Second Exile

(The Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court is scheduled to announce its verdict on the Ayodhya title suit on 24 September, 2010. In anticipation of the verdict going against their claim, the Sangh brigade has already begun attempts to reignite the communal fire over Ayodhya. We appeal to people to rebuff any attempt by communal forces to whip up communal frenzy over the verdict. As the verdict approaches, Kaifi Azmi's poem 'Doosra Vanvas' serves to remind us of the horror of communal fascist frenzy symbolised by the demolition of the Babri Masjid on December 6 1992.)
When Lord Ram returned home from exile in the forest
He missed the forest very much as he entered the city   
Seeing the crazed dance in his courtyard
On 6 December he must have wondered
How did so many crazed followers enter my home?
The pathways where Ram's footprints had once shone
Where thousands of stars of love once stretched out
Those same pathways now took a turn towards hate

What is their religion, what caste, who knows?
If it were not for the burning house, who could identify them?
You who entered my house with burning torches    
Your sword, my friend, is vegetarian
Your stones were all flung at Babar
No doubt it's the fault of my head that, instead, it bleeds

Ram hadn't even washed his feet in the Sarju
When he saw there deep blood spots
Without washing his feet he got up from the Sarju shore
Ram turned away from his own doors, saying
I'm saddened by the air of my own capital city
On 6 December, I've been condemned to a second exile

Kaifi Azmi

Support the CPI(ML) Election Campaign in Bihar
Stand by the Fighting People of Bihar in their Battle for Real Change and Rights

Five years ago, the NDA-BJP alliance headed by Nitish Kumar rode the wave of resentment against the RJD’s prolonged reign of misrule, to come to power in Bihar with promises of development, change and an end to the cycle of crime and corruption. Today as Bihar gears up for another electoral battle, the Nitish regime has little to show except the corporate media-crafted 'Bihar Shining' brand. Increasingly what is being underlined is the continuity between the discredited RJD regime and the much-hyped Nitish regime.
The promise of a new Bihar where rapid development will be delivered along with good governance and justice has been badly belied. The most urgent agenda of land reforms and education reforms, articulated by commissions set up by the government itself has been abandoned in the face of stubborn opposition by well entrenched feudal forces and vested interests. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court appointed monitoring committee has found the rationing system in Bihar to be the most corrupt in the country while the CAG has unearthed a massive treasury fraud with unaccounted withdrawals growing every year by leaps and bounds.
In this backdrop, the CPI(ML) Liberation has been waging a relentless struggle, braving all odds, to mobilise the rural poor and all progressive forces to transform the face of Bihar and secure and assert the rights of the people to development, dignity and democracy. Be it the question of exposing scams and taking corrupt PDS dealers to task, claiming the rights of sharecroppers to secure tenancy and agricultural assistance or the rural poor’s  battle for land, wages and dignity – the CPI(ML) has emerged as the most credible banner of struggle, sacrifice and victory for the fighting people of Bihar. In the upcoming elections, the CPI(ML) is determined to advance this battle for people’s assertion over the forces of feudal domination and institutionalised loot. For Bihar's fighting people, elections are far from a level playing field. The CPI(ML) election campaign relies entirely on the people to take on the formidable forces of money-power and state power. This time, a severe drought and famine-like situation in many parts of Bihar have added to the challenge faced by people in this unequal battle.  But with your active support and goodwill, we are determined to once again brave all odds and carry forward the battle to transform Bihar through people’s assertion.
We look forward to every manner of support and solidarity that you can extend to the CPI(ML) election campaign in Bihar in this challenging situation. Highlight the people’s agenda for real change and support the voice of people’s struggle in the face of the loud cacophony of corporatised 'paid news.' Demand the release of jailed CPI(ML) leaders and activists and lodge your protest against every attempt to curb and deny the electoral and other democratic rights of the fighting people. Raise your voice in every possible way for fair elections where the people can exercise their franchise without fear. And last but not the least, please donate generously to the CPI(ML) election fund.

Revolutionary Greetings,

CPI(ML) Central Committee

Ph: 011-22521067, email:

For contributions to the CPI(ML) election fund,  please send draft/ cheque/ MO in favour of CPI(ML) payable at Delhi, Address: CPI(ML), U-90, Shakarpur, Delhi -91