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Janadhikar Campaign of CPI(ML) Challenges UPA Policies and Betrayal of People's Interests

Indo-US Nuclear Deal:

CPI(M) Joins Congress to Script a Spurious "Sense of the House"

ON AUGUST 15, 2006 India 'celebrated' the fifty-ninth anniversary of her independence from British colonial rule in the shadow of a terror alert issued by the US . Britain had just claimed to have foiled a major terror plot and only last month Mumbai had experienced the real trauma of serial blasts that killed more than 200 passengers and maimed many others ....Full text

  Cover Feature

Janadhikar Campaign Challenges UPA Policies and Betrayal of People's Interests

Two years after coming to power, the UPA Govt. found every one of its moves subjected to public scrutiny, every betrayal, every vacillation challenged by people, in a spirited Janadhikar Abhiyan called by the CPI(ML) between August 6-18....Full text


Janadhikar Campaign Culminates in First National Public Hearing on NREGA

AIALA (All India Agricultural Labour Association) gave a call to hold a public hearing on NREGA on 17th. August while the monsoon session of the Lok Sabha was in full swing. AIALA is working in over 20 states of India and presently has a membership of over 2 million members. Although this is the leanest period of the year and there are all sorts of travel difficulties due to the rains, over 10,000 poor agri-labour from 18 states and 110 districts, responded to the call. ...Full text


More on the Development Debate in Buddha's Bengal

Let's party – said Ratan Tata and kindred spirits, meeting and congratulating their favoured chief ministerial candidate Buddhadev Bhattacharya (BB) on the very day the government of the reformed Left was voted back to power in West Bengal in May last. .... The party continues, but so does the debate on the pattern and direction of development, on its costs and benefits for different segments of society....Full text

People's Uprising in Nepal and Debates among the Indian Left

THE SPECTACULAR political developments in Nepal have provoked many interesting debates among the Left in India . But, instead of really learning necessary lessons from the historic people's uprising in our neighbouring country, where the Left played such a decisive role ...Full text

  In Focus

Revolutionary Marxism and Young India

Dare to Dream, Dare to Fight, Dare to Win

The Party Central Committee has given a call for inducting more students and young people into the Party. In this backdrop, we reproduce below the text of a talk delivered by Comrade Arindam Sen to a group of students at Patna University on 29 July, which we hope may be useful to initiate a discussion with young people regarding revolutionary Marxism.....Full text


[This was part of Comrade Mao Tse-tung's concluding speech at the Second Plenary Session of the Seventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China .]

The secretary of a Party committee must be good at being a "squad leader". A Party committee has ten to twenty members; it is like a squad in the army, and the secretary is like the "squad leader". It is indeed not easy to lead this squad well....Full text


Notes on State, Politics, Conflict and Social Transformation

(Based on paper presented by CPI(ML) General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya to a panel discussion on the same subject at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai on 19 August, 2006)

What kind of a society do we really live in? If we look at the changing face of our present-day urban society, we see tremendous technological or technology-inspired changes all around us. Call it modernisation, call it communication revolution, call it construction or consumer boom, the face of urban India has indeed changed considerably in recent years and changed pretty fast....Full text

States Round-up

The Real Face of Nitish Kumar's ‘Good Governance' Stands Exposed

Home District of Chief Minister of Bihar Turns into A Killing Field and A Haven for Criminals

Nalanda is the home district of the chief minister, Mr. Nitish Kumar, and is gearing up for a forthcoming by-election. In the past 8 months since Nitish came to power, as many as 30 people – mostly rural poor ....Full text

Two Hundred Days of BJP-JD(S) Coalition Rule in Karnataka

The two hundred days of rule of the BJP-JD(S)-led coalition in Karnataka is the worst-ever rule that the state has witnessed in the recent period. These days were marked by inner-party dissidence, scams and allegations, failed bid to take over the BMIC project, arm-twisting among coalition partners, etc....Full text

  • Former CPI(M) Leaders and Activists Join CPI(ML) in Punjab
  • Comrade Akhilendra Arrested with Farmers and Other Leaders at Dadri
  • Convention against anti-farmer policy of the LF Government
  • Protest demonstration of AIPWA at Singur against state govt.'s anti farmer policy
  • Rayagada Land Struggle
  • AICCTU's Protest over Gangtikuli Coal Mine Accident
  • 4th state conference of AICCTU, U.P. held in Unnao ...Full text

Homage to Comrade Jagdish Prasad

ON AUGUST 6, 2006, freedom fighter and veteran communist leader Comrade Jagdish Prasad, who was the founder of Samkaleen Prakashan and ex-member of CPI(ML)'s Central Control Commission, breathed his last....Full text

Dr. Vinayan

Dr. Vinayan, founder of Majadoor Kisan Sangram Samiti (MKSS) in Bihar , passed away on 18 August at the age of 59....Full text

Ustad Bismillah Khan

Legendary shehnai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan, the doyen of India 's composite culture (Ganga-Jamni tehzeeb) and a foremost ambassador of the spirit of popular harmony and the great musical heritage of India , passed away on 21 August 2006....Full text


Lebanese Resistance Shocks and Awes US-Israel!

George Bush has proclaimed an Israeli ‘victory' over the Hizbollah. Indeed, ‘t'was a famous victory'… that has few takers even in Israel itself. Israeli PM Ehud Olmert is facing furious recriminations from his own army, which accuses him of having pushed them into the war ill-prepared and ‘too early'. It is all too clear that one of the world's most advanced armies, powered by US military muscle,...Full text