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December 2006

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Party Education





Activists of Paschim Banga Krishak Samiti (West Bengal Peasant Association) and All India Agricultural Labour Association marching towards West Bengal State Assembly in Kolkata on November 20, 2006

Need for a New Order
(Contribution by CPI(ML) General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya to a Panel Discussion on “The Indian State: Protector or Alienator?” at the Tehelka Summit of the Powerless, Delhi, 20-21 November, 2006)

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Indian Democracy: Damned by Discrimination and Exclusion

In September, Surekha Bhotmange and her daughter Priyanka in the village of Kherlanji (Vidarbha, Maharashtra) were stripped and brutally gang-raped as a public spectacle, and were eventually killed along with her two sons – all as ‘punishment’ for fighting against attempts to snatch away the family’s land........Full text


The shame of Kherlanji

Abel Meeropol, a member of the American Communist Party wrote this poem on seeing photographs of the lynching of two black youth Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith way back in 1939.. ... Full text


Tata - Corus deal

THE Empire strikes back! The Indian MNCs have arrived! India Inc. makes waves in the global arena. Over the last few weeks we have seen these screaming headlines again and again not only in economic and business journals but even in our daily newspapers and weekly newsmagazines. What is really happening behind these renewed ‘India shining’ claims? . ...Full text


CPI(M)'s historic redemption

ONE of the most enduring political myths peddled quite vigorously by the mainstream media in recent years has been the juxtaposition of a ‘hardliner headquarter’ in the CPI(M) to a ‘reformist’ Left Front Government of West Bengal. The marketability of the myth grew considerably in the wake of the 1996 refusal of the CPI(M) Central Committee to accept VP Singh’s idea that Jyoti Basu should head the Congress-backed United Front government, a refusal that was openly termed a historic blunder by Jyoti Basu himself....Full text


By-election pointers

Even as the attention of the me- dia and political observers remains riveted mostly on developments in Uttar Pradesh, by-elections held for three Lok Sabha seats in Bihar and Jharkhand on November 6 have meanwhile served some interesting pointers. The results of these by-elections reflect a growing popular disillusionment with not only the UPA and NDA in general but also with the regionally dominant parties like the RJD and the JD(U).. ...Full text


Judicial despotism

THERE was a time, not so long ago, when the Supreme Court of India waxed eloquent about the Fundamental right to life and liberty guaranteed by Article 21 of the Constitution to include all that it takes to lead a decent and dignified life. They thus held that the right to life includes the right to Food, the right to employment and the right to shelter: in other words, the right to all the basic necessities of life. ...Full text


Corporate takeover of UNI

MORE than one thousand UNI employees, supported by various democratic forces, are waging a battle against the corporate take-over of UNI, the only news agency of Indian languages. To counter the employees’ battle for democracy, Subhash Chandra, the owner of Zee TV, is posing as a nationalist and claiming that by investing Rs.100 crore, he wants to develop it as a world class agency.. ...Full text


Sachar Committee Report

The Sachar Committee is in the news these days and so are the Indian Muslims. However there seems to be no cause for celebration. The Committee has presented its report to the Prime Minister and from all accounts appearing in the media Indian Muslims seem to be in a sorry state of affairs.....Full text


Beleaguered Bush:

The death sentence for Saddam was meant to be an orchestrated high point in the War on Terror for the Bush Administration – but instead it has invited widespread global outrage and coalesced with a range of shocks for the Bush regime. The electoral blow to the Republicans in the recent mid-term polls was widely seen as an indictment of the US policy in Iraq, while the election of Ortega in Nicaragua and the build-up of a militant and popular uprising in Mexico all served to deepen the crisis for the Bush regime. In this feature, we have articles analysing the implications of these developments not only for Bush but also for the anti-imperialist struggle.. ...Full text  

  Special Article

Who is Afraid of 1857?

HE coming year marks the 150th Anniversary of India’s first war of Independence. We hear that the Government has a lavish 150 crore Budget to celebrate this event. On the eve of the 150th Anniversary of 1857 and the Birth Centenary of Bhagat Singh, we are witness to the Central Industries Minister declaring that he would “ideally” like to see the whole of India turned into an SEZ;. ...Full text

  Party Education

Against Reformism and Anarchism

“Teacher training camps should be organized” directed the Bardhaman cadre convention, “maybe on linguistic/zonal basis so that we have sufficient teachers to run the district schools.” This was felt necessary for regularising and standardising Party education at middle and lower levels...Full text


Resistance Grows in Singur

In the last month, the resistance in Singur has grown remarkably. On 9th Oct. our party along with the CPI(ML) ND and CPI(ML) Kanu Sanyal had called for a Bangla Bandh on the Singur issue, which evoked a good response. We conducted a campaign along with these two parties for a week (15-21 October)....Full text

The Citizens’ Convention

The Citizens’ Convention held on 3 November 2006, Friday, 4pm at Yuva Kendra, Moulali, Kolkata, resolved to submit a CITIZENS’ CHARGE SHEET against the violations of laws and rights committed by the West Bengal Government. We reproduce excerpts. The Convention was chaired by a five-member presidium comprising Dipankar Chakraborty....Full text

Wage War...Yes, War!

(On 27 October, 2006 at a Public Hearing held at Singur, writer and social activist Mahasweta Devi as well as Narmada Bachao Andolan leader Medha Patkar had heard the voices of the Singur peasants. We reproduce below, some excerpts from three articles by Mahasweta Devi that appeared in the Dainik Statesman (November 2, 3, and 5, 2006), and appeared in translated form in Mainstream, November 18, 2006.) ....Full text

AISA Victory in JNUSU 

THE JNUSU Elections this year saw a definite broaden ing and deepening of AISA’s victory and its support base. Not only did AISA redouble its strength in the Office Bearers’ team, winning both the Vice President and General Secretary posts, AISA also won Councillor seats in three Schools, and increased its votes in all Schools. SFI won the Joint Secretary post, and also the President post, defeating AISA’s candidate Awadhesh by a narrow margin of 73 votes.....Full text


AIPWA Demonstration at Lucknow Assembly Demanding Justice for Farzana

Student Movement in Bhagalpur

Impressive rally of rural poor in Bisam Cuttack

Tripura State Cadre Meet ....Full text