The last journey

India Of My Dreams

Hold High the Revolutionary Legacy of CPI(ML)!

Condolence Messages

Comrade VM and His Party

Circular of the Central Committee Meeting

(16-17 December, Lucknow; 23-24 December, Patna)

Let Us Discover the Road Ahead

Autobiographical Notes

The Life and Struggle in
Regional Engineering College, Durgapur

1966 to 1970


"This was our Comrade Raju…"

Adieu, My Life Companion!

We’ll Remember Him Forever

With Vinod, Since My Childhood

His Lustrous Legacy Shall Always Inspire Us

A Lesson In Dynamism And Dedication

Last Speech by Comrade Vinod Mishra

A comrade-in-arms remembers : The Heroic Battle of Badpathujote