CPI(ML) in Bihar Municipality Polls

In the municipality polls in Bihar this time around, the party registered a considerably improved performance. The party won 5 Municipality seats – 1 each in Bhabhua, Dumraon, and Aurangabad and 2 in Khagaul. The party also won a total of 15 Nagar Panchayat seats (2 each at Mairwan, Warsaliganj, Nasiriganj, Bikramganj and Phulwari, 3 at Daudnagar, and 1 each at Chanpatiya and Jainagar) whereas in the last elections we did not have a single seat. In Patna corporation we won a seat for the first time, while in Ara, which has now been upgraded to municipal corporation, we emerged as the largest political block with 9 seats – an improvement on the 4 seats we won in the last elections. This improved performance has signified our deepening roots amongst the urban poor.