangladesh to foil the conspiracy of siphoning off precious national wealth to foreign lands. Other slogans included:
•       Boldly resist the Indian project of constructing a river dam in Tipaimukh,  which will prove a new death trap  for Bangladesh
•       Build broader unity of patriotic people against imperialist domination
•       Ensure extraction of mineral resources under hundred per cent social ownership; ensure fuel security for the country and so on.

Although the rally was peaceful, the police resorted to brutal lahti charge. A large number of people including women and senior leaders like Comrade Anu Muhammad, member secretary of the National committee and Saiful Haq, General Secretary of Revolutionary Workers’ Party of Bangladesh were seriously wounded.  The incident has given rise to widespread protests against the fascist attacks of the ‘Mahajot’ (grand alliance) government.