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April 2004
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Chameleon Changes Colour, Chariot Changes Name
For the third time in fourteen years, the charioteer of the Sangh Parivar would be hitting the roads again. No sooner had the Election Commission shot down the request for allowing Advani the use of an exclusive IAF aircraft for electioneering, the campaign managers of the BJP were ready with the blueprint of yet another mega chariot show. With the model code of conduct finally stopping the ‘India Shining’ blitzkrieg in the print and electronic media, the burden of propagating the Vajpayee ‘vision’ seems to rest once again on the good old charioteer of the Parivar.
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US Space Programme and Us
A comprehensive Indo-US agreement in space research and allied areas was signed in mid January. The saffron brigade projected it as yet another feather added to the PM’s cap of success. Is it really so?
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Arif Mohammad Khan’s Pole-Vault:
Palace Politics Betrays While People’s Struggles Fight On
On the eve of the first Lok Sabha elections after the Gujarat genocide, one of the key debates is over the notion of Muslim leadership – who can really represent the concerns of the average Muslims. By netting one of the most articulate Muslim figures in the shape of Arif Mohammad Khan, the BJP is trying to whitewash its role in the Gujarat pogrom and persuade the Muslims to live in the shelter of the Sangh Parivar.
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NDA Government’s Social Security Scheme for Unorganised Workers
As the BJP was talking about social security scheme (SSS) for unorganised workers, and the Congress too was talking about it, it appeared as if both the main ruling class parties had found a people’s issue to talk about. But don’t get mistaken. Congress was only complaing about election misconduct by BJP leaders committed while distributing the SSS application forms to their own mass base, and that the application forms had the lotus symbol on them. And to disclose the BJP’s scheme, let us get into its details.
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  Election 2004

Let Young India Rise and Roar Again
(Speech delivered by Dipankar Bhattacharya at Student-Youth Parliament in Patna where he released the CPI(ML)’s Election Manifesto for the 14th Lok Sabha Elections.)
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CPI(ML) Manifesto for the 14th Lok Sabha Elections
Two Indias stand face to face in the present elections. Their India and our India.
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CPI(ML)-Liberation Candidates in the 14th Lok Sabha Elections, 2004

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  Book Review

Mapping The Path of the Parivar
This collection of essays written in the two years following the Gujarat genocide, makes for refreshing reading. In this series of short commentaries, Mukul Dube responds passionately to the Sangh Parivar’s fascist assault. Some of the pieces appear for the first time, while many are reproduced from Mainstream, Milli Gazette, Indian Express, Hindustan Times and EPW.
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Understanding Imperialism of this Epoch
The New Imperial Challenge
The 2004 volume of the socialist register is titled “The New Imperial Challenge”. It was planned before September 11 th, 2001 and reflects the theoretical debates amongst the left on the present phase of imperialism. The chapters pertain to debates on imperialism, economic underpinnings of the present imperialism, US energy strategy, ecological imperialism, NGOs, human rights, and US militarism. Several of the contributors are familiar names like Gregory Albo, Noam Chomsky, Leo Panitch, Aijaz Ahmed, and John Bellamy Foster.
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The Sixth State Party Conference in Tripura
The 6th state conference of CPI(ML) in Tripura was held on 21-22 February 04 in Sapt-Shaheed Nagar (Kailashahar), a place with a rich heritage of left movement. The aim of the conference was to intensify revolutionary movement and expand the Party base in the countryside, particularly among agrarian labourers and tribal people.
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Systematic Attacks on CPI (ML) in Eastern U.P.
As part of the Anti-Naxal drive being conducted in Sonebhadra, Mirzapur and Chandauli districts of Uttar Pradesh, CPI (ML) is being consciously and systematically targeted for attack by the administration.
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Land  Movement  of Landless Workers
In Magardaha village of Sonebhadra district, where agricultural labourers are still getting Rs.10 as wage, CPI(ML) has been conducting movement for wage increase. Recently the Party launched a movement .............
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Purvanchal Kisan Sabha Conference Held
The first regional Conference of Purvanchal Kisan Sabha concluded in Feb 27 in Azamgarh with the call to intensify struggle against the anti-peasant policies of the govt
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Study Camp in Eastern UP
A study camp of selected cadres was organised in Eastern UP
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POTA Victims Seek Justice
On March 13 and 14, POTA victims from all over the country deposed at a People’s Tribunal on POTA and other central security legislations held at the Indian Social Institute, Delhi. Participants included victims of POTA and other security acts from several states – Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur and Bihar. Several advocates and human rights activists who are fighting for their cases also deposed before the Panel of judges for the tribunal.
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Off the Record
India Shining
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Paul Marlor Sweezy (1910-2004)
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Rightwing Aznar Regime Routed in Spain
A severe blow to Bush-Blair’s war mongering
The Election result in Spain has injected new life into European politics. The defeat of the right wing Popular Party of José Maria Aznar vindicates the popular sentiments of people in Europe against his support for Washington’s war against Iraq. It reflects the depth of public opposition—throughout Europe and in the United States—to the war-mongering of Aznar, Britain’s Tony Blair and, above all, George W. Bush.
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