New Series Vol. 8 No. 5 (October 2001)

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Learn from Washington’s Folly – Extricate India from the American Stranglehold

Cover Feature

Bush Must Be Stopped from Bullying the World into War

Offence and Counter-Offence: Terrorist Attacks and the Aftermath

No to war frenzy! : Workers World Party Statement

BJP Must Not Be Allowed to Embroil India in Bush’s War Plans


Who is the terrorist?

A Call to Join a New Anti-War Coalition: International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism)
National March against War and Racism in Washington DC, Saturday, September 29; Rally 12 noon at Lafayette Park
West Coast: In the Aftermath of Sept. 11th: Demonstrate for Peace with Justice; Tell George Bush - War and Racism Are Not the Answer— In Los Angeles In San Francisco
S29 - Tell Bush: NO to Racism and War - A Message from the International Action Center
Statement from the International Action Center on Events of September 11, 2001

Special Report

6th Bihar State Party Conference

Build a political alternative in Bihar!
Build a strong party and powerful mass movement in the State !!

5th Assam State Conference

Come up Boldly for a Leftward Shift in Assam Movement

Special Article

GATS – Round 2000 Talks: The Evil is in GATS

Review Article

Was Charu Mazumdar an ‘Actionist’ Hero and Theorist Zero?


CPI(ML) Team Visits Kashipur to Probe Starvation Deaths


The Question of Food Security

Durban and Beyond


New History Textbook on Ancient India


Indian People’s Campaign against WTO to Hold Rally on 6th November, 2001 in Delhi

Working Class

Run Up to the 5th National Conference of AICCTU

Carry Forward the Struggle for Existence of Indian Working Class to a New Height!


AISA’s 4th All India Conference
“Challenge Globalization and Saffronization”

AIKSS Held Its Session in Punjab Massive Peasant Rally in Mansa


Garhwa: Battle Against Police Terror Continues


Protest against murder of CPI(ML) Leader

Tolly’s-Nullah : Demolition Drive to be resisted

uttar pradesh

Adivasi-Vanvasi Convention in Mirzapur

Protest Rally against Police Atrocities


Masaurhi March to protest Killings of Dalits

Aadhi Zameen

UP: Who will fight for social justice to women?