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A Party in Search of an Auspicious President

With Advani back at the helm of the BJP, the long expected reorganisation of the party has finally begun. Advani has started its third presidential term by paying a highly symbolic visit to the RSS headquarters at Nagpur and accusing the Congress of ‘appeasing’ the Left and playing with the country’s security. Another old war horse of the BJP.....Full text


State-Maoist Encounter: Beyond the Euphoria of Merger and Truce

AFTER few rounds of proxy talks conducted through mediators and emissaries, the Andhra Pradesh government and the PWG leadership have now embarked on a course of direct talks. As we go to press, after four days of talks, the PWG leaders have been escorted back to their jungle hideouts. The government has expressed satisfaction with the progress of the talks. At the end of four days. Full text


The “too many, too little” myth: Supreme Court judgement on two-child norm

Despite the Left crying itself hoarse over the CMP, the UPA government at the centre has been doggedly pursuing its reforms agenda. One of the most important areas where the reforms are targeted to take deeper roots is the financial sector. This is the preferred route for international finance capital, to dominate the economy. Full text


UPA Orders Cuts in Prakash Jha’s Film on JP: Laloo Hails Emergency for Upholding Discipline

TThe UPA government’s claims of restoring democracy damaged by its predecessor NDA regime already seem to have taken a beating. Taking a cue from the RSS and Shiv Sena style of cultural policing (governing the censor board with a sledge-hammer, banning films, burning books, tearing up paintings, vandalising film sets…), the UPA government has already begun to dictate as to what will pass and what will not. Full text

  Special Feature

Spectre of Starvation and Prospects of Resistance

Andhra Pradesh under Chandrababu Naidu had first shot into limelight as the model of neo-liberal development. The darling of the corporate world constructed 45 flyovers in the state capital to turn Hyderabad into cyberabad, but did not spend anything on the development of rural infrastructure. ....Full text


Weavers’ Convention in Varanasi against Suicides and Starvation Deaths

Large scale suicides by the farmers of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka has exposed the grim reality behind the official hype of corporate farming, genetically engineered seeds and soft loans that globalization promises to offer in abundance to the Indian farmer. Indebtedness is driving the farmers of Punjab, the heartland of green revolution to suicide.. ....Full text


Starvation Death in Ghazipur

Sudarshan Kurmi of Dandapur village in Mardah block died of hunger on Sep 14. A CPI(ML) investigation team reported from the spot that the deceased had not eaten anything for last three days and he died empty stomach after a day's hard labour ....Full text


Wrong Policies Leave Lakhs of People Starving

The recent starvation death reported from the Kraska village of district Alwar reflected the sorry plight of lakhs of poor villagers who have been left to starve without any means of livelihood after their fertile lands, which they were tilling for generations, were taken away forcibly by the government nearly a decade ago for the Sariska sanctuary project. Once flourishing, now the peasants are left to survive on occasional jobs .... ....Full text


Starvation Deaths in Deoghar District

Satar village in Deoghar is only 7 km from the town. Inahabited by 300 families, it has road and electricity, school and primary health center. With all these symbols of 'development', very recently this village has witnessed starvation deaths. Barring a small privileged section, majority of the villagers have reached to the brink of starvation. This was the third consecutive year of drought and they have no employment. Most of them are agricultural labourers and fishermen living below poverty ..Full text


People’s Protest Against State's Inaction

Drought for the third consecutive year in Palamu region of Jharkhand has aggravated the situation where lakhs of people are starving and thousands are reeling under severe malnutrition and subsequent ailments. Death toll is ....Full text

  Party Building

Bihar Poor Fight Back against Criminal-Police-Feudal Nexus

7th Bihar State Conference Resolves to Intensify the People’s Movement against the Repressive, Corrupt and Highly Criminalised Laloo-Rabri Regime ...Full text

8th Conference of CPI(ML) Uttar Pradesh unit held in Varanasi

"Say no to starvation, unemployment and suicide deaths! Intensify the struggle for jobs, social security and democracy! Bring about a Leftward shift!" This was the banner of the 8 th conference of the Uttar Pradesh unit of the Party which was held a ...Full text

Special Report

A Report of the CPI(ML) delegation’s visit to Manipur

(A delegation led by former MP from Karbi Anglong, Dr. Jayanta Rongpi, CPI(ML) PB Member and Assam State Secretary Rubul Sharma and AISA President Kavita Krishnan visited Manipur from October 6-8. We carry a report of the visit, prepared by Kavita Krishnan.)...Full text


Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism in the Twenty-first Century

One good effect of the evil wars launched by the evil empire on Afghanistan and Iraq is a rekindled interest in studies on imperialism, driven by a desire to understand why the world is hotting up, instead of cooling down, a decade after the end of the cold war. A refreshing addition to the burgeoning literature on the subject is the title under review, edited by a batch of young Marxist activists. Here we have a wealth of information and insights presented by eminent authors based in different schools of Marxism. Although many of these have been available Full text


Jan Sanskriti Manch Conference Calls for Culture of Resistance

The 7th Conference of Jan Sanskriti Manch (JSM) was held at Pandit Raghunath Murmu Sabhagar (The Goessner Theological College Hall) in Pablo Neruda Nagar (Ranchi) of Jharkhand on 2-3 October, 2004. The theme of the conference was developing the culture of resistance to the culture of commercialisation and market domination. ....Full text


Jan Pratirodh Rally in Paliganj

Call for Intensification of People’s Movement against the Laloo-Rabri Regime; Resolve to Expose, Isolate and Disarm the Killer Squads of RJD-PWG Nexus . ....Full text


6th Death Anniversary of Comrade Nagbhushan
Impressive Rally at Gunupur

Orissa State Committee of CPI(ML) organised an impressive rally on October 9 at Gunupur to pay homage to great revolutionary leader Comrade Nagbhushan Patnaik on his 6th Death Anniversary. More than 2000 people participated in a procession that passed through the main avenues of the town. The procession turned into a mass meeting in front of the statue of Com. Nagbhushan ....Full text


State-wide Dharna for Bonus by Tea Workers in Assam

Assam Sangrami Chah Sramik Sangha (ASCSS) staged dharnas in different dist HQs and Subdivisional HQs of Assam demanding 20% bonus on September 27. Protest processions . ....Full text


Strike by Rural Workers in Dispur

All Assam Gramin Shramik Santha (AAGSS - All Assam Rural Workers' Union) staged a Relay Hunger Strike on 13-16 Oct against rampant corruption and increase in price of rice given against wages of rural workers. The Govt. of Assam had raised the price of rice . ....Full text


Comrade Jharo Devi

Comrade Jharo Devi, 52, a popular CPI(ML) and AIPWA leader of Patna, was killed by PWG goons on October 11, 2004. The incident occurred at Panchavati Nagar under Digha police station where comrade Jharo Devi ....Full text


Kishan Patnaik

Mulk Raj Anand

Jacques Derrida