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September 2007

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The Nuke Deal and Its Brokers Must Go!

The Nuke Deal from its inception was part of the US hegemonic design intended to erode India 's sovereignty and turn India into the US' strategic pawn in South Asia. The fate of the Deal and of India's national interests is now bound up with the tactics of the Left vis a vis the UPA Government. The need of the hour is for the Left to ensure the defeat of the Deal and expose the craven pro-imperialist nature of the Manmohan Government......Full text


Opposing US Designs on South Asia Is the Best Way to Tackle Terrorism

Whichever way the US design for global domination may exactly unfold, it clearly spells great danger for the internal security of South Asia and sovereignty of South Asian nations. The more India walks into the strategic trap laid by the US, the greater will be the distrust between India and Pakistan. Contrarily, the more India and Pakistan are able to delink their domestic and foreign policies from American interests and calculations, the closer they can move towards bilateral and regional cooperation and that can indeed be the best antidote against terrorism in the whole of South Asia.......Full text

123 Agreement: Modern-day Document of Slavery

In his August 13 statement, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh uttered not a single word on the Henry J Hyde US-India Peaceful Energy Co-operation Act, which is the most controversial issue regarding the 123 Agreement. Regarding the benefits for the nation from the 123 Agreement, too, tthe UPA government is serving up a bundle of lies. According to them, it’s now or never. It is said to be an international treaty between two sovereign nations but it is to be guided by a national Act of America, viz. the Hyde Act 2006......Full text


Double Standards of Justice: Srikrishna Commission and the Bombay Riots

Cheerleaders of Indian constitutional democracy claim that such is the strength of our democratic institutions that if one fails there are others institutions which pick up the gauntlet and inject correctives to ensure that system remains buoyant and robust. Thus if the government, administration, and police fail there is the judiciary. If the judiciary fails there is the media. If everything fails people can vote out a government. All these institutions notwithstanding, as the Bombay carnage of December 1992 and January 1993 shows, perpetrators of heinous crimes continue to escape justice....Full text


Gogoi Government Condoning Killings in Karbi Anglong?

Two successive tenures of Cong(I) Government led by Sri Tarun Gogoi, the present Chief Minister, have witnessed five separate episodes of genocide of singled-out communities.The most serious disservice the Tarun Gogoi Government has done to the nation is that it has not drawn any lesson from any of the above-mentioned incidences. Rather by its unpardonable acts of omission and commission the Gogoi Government has contributed to the present state of affairs in Karbi Anglong. ....Full text


Manusmriti Prevails in Mayawati’s Sarvajan Raj

The Manusmriti decreed that if a dalit were to recite the Vedas, his tongue must be cut off, if he dared to listen to a recitation of the Vedas, molten metal be poured into his ears. In the 60th year of Independent India, in the state ruled by India’s first dalit Chief Minister, the Manusmriti with its regime of ‘caste obligations’ and brutal caste punishments seems to be alive and well....Full text


Land Struggle in Andhra Pradesh 

Successive Governments have tried to declare the question of land reform to be dead – but the unfinished and betrayed promise of land reform is a spectre which keeps haunting those in power. Andhra Pradesh in particular has been witness to vigorous land struggles at different junctures. Land reform was a major electoral plank of the Congress and land had a prominent place in the early talks of the Y S Rajasekhar Reddy Government with the Maoists....Full text


Khammam, Nandigram and the CPI(M)

Once again, poor peasants on the warpath, for land, gunned down by the police…This time it was at Khammam, and the peasants were mobilized under the banner of CPI(M), demanding that the Congress Government of Andhra Pradesh keep its election-time promises of land reform. But coming on the heels of Nandigram, Khammam has inevitably invited comparisons. And CPI(M) CCM Sitaram Yechury’s declaration that “YSR must resign” inevitably invited observers to ask – “YSR must resign, yes, but why not Buddhadeb?” CPI(M)’s response to such comparisons has been revealing......Full text

CPI(M) lies about Tapasi Malik’s death

The brutal rape and murder of Tapasi Malik, the 18 year-old girl who was a highly motivated member of the Save Farmland Committee spearheading the struggle against land acquisition in Singur, had sent shockwaves through the body politic of West Bengal last year. CPI(M) leaders and the police had tried to pass it off variously as suicide, result of a love affair etc. Soon, and sure enough, some intellectuals serving the CPI(M) took up the task of adding a new twist to the story......Full text

Agrarian Confusion

Ever since the dubious duo in Left politics - the West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and his second-in-command on industrialisation, Commerce and Industry Minister Nirupam Sen - took the centre-stage in the arena of industrialisation in the state and policy-angle thereof, the magnitude of confusion about the land or agrarian question has been expanding ......Full text

Rejoinder to Amartya Sen’s Defence of LF Government over Singur

In an interview to the Telegraph, July 23, Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen defended the CPI(M) Government’s policy at Singur.Prof. Dipanjan Rai Chaudhuri (retired from Presidency College, Kolkata) responds.....Full text


JNU Students’ Victory for Workers’ Rights and Against Rustications

Following JNUSU’s Agreement of July 12 with the JNU Administration, the Administration constituted a Committee with students’, teachers’ and karamcharis’ representation to ensure workers’ minimum wages and rights. In a major victory for the students’ struggle, the Administration also revoked all the rustications on the students. The JNU students succeeded in their determination not to let students be thrown off campus for speaking out against violation of workers’ rights. .....Full text

Battling Floods and the Nitish Government’s Callousness

Dateline Darbhanga: A brief account of the flood-relief work by CPI(ML) in Darbhanga.Darbhanga is the worst hit in the current floods in Bihar. The people of Darbhanga have lost their homes, and are forced to take shelter in the Mithila University campus, on embankments and higher places under the open sky - open to the furious rains and the vicious sun. Leaders and cadres of our party spend the days reaching out to people who need help - using boats or even swimming in the murky waters to do so ......Full text

Women’s Tribunal Puts the UPA Government in the Dock

On 8 August at the Women’s Tribunal organised by the All India Progressive Women’s Association (AIPWA) at Parliament Street, women from 10 states took part, and shared their experiences of resistance. They indicted the Governments in their respective states and at the Centre on three major counts: violence against women, increasing unemployment and economic insecurity, and false promises of political empowerment.....Full text

Tata’s ‘Titanic’ Bulldozer in Southern Tamil Nadu

Tata’s Titanium project in Tamil Nadu has evoked unprecedented protests from the people of 10000 acres of land earmarked in Tirunelveli and Tuticorin districts. Several parties of both camps, the main opposition AIADMK, and also the ruling coalition partners are up in arms. The Chief Minister had no other option but to temporarily shelve the project until an eyewash exercise of ‘eliciting’ public opinion was over......Full text

AISA Protests at Allahabad In Favour of Freedom of Expression

The AIPWA issued a statement condemning the attack by MIM MLAs in Hyderabad on writer Taslima Nasreen. AIPWA demanded that the UPA Government stop delaying the process of granting citizenship to Taslima Nasreen. Kumudini Pati, General Secretary of AIPWA said that the shameful ban imposed on Taslima’s novel Dwikhandita by the CPI(M)-led West Bengal Government emboldened anti-woman forces to attack Taslima and her work.......Full text

Construction Workers’ Demonstration in Jaipur

On August 13, a 2000-strong demonstration of unorganized sector construction workers, under the banner of Rajasthan Nirman Mazdoor Sangathan, marched through the streets of Jaipur and submitted a memorandum to the ADM. Traffic was completely paralysed on the Collectorate Road. Speakers raised the issue of abduction and harassment of a labour contractor and worker two months back......Full text

Nationwide Protests Against Indo-US Nuke Deal

On August 14, CPI(ML) held protests across the nation demanding scrapping of the Indo-US Nuke Deal. In Delhi, CPI(ML) burnt the effigy of the Nuke Deal at Parliament Street and held a Protest Meeting that was addressed by Comrade Swadesh Bhattacharya, PB member CPI(ML), Swapan Mukherkjee, General Secretary of AICCTU, Kumudini Pati, General Secretary of AIPWA and Ravi Rai, General Secretary of AISA......Full text

AIPWA Mobilises Slum Dwellers in Delhi against Power Privatisation

Power to the private players has meant powerlessness of the poor in the capital. Electricity in Delhi has been privatised piecemeal, and handed s.AIPWA has launched a signature campaign iover to Anil Ambani’s BSES and the Tatas’ NDPL through a dubious process that violated many lawn these jhuggi clusters demanding removal of rogue meters, to be submitted to the BSES authorities .....Full text


Hugo Chavez and the End of the ‘TINA’ Paradigm

Venezuela under Hugo Chavez Frias is important because it provides the world with a demonstration -- far from perfect, naturally, but very exciting to be sure -- that is indeed possible to defy American dictates and diverge from the prescribed neoliberal model towards a relatively pro-people, democratic trajectory of development.. ...Full text