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February 2007



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Peasants Extend a warm

AISA leader Malay Tiwari addressing a warm and receptive
audience at Nandigram after his release from jail

Free Com. Langtuk Phangcho from Kidnappers’ Clutches!

Since October 22 2006, a young and committed CPI(ML) leader Comrade Langtuk Phangcho of the N C Hills District of Assam has been in the clutches of the UPDS. The United People Democratic Solidarity (UPDS), a militant group active in the hill districts of Assam, is now in a ceasefire with the Indian Government>>Full text


Repeal Land Acquisition Act 1894 and SEZ Act 2005

If 2006 had begun with the massacre at Kalinganagar, 2007 has dawned with the uprising at Nandigram. At Kalinganagar, land had been acquired more than a decade ago and all that the land-losing people had since been demanding was increased ‘compensation’ – a euphemism for the pittance they got in lieu of their land. Yet what they got were bullets and barbaric state repression that did not even spare the corpses of the victims.....Full text


Saddam’s Execution: War on Justice

Saddam’s trial was a mockery of justice from first to last – whether it was the kangaroo court set up by them under the euphemism of Iraq Special Tribunal, with three judges all vociferous anti-Saddamists, the way three defence lawyers and many witnesses were murdered.....Full text


Judiciary Must Not Undermine Democracy and Social Justice  

The Supreme Court’s verdict of January 11, declaring that the laws in the Ninth Schedule do not enjoy “absolute immunity” from judicial review, has immediately led to litigation challenging caste-based quotas on the ground that they violate fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution .....Full text


Nithari Nightmare: Skeletons in Mulayam Government’s Cupboard? 

(Following militant protests by families of the children and young women who fell victim to a macabre serial killing episode in Noida, a team from AIPWA met the protesting women and participated in their protests. Kumudini Pati comments on the implications of Nithari. –Ed.) .....Full text


After Kolkata, Now the Kerala Surrender

There has always been much talk of the struggle between Kerala line vs Bengal line in the Communist Party of India (Marxist). This time we have, not a struggle between Kerala vs Bengal but a controversy between the active pro-liberalisation ‘young turks’ and the conventional, passive pro-liberalisation old guards in the CPI(M) .....Full text

  Cover Feature

Where There is Eviction There Will Be Resistance

The movement at Nandigram has taken the protests against the CPI(M) Government's corporate land grab campaign to new heights and signals the beginning of a renewed peasant resistance in West Bengal. Liberation takes a close look at these tumultous times in Bengal .....Full text

The Singur-Nandigram Continuum: Lessons and Significance

Both Singur and Nandigram are fertile multi-cropped regions with a settled peasantry having deep socio-economic and emotional attachment with land. Both areas boast a tebhaga lineage and sharecroppers, the basic motive force of that historic movement, still constitute a significant section of the peasantry and a major force of the present struggle. .....Full text


Scrap SEZs!

As part of our campaign to demand scrapping of the SEZ Act 2005, we have highlighted how this bonanza for corporates spells devastation for peasants. We carry an abridged version of an article by Prof. Amit Bhaduri, who challenges the notion that SEZs represent the only viable model of 'development' today. Arindam Sen in the following piece discusses the economic and political implications of these 'special' enclaves for the nation  and its not-so-special people. .....Full text

Foreign Enclaves on Indian Soil

Already notorious as special eviction (for the “development refugees”), exemption (for the investors) and exploitation (for the workers) zones, SEZs call for a closer examination from the perspective of people’s resistance against this latest technique of rapacious capital accumulation. .....Full text


The Three Contemporary Currents among Indian Communists

(This article appeared in an abridged form in the Economic and Political Weekly December 16, 2006 titled ‘The Trail Blazed by Naxalbari’ – Ed.) .....Full text

From the States

Peasantry and Dalit Poor on the Warpath as Punjab Prepares to Go to Polls

(January 5 marks the anniversary of the brutal and murderous assault on Bant Singh. Recent pitched struggles against usury, bonded labour and social boycott of Dalit labourers, show that Bant Singh’s battle has intensified in rural Punjab. With Assembly polls round the corner in Punjab, these struggles set the agenda for the rural poor. Lal Bahadur Singh reports from Punjab.- Ed.)  .....Full text

Nauchhami Narayan - A Tale of Satire and Censorship in Uttarakhand

(With Uttarakhand’s Assembly polls being underway, Indresh Maikhuri takes a look at a song that lampoons the main political actors of the State, and has met with as much censorship and discomfort in establishment quarters as runaway popularity among the people.- Ed.)   .....Full text  

Gogoi Must Go!

CPI(ML) Investigation Team visits ULFA hit areas of Assam 

(In the wake of repeated attacks the ULFA on Hindi-speaking migrant labour in Assam, a CPI(ML) investigation team visited Hadia, Dholai, Longsuva, Moran and other areas of Tinsukia and Dibrugarh districts of Assam, which were among the worst hit by the ULFA killing squads. The team comprised Central Committee members Comrades Rameshwar Prasad and Rubul Sharma, MLA Arun Singh, UP State Committee member Shriram Chaudhry, Secretary of Tinsukia District Committee Shubhrajyotivardhan, AICCTU National Secretary Subhash Sen, AIPWA District Committee President Nirjhara Das, AIPWA State Committee members Shikha Das and Purbi Barthakur, joined by Mukul Yadav and Arun Varma of the local Bhojpuri Youth-Student Council. Below is an abridged report.- Ed.)  .....Full text 


People’s Resistance, People’s Culture!

Fourth State Conference of PBGSP Held in Kolkata on 20-21 January 2007  in the Backdrop of Renewed Peasant Resistance in West Bengal. A Report by Manash Ghosh .....Full text

AIALA Organizes Militant Demonstrations Nationwide
Comrade Mahendra Singh’s Martyrdom Day Observed in Jharkhand
AICCTU Solidarity Address at CITU National Conference

A New Front for India’s Health.....Full text 


Red Salute to Comrade Baren Bhattacharya

Comrade Baren Bhattacharya, member of the Party’s Kolkata District Committee and secretary of the Garia-Tollygunge branch, passed away on December 30, 2006 .....Full text.