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Hands Off Gaza and Lebanon !

End US-backed Israeli Occupation and Genocide!


Lessons of Mumbai

Terror has once again revealed its ugly and horrifying face in Mumbai. The July 11 blasts that killed at least 200 rush-hour commuters and injured several hundreds more on Mumbai's local trains have been the most lethal blow that Mumbai, or for that matter any Indian city has had to suffer in recent years. Maharashtra has a dedicated Anti Terrorism Squad which received a lot of kudos recently for its claim to have saved the RSS headquarters in Nagpur on June 1 from an alleged terrorist strike. But the blasts have shattered the self-congratulatory claims of the police top brass and made it crystal clear that Mumbai, like most other Indian cities, is probably more insecure and vulnerable today than ever before....Full text

Move to Muzzle the Media

A ccording to Information and Broadcasting Minister Priyaranjan Das Munshi, the UPA Government is planning to table a Bill in the monsoon session of Parliament to regulate the business and programmes of the fast-expanding electronic media. The draft of the Indian Broadcasting Regulatory Authority Bill is ready. But some provisions of this Bill have created a furore even before it has been tabled. ..Full text

Foil the UPA Government's Bid to Undermine the RTI Act

T he National Rural Employment Guarantee Act and the Right to Information Act - the Congress has never tired of dangling these two widely publicised pieces of legislation to showcase the UPA government's professed concern for the aam aadmi and the Common Minimum Programme. But with every passing day, the UPA government can be seen increasingly reneging on these two points of its supposedly sacrosanct contract with the rural poor and the democratic intelligentsia....Full text

Scrap the Anti-Nation Nuke Deal

A s expected , the House of Representatives' International Relations Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee have endorsed the US-India nuclear deal, with both republicans and democrats voting overwhelmingly in favour of the draft enabling bills. Behind the by-partisan support that ensured the smooth passage of the bills lay a couple of closely interrelated factors.....Full text

Victory of NLC and NALCO Workers:

Blow to UPA Government on Disinvestment

“The Prime Minister's proposal is unacceptable. Accepting it would mean accepting disinvestment in principle. This is nothing but a form of privatisation because eventually, workers would be forced to sell their shares to private companies.” With this declaration, the Joint Council of Trade Unions rejected the PM's proposal to give workers a substantial amount of shares in the 10% divested in NLC, and the workers of Neyveli Lignite Corporation began their strike at 10 pm on July 4......Full text

Issues of Autonomy and Democracy in AIIMS

In its golden jubilee year, AIIMS, the premier national medical institute, was in the news for quite some time, though for all the wrong reasons. The power-struggle between Dr. Venugopal and Dr. Ramadoss has been given an ideological colour, and has been portrayed by the media as an epic battle between institutional and academic autonomy versus political and bureaucratic autocracy. But the issue of autonomy and democracy need to be traced far deeper ...Full text

  Cover Feature

Robbed of Land, Reeling Under Debt

Farmers in the Firing Line

Farmers' suicides continue unabated in Vidarbha, even as the PM makes a visit to the region, and Kamal Nath claims to defend interests of distressed farmers at WTO. And after workers at Gurgaon and tribals at Kalinganagar, this time it is farmers in Bajhera Khurd western UP who face police brutality as they seek to defend their land against rapacious corporates. We examine this script of displacement and despair, and the stirrings of protest that strive to challenge it....Full text

Manmohan's Vidarbha Visit:

Farmers' Suicides Unabated

Manmohan's visit to Vidarbha was meant to create confidence that the UPA Government was indeed a ‘Caring' Government, whose heart bled for suicidal farmers. But the effect was considerably marred by the farmers' outcry that in Vidarbha, it is Congress MLA Dilip Sananda and his family who are the most ruthless moneylenders in the region! ....Full text

“Kamal Nath's Walkout A Cheap Drama”  

S P Shukla, former Commerce Secretary and India's representative at GATT talks, is an ardent campaigner against imperialist globalisation. In this interview with Liberation, he talks about whether the Prime Minister's relief package is likely to alleviate cotton farmers' suicides, and the implications of Commerce Minister Kamal Nath's walkout of the WTO talks at Geneva for Indian agriculture and peasantry. ....Full text



Intensify Campaign to Defend People's Rights!

Two years of the UPA Government's Human Face rule have passed – and increasingly, we can see the people's disillusionment with the growing brutality behind the ‘ manmohak' (winsome) rhetoric, and their determination to expose and resist it. ....Full text

Special Economic Zones (SEZs):

The Paradise of Capitalism

Though SEZs have become a buzzword among advocates of India 's economic liberalization in recent years, they are not entirely a new concept and are basically modelled on the Export Processing Zones (EPZ) that came up nearly five decades ago. ...Full text
Party Building

Reinvigorate the Party Organisation

Make the Burdwan Cadre Convention a Grand Success

T he CC has decided to hold an all-India cadre convention at Burdwan, West Bengal , on 12-13 September 2006 to take a close look at four key areas of party-building and party practice ....Full text
  • Land Struggle in Rayagada: Brutal Attack and Resolute Resistance
  • Emergency Anniversary Observed as Protest Day in UP, Jharkhand and Bihar
  • All India Protest Day Against Displacement and Assaults on Democracy
  • Chetana March in Mansa, Punjab
  • Protest against Murder of AIALA and BPKS Leaders in UP and Bihar

...Full text

  Aadhi Zameen

Sacred Spaces, Secular Norms and Women's Rights

A re democratic and egalitarian norms to be left outside the door of sacred spaces, along with one's footwear? Can sacred custom be immune from the Constitutional obligation not to discriminate on grounds of gender or caste? One would have thought that such issues had been settled in our country a century ago – with the assertive and powerful Temple Entry movements that ensured that Hindu shrines had to do away with the customary ban on entry of Dalits. ...Full text

Hands Off Gaza and Lebanon ! End US-backed Israeli Occupation and Genocide! ...Full text

Long Live the Glorious Legacy of the Spanish Civil War! ...Full text



  • Comrade Charan Singh
  • Comrade Omkarnath Patel
  • Comrade Satish
  • Comrade Bela Chatterjee

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