"Communism is not the philosophy of poverty, it is the philosophy of abundance"

[Excerpts from the address to the CPN(UML) Congress. From Liberation, April 1993.]

Yesterday when a document was being read out from the dais of this Congress questioning the very relevance of Marxism and Communist Party, we heard loud protests from many a delegate. I have indeed been greatly moved by this live display of anger and hatred, especially by my young communist friends of Nepal, towards such alien ideas.

I am not concerned here with any particular document of your Congress. I am referring to a trend which has afflicted the entire international communist movement. The liquidationist trend, against which our own Party too has had to wage a very serious struggle in the recent years. Today every communist party must conduct an unrelenting battle against this trend of liquidationism. I have also been impressed by the patience and tolerance shown by the same comrades in appreciating the other documents. Without such a live interaction of ideas and approaches, we cannot really give a crushing defeat to our enemy, a fitting rebuff to our ideological adversaries.

Of course, socialism is passing through a phase of serious crisis and, my comrades, it will not do to underplay or belittle this crisis. It will not do just to reaffirm our faith in Marxism and say that Marxism is invincible. The point is to find Marxist answers to present-day problems. The point is to retrieve the revolutionary essence of Marxism. I do not agree with those who say that communism is in crisis because workers in certain countries today enjoy better standards of living. Those who understand communism as the philosophy of poverty only display the poverty of their own philosophy. Communism is really the philosophy of abundance. Communism presupposes the abundant availability of material goods to ensure full satisfaction of human needs

The Scientific and Technological Revolution which is working wonders in today’s world is only creating necessary material conditions for humanity’s inexorable march towards communism. The development of automation has the potential to obliterate the difference between manual and mental labour. The grounds are being laid, all we have to do is to wrest control of the means of production from the capitalists and imperialists so that productive forces can grow unhindered and undistorted.

Today you have made a lot of progress. In South Asia, yours is the only communist party which has come so close to forming its own government. All of us in India and Asia — why only Asia, in the world communist movement — have great hopes on your Party. We do hope you are able to reach your goal with unity and courage. Our very best wishes for that grand success. Red Salute.