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The Call of April 22, 2013

Carry Forward the Achievements of the 9th Congress

22 April 2013 marks the 44th anniversary of the foundation of CPI(ML). This year as we observe this historic day and rededicate ourselves to the revolutionary tasks and goals the Party was formed to fulfil, we draw strength and inspiration from the success of the recently concluded 9th Congress of the Party....Full text


TMC Terror in West Bengal


The custodial killing of student activist Sudipto Gupta in West Bengal sparked off protests all over West Bengal and beyond. Since then, a veritable reign of terror of the ruling TMC has been unleashed in West Bengal....Full text

Expose the Charade of Nitish Kumar’s
‘Anti-Modi’ Posturing


Speaking at the JDU National Executive meeting recently, Nitish Kumar has once again repeated his veiled anti-Modi remarks, suggesting that Narendra Modi would be unacceptable as NDA’s PM candidate. Nitish Kumar seems to have woken up a little late in the day to the fact that Narendra Modi is synonymous with a communal pogrom....Full text

  Cover Feature  

CPI(ML)'s 9th Party Congress.

Stop Corporate Plunder,
Defend People’s Resources, People’s Rights

The CPI(ML) 9th Congress began appropriately by saluting the legacy of the legendary adivasi anti-colonial hero Birsa Munda at the premises of the old Central Jail where he had been killed in colonial police custody....Full text


Working Class Struggles:

Defying Assassination and Repression

CPI(ML)’s Assam Leader Comrade Gangaram Koal Hacked to Death:
Corrupt Ruling Congress in the Dock 

On the night of 25th March, Comrade Gangaram Koal, General Secretary of Asom Sangrami Chah Shramik Sangh and member of Assam State Committee of CPI(ML), was brutally assassinated near his home at the Gutibari tea garden in Tinsukia district. Comrade Gangaram was a militant and popular leader of the tea community in the Dibrugarh-Tinsukia region, and he had been at the forefront of protests against large-scale corruption in gram panchayat schemes and in the public distribution system. Undoubtedly, he was killed at the behest of the corrupt nexus of panchayat representatives, government officials, and politicians, in particular the Congress MLA from Chabua Raju Sahu whose interests were threatened by his relentless activism....Full text

  International saperator

A Challenging Time for Venezuela

Om Prasad

The Presidential Elections of April 2013 in Venezuela marked an important milestone in the struggle of the Venezuelan people for democracy and freedom from the imperialist shackles of the United States. Within a month of the death of their leader Hugo Chavez the people of Venezuela had to decide on the future of their country....Full text