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UPA Has Won a Tainted Trust Vote – It Must Now Be Defeated by the Might of People’s Struggle

Amidst widespread allegations and counter-allegations of horse-trading and an unprecedented televised flashing of cash right inside Parliament, the parliamentary showdown over the nuclear deal has ended rather tamely in favour of the Congress. ...Full text


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NO To The Nuke Deal !

To bite or not to bite, that was the question.  And by the time the Left watchdog overcame the Hamletian dilemma and decided to act, it had already lost its teeth. Out-flanked by the SP-Congress marriage of convenience on the issue of the nuclear deal, the Left Front no longer remained the sole arbiter of the UPA Government’s fate....Full text

Will the Nuke Deal Solve Power Shortage in India?
Power shortage and rising prices of oil are something our people experience in their daily lives. In fact the Government is facing tremendous popular anger against privatisation of power and price rise of essential commodities spinning off from oil price hike ---Full text

CPI(M)’s Opportunist Tactics : Exposed In the Mirror of the Nuke Deal

The CPI(M)’s stance is that it has withdrawn support from the UPA Government because that Government is “bringing about a rightward shift in both foreign and domestic policies” (see a recent CPI(M) Booklet on Left Parties and the Nuke Deal) – citing price rise, the Nuke Deal, neoliberal economic policies and numerous surrenders to communal forces as instances of this rightward shift....Full text

Expose BJP’s Pretence of Resistance to the Nuke Deal

The BJP and NDA are only too happy to be subservient allies of the imperialist USA – their only condition is that they should have the hegemonic status in the subcontinent and be USA’s local cop on the beat in this region....Full text

Protests Against Nuke Deal During Parliament Session

CPI(ML) observed a nationwide Vigil on 21-22 July during the Parliament discussions on the Nuke Deal. This was meant to let the parliamentarians know that the nation would be closely observing their behaviour over the Nuke Deal, and to warn that the people would punish them for their moves to sell out and betray India’s sovereignty. ...Full text

National Convention At Delhi For National Resistance Against UPA’s pro-Imperialist Betrayal

The CPI(ML) held a National Convention “For National Resistance Against UPA’s Pro-Imperialist Betrayal” at Constitution Club in Delhi on 23 July, the date of the first political strike by the Indian working class....Full text

  Party Education saperator
Women’s Movement and Communist Party: Basics Revisited 

In this last part of the article we propose to elaborate on the two important and interrelated areas of our concern, already touched in Part II: (a) grasping the proletarian approach to women's movement and (b) promoting communist attitude to women in the party and society...Full text


AIALA Gears up for 3rd National Conference

About 100 cadres assembled in Banaras on the 8 July for a Poorvanchal (Eastern UP) level cadre convention of AIALA....Full text

Tamil Nadu State AIALA Conference

The 2nd State Conference of AIALA in Tamil Nadu was held at Villupuram on 7 August ’08. 203 delegates, including 54 women, took part in the Conference. ...Full text

Gherao of BJP MLA at HP Halli

Mr.Karunakar Reddy, BJP MLA from Harapanahalli had to face the wrath of the people of his constituency led by Comrade E. Ramappa, State Secretary of CPI(ML)....Full text

153rd Anniversary of Hul and the Legacy of Resistance Growing Stronger in Jharkhand

June 30, 2008, marked the 153rd Anniversary of the historic anti-colonial and anti-landlordism Santal struggle started by Siddu and Kanhu in Jharkhand....Full text

Demo at Gangavati Against Price Rise

On the same day, protestors led by Comrade Bharadwaj, SCM of CPI(ML), marched on to the taluk office at Gangavati opposing price rise and anti-nation nuclear deal and demanding Rs.200...Full text

Panchayat level Protest on NREGA

It was a completely unusual scene for Chikka Panakal Panchayat office in Gangavati taluk which was otherwise calm and serene....Full text

AIALA Initiatives in Bihar

The AIALA Bihar Unit called for militant protests at all District HQs on 15 July on the issue of payment of dues and unemployment allowance in case jobs were not provided....Full text

Seminar in Kolkata on the Gorkhaland Movement

On 9 July, a Seminar was organized by the Indian Institute of Marxist Studies (IIMS Kolkata chapter) and All India Students’ Association on the Gorkhaland issue....Full text

AISA National Workshop at Hazaribagh

AISA held its annual National Workshop from June 30-July 2 at Hazaribagh in Jharkhand....Full text

CPI(ML) Protests Forceful Land Acquisition Near Lucknow

Heavy and menacing police deployment was used to forcibly evict 250 peasants/farmers from 120 hectares of their land for a sewage treatment plant (STP) in Chinhat, Lucknow....Full text

CPI(ML)’s 8th Delhi State Conference 

The 8th Delhi State Conference of the CPI(ML) was held successfully on 19-20 July at Narela, a sub-city of Delhi where a large section of Delhi’s industry has been relocated and which therefore houses a large number of workers....Full text

Road Blockade Against Water-logging

In the wake of heavy rains, streets are water-logged in Darbhanga town; there are deep, open holes hidden by the water, and recently a young motorcyclist even died due to a fall into one such hole....Full text

Working Class

Towards 7th National Conference of AICCTU...Full text

Inaugural National Conference of  All India Construction Workers’ Federation

On 28-29 June, 2008, unions of construction workers of about a dozen states assembled in Com. Yogeshwar Gope Nagar (Patna) at the founding conference of the All India Construction Workers’ Federation...Full text

Excerpts from the Draft Document of the forthcoming AICCTU National Conference
Restructuring of the Labour-Capital Relationship

Capitalist restructuring has taken place at the international and domestic level. The western countries are offshoring their jobs to the developing world....Full text


G8 Summit : No Good News on Climate Change

For those who have been watching the climate change negotiations over the part decade, the recently concluded G8 Summit was more of the same: arm twisting and muscle-flexing by the US, and desperate attempts by the rest of the world to get it to make the least of concessions. ...Full text

The Smile on the face of the Tiger

Manmohanji, what is this 123? It is really bothering me.

Stop worrying about it....Full text