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November Revelation

The last few weeks have seen events unfold quite rapidly on several interconnected planes, often leaving a maze of confusion in their wake. But the events are also helping reiterate and reinforce the two conflicting agendas that propel the politics of our times: corporate ‘Hindu Rashtra’ versus a modern democratic people’s India.Full text


Self-criticism, PWG Style: Kill Now and Repent Later

The recently declared merger of the erstwhile PWG and MCCI has been embellished by a real gem, a document entitled “We Humbly Bow Our Heads…”. The document comprises statements of self-criticism made by the central committees of the two organisations regarding their pre-merger strained relations. The large number of people killed in internecine clashes between the two organisations have now been posthumously rehabilitated as martyrs worthy of being paid red salutes. Full text


Private Banks Opened Up to Foreign Control

Despite the Left crying itself hoarse over the CMP, the UPA government at the centre has been doggedly pursuing its reforms agenda. One of the most important areas where the reforms are targeted to take deeper roots is the financial sector. This is the preferred route for international finance capital, to dominate the economy. Full text


UPA Protects Corporates, Leaves People at the Mercy of Price Hike

The second increase in petroleum prices within 3 months is a result of crude prices going up beyond 50 dollars per barrel in the international market. There seems to be little likelihood of international prices coming down in coming months – except perhaps due to a drastic reduction in demand from China. Full text


Politics of Pollution in ‘Global’ Delhi

In the last fifteen years, since the policies of liberalization, privatisation and globalisation were institutionalised, the landscape of Delhi has morphed out of recognition. From mixed neighbourhoods to exclusive elite conclaves, from hundreds of informal markets to a score of glitzy shopping malls, from ‘brick and mortar’ industries to high tech information highways, the change has been rapid and palpable. While a few privileged ones welcome the changing face of the city, for the majority of the poor and working people, these changes affect their lives and livelihoods in ways as to make even bare survival a gruelling daily struggle for them. . . ... Full text


High Priests of Criminalization of Religion

Reacting to the death of Veerappan, the ‘forest brigand’ in the stage-managed ‘encounter’ of the Special Task Force of Tamil Nadu Police last month, Jayendra Saraswathi, the head of the Sankara Mutt in Kancheepuram described the event as the killing of Narakasura (demon-king), a veritable Diwali gift to the people of the state from the ever benevolent ...... . Full text


The Butchers Worse Than the Bandit

The longest and the costliest- ever hunt for a bandit in modern Indian history was for the elusive Veerappan. Two decades of manhunt has cost more than Rs.1000 crore to the state exchequer, according to an estimate. Veerappan is dead but the stories of atrocities of the Special Task Force (STF) are still alive. It appears that the skeletons in the STF . . . . . . Full text

  View Point

AIDS As Imperialism!

December 1 is being celebrated throughout the world as World AIDS Day. This, everyone will agree is a Good Thing. HIV-AIDS is a terrible scourge and all must join hands in eradicating it. Delhi, Chennai, Goa and other cities in India are hosting Big Events that will be attended by President Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi and all the top glitterati, paparazzi, literati etc. ....Full text


UPA Makes a Mockery of Right to Work and Universal Employment Guarantee

Instead of fulfilling the long-standing popular demand for incorporation of the right to work as a fundamental right, or enactment of a comprehensive legislation for agricultural labourers, the Common Minimum Programme of the UPA government promised only a legislation to guarantee 100 days of assured employment for one individual in every family living below the poverty line. The process of dilution however did not stop there, rather it only started with the CMP. ....Full text


National Environment Policy 2004:
More Conversation, Less Conservation

First the good news: The Indian government is finally on its way to adopting a national environment policy. The bad news: the draft of the policy, recently made public for comments, stinks sky high and could well be an environmental hazard on its own! ....Full text

  Party Building

Struggles in Rural Bihar

(In the last issue, we had carried excerpts of the Bihar State Conference report on the agrarian struggles waged in the last three years. We continue and conclude this below. ) ...Full text


An Analysis of the US Presidential Elections

The outcome of the recent United States (US) elections has been a shock, not only to a significant section of the US population but also to millions the world over. John Kerry, the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, conceded to George Bush of the Republican Party even before the election improprieties were investigated. This is the same Bush whose administration supported a coup in Haiti, attempted a coup in Venezuela and invaded and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq. According to the official results, Bush won by more than 3.5 million popular votes and received more than 270 state electoral college votes. . ...Full text


AISA Victory in JNUSU Elections

IN the recently concluded JNUSU Elections, AISA won the post of President after 9 years. AISA’s Presidential candidate Mona Das swept to victory, polling 1077 votes and defeating the SFI candidate by a margin of 137 votes. ABVP polled third, with 835 votes on the post of President. . ...Full text


No Goodbye, Mr. Chips!

A Rajasthan Village Fights To Keep Its Schoolmaster . ...Full text


4th State Conference of CPI(ML) in Andhra Pradesh

THE 4th CPI(ML) State Conference of Andhra Pradesh was held successfully on 7-9 November at Vinod Mishra Nagar (Vijaywada). . ...Full text


CPI(ML) Investigation Team to Gharsana

A CPI(ML) delegation led by AIKSS leader Prem Singh Gahlawat visited Gharsana, where four farmers were killed in police firing . ...Full text


Workshop in Tamil Nadu . ...Full text


Workers’ Convention of PSUs Held in Guwahati . ...Full text


Bihar Police Shoots Dead Children and Women Protesting Against Attempted Rape

On the night of the Chhath festival in the Baghi Mohalla, Begusarai, the festive mood was broken by molestation of women by a policeman, followed by police firing on the ensuing protests which claimed 4 lives and injured several. Since then ...Full text


Rally in Delhi against Privatisation and Govt.’s Betrayal of People’s Mandate

The Delhi unit of CPI(ML) held a rally protesting against privatisation of all basic amenities and betrayal of the people’s mandate of 2003. ...Full text


Memorial for 54 Martyrs Inaugurated at Jehanabad

A Martyrs’ Memorial has been erected commemorating 54 comrades who sacrificed their lives for the people’s movement in Jehanabad ...Full text


Patna Bandh to Protest ESMA on Employees and Murder of Doctors

The CPI(ML) call for a Patna Bandh on 16 November, against the never-ending spate of murders of doctors, professors ...Full text


CPI(ML) Rally in Uttarakhand

An impressive state-level rally was held by the CPI(ML) in  Dehradun on 5 November to protest against the State Government’s failure to fulfil the aspirations ...Full text


West Bengal Bandh Against Price Hike and Scams

A 12-hour Bandh called by the CPI(ML) in West Bengal on 22 November was a great success. The Bandh was held in protest against the price hike in petroleum products and cooking gas, massive tariff hike by the State Electricity Board and CESC, and also ...Full text


The Palestinian Movement: Arafat and After

(Yasser Arafat, legendary leader of the Palestinian liberation movement, passed away on November 11, 2004. We reproduce excerpts from the transcript of a talk by noted political commentator and Reader in Delhi University, Achin Vanaik, which he delivered at JNU at a condolence meeting for Yasser Arafat, organized by the JNU Students’ Union.) Full text


Capturing the Tribal Agony

[ ‘Sholagar Hamlet’ is a recent Tamil novel authored by Mr. Balamurugan. Mr. Balamurugan is a civil rights activist with the PUCL, and an advocate who is associated with the tribal eople’s movement for about a decade. He was also vocal in demanding the institution of Justice Sadasivam Commission to enquire into the excesses of the STF and in facilitating peoples’ depositions before the Commission. ] Full text