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Independence Day Lies – and the Writing on the Wall

Over the years, the customary Independence Day address by the Prime Minister has been reduced to an empty ritual, shorn of any resonance with the reality of the country, let alone any resolve to mitigate the grim reality. This year, Manmohan Singh’s address sounded like a downright cruel joke with a country and people reeling under a deepening crisis. The PM predictably projected the nuke deal with the US as a great achievement of his government and as an unprecedented boon for India. But the ‘nuke deal’ PM also claimed ‘credit’ for providing a ‘new deal’ to India’s farmers. ...Full text


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Nationwide Campaign 23 July – 20 August

The month-long Nationwide Campaign, launched on 23 July immediately after the trust vote farce, vigorously mobilized against the Nuke Deal and Indian Government’s tie-up with US imperialism, price rise and PDS, unemployment, state repression – taking on both the Central as well as State Governments. The Campaign culminated in a massive Jail Bharo (Fill the Jails) campaign on 20 August.....Full text





Stalemate at WTO

When the Doha round was initiated nearly 7 years ago, it was promised to be a “development round” that would address the concerns of poorer countries through “special and differential treatment” in respect to import tariffs.  Never in the past was this promise kept, and the latest ministerial in Geneva broke down once again on the rocks of Euro-American adamancy in these matters.....Full text

Jammu and Kashmir:
Urgent Need to Discard the Distorting Lens of Chauvinism

A Kashmiri student recently attended a popular TV debate show on Jammu and Kashmir, where the majority of the panellists were chauvinistic ‘hawks’ and there was a lone Kashmiri leader on the panel. During a brief break, one military gentleman on the panel came up to the anchor and said, casually and openly, that she should ‘Let an Indian (not the only Kashmiri panellist), conclude the show’! ...Full text

Tribunal Strikes Down SIMI Ban –
But Communalism Continues in Courts

On 5 August 2008, the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Tribunal headed by Justice Geeta Mittal struck down the ban on SIMI. The judgement was greeted in characteristic fashion by the Hindu Right led by the BJP and a major section of the corporate media, who cried hoarse that SIMI is a terrorist outfit – no matter what the evidence says. However, this was expected from the Hindutva brigade and its corporate propagandists....Full text

Onslaught on Adivasis’ Land and Livelihood in Navin's Orissa

Recently, the Supreme Court gave a ‘green signal’ to the MNC Vedanta (a subsidiary of Sterlite industries (India) Ltd. owned by NRI Anil Agarwal) to launch bauxite mining in the Niyamgiri hills, where the adivasi population has been resisting eviction from their forest land and livelihood....Full text

Pune Villagers Confront Killer Dow

Pune Demonstration

The villages Shinde and Vasuli - some 30/35 Kms. away from Pune – have waged a struggle against the notorious American MNC – DOW Chemical Company. Without the knowledge of the villagers, Dow Chemical began construction of their plant in over 120 acres of Shinde-Vasuli’s Gairan land (land reserved for cattle grazing), illegally cutting down some 7000 trees on the plot....Full text


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Liquidate Liquidationism, Strengthen the Party in Every Way

The 8th Congress of the Party had identified a certain suicidal trend of thought within the Party as liquidationism. The Congress secured an important victory in the ideological-political battle against liquidationism and called upon the entire Party organization to remain ever alert against such trends. While stressing the ideological significance of the battle against liquidationism, the Congress was also aware that liquidationist ideas grew on the basis of various weaknesses of the Party....Full text


  Party Education

Communist Women Activists’ Camp: An Account

The CPI(ML) held a party education camp for leading women activists of the party on 26-27 July 2008 at Bardhaman, W Bengal. Around 60 leading women activists of the party – working on various fronts ranging from the peasants, agricultural labour, student and trade union fronts; editing various party journals; and working on the women’s front participated in the camp....Full text


  Working Class

AICCTU Seventh National Conference at Chennai AICCTU Conference

The 7th National Conference of AICCTU was held at Chennai (Comrade Yogeshwar Gope Nagar) on 2-4 August. Nearly 400 delegates from 18 cities and 3 Union Territories participated in the conference. A cross-section of workers of unorganized and informal sectors, representatives of coal, steel, oil, MTNL, power, private security, telecom, textiles, power-loom, automobiles, transport, brick-kilns, leather, hawkers, tea gardens, building construction, railways and corporate big industries like Pricol, Ashok Leyland, MRF, Hyundai, as well as State Government employees were present at the Conference....Full textAICCTU conference Dias

Revisiting Chennai: Message of AICCTU’s 7th all India Conference

Our party launched its Central TU -- AICCTU -- in 1989. The founding conference in Chennai was actually little more than a meeting of party activists engaged in TU work and some worker vanguards. After nearly two decades, AICCTU revisited Chennai to hold its 7th conference on 2-4 August 2008.....Full text

Student Movement

ABVP Ransacks Universities in Uttarakhand

The ABVP indulged in serial incidents of violence on 1 and 4 August respectively at the H N B Garhwal University and Kumaun University in Uttarakhand. ABVP – the student wing of the ruling BJP had given a call of ‘University Gherao’ in both Universities on those dates. But what happened in the two prominent Universities was not just a ‘gherao’....Full text



Proxy War in Caucasus: Wider Ramifications

When Mikheil Saakashvili launched the highly provocative attack on South Ossetia, he obviously relied on Western support. After all, was it not the United States, Turkey and Israel that provided him with hundreds of tanks, armoured vehicles, warplanes, gunboats and other weaponry and trained thousands of his troops? Did not President George W. Bush declare Georgia America’s “strategic partner” in the Caucasus? And did not Georgia reciprocate by supplying the third-largest military force in the occupation of Iraq? ...Full text

Beijing Olympics: Some Observations 

he impressive Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony was no mere cultural performance: with it, China showcased its ancient civilisation as well as the remarkable technological prowess achieved by a third world Asian country. The opening ceremony was, beyond doubt, a political assertion, loud and clear, against the arrogance and racism of the West and expressed the sentiment of Chinese nationalism deeply felt by its people. ...Full text

Workers’ Strike for Minimum Wages in Pakistan

Defence Road, on the outskirts of Lahore, is a massive industrial area where thousands of workers are employed. Police and local administration here are often in collusion with local gangsters, capitalists and landlords. ...Full text

Greetings to Comrade Prachanda on Becoming Prime Minister of Nepal...Full text

Remembering Mahmoud Darwish

Mahmoud Darwish, poet of the Palestinian experience of exile, passed away on 9 August in Houston, Texas, far from his beloved homeland, at the age of 67....Full text