Greetings from Comrade Madhav Nepal, CPN(UML) General Secretary to the 7th Congress (excerpts)

The seventh Congress of your party is being held at a time when the whole world is passing through a crucial period.

In South Asia the communist movement is passing through ups and downs. There are both gigantic barricades and bright prospects ahead for the people, nations and countries. The level of poverty is extremely high and feudalistic exploitation is largely pervasive in our region. Likewise, semi-colonial conditions are worsening after the implementation of full-fledged liberalization and globalisation policies put forward by the western world. Therefore the task of liberating the South Asian people from exploitation and hunger is a challenging task. The great people of India have been fighting against the domestic as well as international reactionaries since a long time under the leadership of communist revolutionaries. In that process your party is trying to awaken and mobilize the people towards genuine national independence and social liberation since the inception of CPI(ML). By trying to combine the universal truth of Marxism-Leninism to the concrete practice of the revolutionary process in India, your party is scoring important successes in various fields. I am confident that the five days deliberation of your Congress will enable you to come forward with new spirit and energy to achieve more and more successes in the days to come.

"We should demand that the borders be opened"

-- Farooq Tariq, Labour Party of Pakistan

"Greetings to the delegates of 7th Congress of the CPI(ML).

Fraternal relationship between our Party in Pakistan and yours in India is no coincidence... It is only because of the truly Herculean efforts of your comrades that we were able to come to Patna to attend the Congress.

"On arriving in Patna, we were very happy to see the entire city coloured red, and to see so many comrades all over was very encouraging and very inspiring. I would like to pay my tributes to Comrade Chandrashekhar and many other martyrs who have kept the red flag flying high. I would like to salute the legacy of Comrade Vinod Mishra, and thank Comrade Dipankar for making it possible for many left leaders from all over the world to meet.

"I am proud to tell you that on 5th June, due to the cooperation of your Party, people of India and Pakistan held synchronized protests against warmongering. In cities on both sides of the border, people told their rulers: “We want peace, not war”. Comrade Dipankar’s speech on the occasion was printed in several Pakistani papers, which went a long way towards dispelling the prejudiced opinion that all Indians want war with Pakistan. The CPI and CPI(M) were silent on the issue, it was only when CPI(ML)’s voice was heard that the people spreading prejudices about Indians got a rebuff.

"Whether it be on the issue of bowing down to Bush, or being slaves of IMF-WB, Vajpayee’s voice overlaps Musharraf’s. Vajpayee calls Musharraf a dictator, Musharraf says Vajpayee persecutes minorities, but in fact when it comes to kowtowing to imperialism, Vajpayee, Musharraf and even Sonia overlap. When the ruling classes of both our countries are united, isn’t it possible for our working class to unite?

"In Pakistan, conditions for a left movement have always been adverse. But India has had a powerful left movement, and left parties have even led state governments. Yet, rather then taking initiatives for an independent left assertion, some of the parties seem to restrict themselves to following Congress. Our Party, like the CPI(ML), believes that the bourgeoisie of Pakistan and India is neither modern nor progressive. So our party conducts an independent left movement, though we are a small party. When people are pessimistic about the left movement, we cite the example of the CPI(ML) which grew in the same phase when the Soviet Union collapsed.

"Your media tells you about the dictatorship in Pakistan, it does not talk about Pakistan’s workers and popular struggles. In Pakistan, teachers, students and doctors have participated in several protests to resist the police and army repression. Punjab, which is Bhagat Singh’s soil, has witnessed landmark farmers’ struggles, where women too have played a heroic role.

"In Pakistan, the stifling presence of the army and fundamentalists make it very tough to build a Marxist party. We need to share our experiences and gain strength from each other’s struggles. Despite our borders being sealed, terrorists come and go as they wish. Vajpayee and Musharraf meet when they wish. The borders stop only us – the revolutionaries and the common people, from meeting; we of the left should spearhead ‘people to people’ contact programmes, and should demand that the borders be opened.

"Friends and comrades, we are holding our conference at Lahore on 23 March, 2003 which is the martyrdom day of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. We are proud that we celebrate this day in Pakistan, while people observe it here in India. We will struggle to ensure that comrades from your party are able to attend our conference, despite the restrictions of our respective governments."

"We have a great deal in common"

-- Doug Lorimer

On behalf of the Political Committee of the Democratic Socialist Party of Australia, I extend warmest revolutionary greetings to this congress. This is the second congress of the CPI (ML) to which our party has been sent a delegation. Our national secretary, John Percy, attended your 6th party congress in Varanasi five years ago.

I have had an opportunity to read the written version of the Political-Organisation Report and I think our two parties share the same assessment of the international situation. Even many of the problems that we are confronting in our respective national situations and the solutions we put forward have a great deal in common. In particular, many of the problems you are grappling with while building a stronger party in India are the same as those faced by us in Australia. Many of the tasks put forward in the Report to overcome these problems are very similar to those that we have put forth for building a revolutionary communist party in Australia.

I think our two parties also share a common approach to international relations between parties, which we in the DSP would sum-up with a phrase used by the Cuban comrades - “Learn from others, but think for yourself.”

I hope the contacts and relations between our two parties continue to grow and deepen.

Once again, let me extend greetings on belhalf of the DSP to this congress and wish you success in charting the road forward in building the party of the Indian workers’ and peasants’ revolution.

Long live proletarian internationalism! Long live the CPI-ML!

Excerpts from Solidarity Messages for the Seventh Congress of CPI(ML)

"Norway and India are having different conditions for the work of revolutionary parties. But in this time of warmongering from the leading imperialist power, the USA, revolutionary parties all over the globe have some common main tasks.

The stand of India will be even more important, being a regional power in the area of increasing tension because of the imperialist rivalry. We are glad that parties like CPI (M-L) Liberation and others are present here, to head the popular resistance against the warmongers, the US and their local followers. The outcome of your struggle will be of great importance for our common struggle on this matter.

Being the country of about one sixth of the global population, the outcome of the class struggle in your country will be of great importance outside your borders too. We are wishing you further successes in your work and are sure the 7th Congress will contribute to this cause.

We are looking forward to follow up the friendly relationships between our two parties also in the future, and surely the impulses from this Congress will be useful and give inspirations also to our work here in our own country. "

-- Arnljot Ask, international secretary
On behalf of the CC of AKP, Norway


"We extend our cordial and revolutionary greetings in solidarity to all delegates.

Your party congress is taking place in a situation of important international changes. The new organization of the international capitalist production has far-reaching social consequences. According to the plans of the Bush-administration India is supposed to become a close ally in this “New War”.

The hundreds of millions of Indian workers and peasants are playing an important role in the preparation of the international revolution. "

Workers of all Countries, Unite!

We wish your 7th Party Congress great success."

-- Central Committee, MLPD, Genmany


"The Romanian Labour Party has the plesure and honor to send greeting and to wish success...

The Romanian Labour Party is convinced that the documents that will be debated in the Congress as well as the decisions that will be adopted, will intensify the Marxist-Leninist unity and will enhance the strength of the Communist Party of India (ML).

The Romanian Labour Party express the conviction that the relations between our parties will be improved in the both party’s advantage, of working class solidarity’s cause from all over the world, of peace between nations, of fighting for a better life, of socialism."

-- Ion Cristian Niculae, General Secretary,


"We send to you a warm proletarian internationalist and Marxist-Leninist greeting.

We wish your Congress full success. May it to go in accordance with your expectations, in coherence with Marxism-Leninism-Mao Thought and in conformity with the expectations and the needs of the proletariat and the popular masses of India.

We are sure you will give a firm, of class and revolutionary replay to the offensive of the internal fascist forces and to those of the imperialism that meddle with the internal affairs of India and with the questions of your region.

We support your efforts aiming to build a large united front to fight against the common enemies...

Wishing once again your Congress full success, we send to you our warmest proletarian internationalist and Marxist-Leninist greetings."

-- The Political Bureau of the Italian Marxist-Leninist Party
Florence, 22nd November 2002


"We send revolutionary greetings from the Editorial Board of The Proletarian Newspaper — an Internet daily newspaper. We as with our comrades in the Marxist Internet Archive are following the growth of the CPI (ML) as a mass-based organisation of the working class and peasantry that will lead our revolution in the Indian sub-continent.

We are proud to display your Party and magazine web-link on our pages and circulate your articles and position to the Indian community of Hong Kong. We regularly lead with the important analyses provided in Liberation and ML Update. We have carried your leaflets on the Congress daily. Our newspaper is read widely across the world including in South East Asia.

Congratulations on your 7th Congress!

-- Guang Hok, Editor, The Proletarian


The Communist Party of the Philippines extends its comradely greetings of solidarity to the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation on the occasion of its Seventh Congress. We congratulate you for your accumulated achievements and we wish you great success in this important congress.

You are holding your congress at a time when the world capitalist system is reeling from a severe crisis. US imperialism is becoming more and more arrogant, bellicose and destructive. But the people are also rising up in resistance.

The advance of the Indian revolution is of great significance and consequence to the revolutionary struggles of the people on a global scale. Our peoples and parties are close comrades in arms in the life and death struggle against imperialism and all reaction.

Long live the CPI (M-L) Liberation! Long live the fraternal bonds of the Indian and Philippine proletariat and peoples!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

-- International Department
Communist Party of the Philippines


Warm solidarity greetings from the PMP-Merger (Philippines Workers Party) to the delegates at the Seventh National Congress of the CPI-ML (Liberation).

We think that the situation we confront today demands, more than ever, as a practical necessity a united response by the revolutionary forces. “For the unity of the revolutionary forces and the working class movement” is a call that we carry and a challenge that we pose to others in the Philippines revolutionary movement. It is also on this basis that we take a number of practical initiatives aimed at uniting the progressive forces in various campaigning alliances to strengthen the movements against imperialist war and globalization.

The most immediate and urgent tactical campaign for us is to defeat the passage of the anti-terrorism legislation. We have started a major propaganda campaign against the bill and the first major street demonstrations against it have been scheduled for November 30.

Comrade Dipankar Bhattacharya’s statement at the Asia- Pacific Solidarity Conference in Australia this year encapsulates our line of march: “We have a war to fight and a world to win”.

Long live international solidarity! Long live revolutionary internationalism!, Long live the CPI-ML (Liberation)!

All the best with your congress deliberations."

-- Central Committe, PMP-Merger, The Philippines


"We were although not able to send a delegate to your Seventh All India Congress, yet we feel close to your activities. We wish you full success with the Congress, as it has indeed very important issues to tackle.

We really hope that the Communist Movement all over the world will be able in the coming years to overcome all its splits... the unification of the communists, as Lenin pointed out, is not only an option, but it is really an obligation.

I am sure that our comradely relations will continue to develop. This will be to our mutual benefit and contribute to strengthen the unification of the Communist Movement.

On behalf of our Central Committee, I wish you full success with your Seventh Congress and convey to your delegates our warmest and most militant communist greetings.

-- Baudouin Deckers, Head of the Department of International Relations, Political Bureau of the Workers’ Party of Belgium


"PSM wishes comrades attending the Congress its solidarity and comradeship and we hope the congress will achieve its objective and give light to new ideas and strategy to tackle current local and global challenges.

Workers of the World Unite! We Have A World to Win!

-- S.Arutchelvan, Secretary General, Central Committee
Socialist Party of Malaysia

"On behalf of the Marxists in Hong Kong of the Pioneer Group and the RCPC please accept our revolutionary greetings to this most important of gatherings.

We applaud your continued and resolute stance in defence of the working class and poor farmers.

Greetings to you all - forward to our imminent victory!

-- Lau Fun


I am very grateful to you and the whole party to extend an invitation to me.

I send my greetings and solidarity for this important occasion. I hope that the Congress will be successful in charting out the desperately needed path to combat the growing menace of fascism, which has not only deeply penetrated the civil society, not only the mainstream of political discourse, but also significantly the state machinery too.

-- Hari Sharma, President, INSAF


"With warmest regards and best wishes for the success of Party Congress"

-- Sumit Chakravarty, editor, Mainstream


"I am delighted to learn that the seventh congress of CPI(ML) is going to be held... Also I am pleased to know that the theme of discussion this time includes opposition to the imperialist war imposed on the world and to foil the overall fascist conspiracy in India. The fascism that has raised its head at the Centre and in the State is essentially on governmental initiative. I hope that the congress will raise its voice against this menace.

-- Amiya Roychaudhury


"Please accept my best wishes for the success of the congress. We are passing through a very critical time when need of the hour is left progressive unity to meet the challenges of the communal fascist forces. I have no doubt that your congress will be looking into these matters. I shall look forward to receiving the papers and proceedings of the congress so as to benefit from them."

-- Rajinder Sachar, ex-Chief Justice Delhi High Court


"I am pleased to note that your 7th All India Party Congress is being held. I wish your democratic movement to march ahead. At the present juncture people’s movement carries particular significance."

-- Mahashweta Devi, renowned writer


"I am in full agreement with the Political-Organizational Report read out by Dipankar Bhattacharya on 25th November 2002 that, “With US imperialism rapidly increasing its intervention in the third world in general and Asia in particular, the anti-imperialist task of our revolution has now assumed much greater importance. In this context, we must pay special attention to establishing friendly and functional ties with communist parties and other anti-imperialist organizations and movements in Asia, especially in our neighboring countries.”

We need revolution in India, because we need revolution in Bangladesh, so is for Pakistan, Nepal, Srilanka, Bhutan and Burma. Let us work together to achieve this goal without further delay.

-- Anu Muhammad, editor, Natun Path, Bangladesh


"I extend you all revolutionary fraternal greetings on behalf of Ganatantrik Biplabi Jot of Bangladesh and wish you all success for your 7th Congress.

In spite of all the barriers, the people of South Asia are related, even now, in a hundred ways and they have a common cultural history and common history of political struggles. Time has come when we must renew and establish contact between democratic and revolutionary movements in the countries of this region, exchange our ideas, coordinate our struggles against imperialism and work unitedly for overthrowing their client states.

I hope our ties will further strengthen. Wish you all great success."

-- Badaruddin Umar, coordinator, Ganatantrik Biplabi Jot.