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Thirty Years of Naxalbari

January 2007

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Aadhi Jameen


Book Review


Comrade Dipankar Bhattacharya, Kartik Pal, and Geeta Das joined by Medha Patkar on December 9 in Kolkata in a Protest Processionagainst the brutal lathicharge on mediapersons and activists at theCPI(ML) March at Sheoraphuli

South America: Where the Left is Definitely Right!

As though the elections in Bolivia, Brazil and Nicaragua hadn’t given the US enough nightmares, the ones in Ecuador and Venezuela may prove>>>Full text


2007: A Time to Reclaim Our Country, Our History, Our Freedom, Our Rights

The year 2007 marks the 150th anniversary of India’s First War of Independence. It is also the centenary year of Bhagat Singh’s birth, and the fortieth anniversary of the Naxalbari rebellion. The Central Committee of the CPI(L) has called for celebrating the confluence of these three great anniversaries with a countrywide “Our Country, Our History – Our Freedom, Our Rights” ........Full text


Scrap the Nuke Deal!

No more can anyone peddle the fiction that the Indo-US Nuke Deal would not have US strategic strings attached. Contrary to the claims of Manmohan Singh that the Act passed by US Congress last week is a welcome one, despite some ‘extraneous and prescriptive’ provisions, the Henry J. Hyde United States-India Peaceful Atomic Energy Cooperation.. ... Full text


‘Justice for All’ at Last?

Some recent court verdicts seem to have triggered a media celebration about the law finally catching up with criminals and justice becoming available to the people. The conviction of Shibu Soren for the murder of his private secretary, the sentence given to BJP MP and former cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu . ...Full text

  Forest Rights Act 2006 – Misplaced Euphoria

The Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 was passed almost unanimously by the Lok Sabha as well as the Rajya Sabha earlier this month. This legislation, aimed at giving ownership rights over forestland to traditional forest dwellers,....Full text


Asian Tsunami: Redefining Disaster

On the second anniversary of the Asian earthquake and tsunami of 26 December 2004 it is worthwhile pondering what the entire tragedy was really all about... ...Full text


Nitish‘Failure Card’

When he came to power, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had declared that ‘No Bihari will be forced to migrate’, ‘land reforms will be completed’, and ‘within 3 months crime will be eradicated and good governance restored’. What do we see at the end of one year? .. ...Full text  

Dalit Rage Boils Over in Maharashtra

What eventually led to breaking the deceptive calm after the horrific rape and massacre of the Bhotmange family in Kherlanji? What is causing Dalits of Maharashtra to repeatedly hit the streets in militant protests? The police’s deliberate delay, its obvious attempt to weaken the case and deny the gangrape and cover up the massacre,.. ...Full text  

  Special Feature
  All Roads Lead to Singur in Buddha’s Bengal

Is there at all any case for a debate and agitation over Singur? The CPI(M) leadership would like us to believe there is absolutely none and that the people questioning the great Singur model of industrialisation and rehabilitation are either stupid or mad or driven by ulterior motives. ...Full text

The political camp at Singur

Comrade Tapan  Batbyal, member of the party’s Hooghly district committee and WestBengalState committee, was the incharge of our nearly month-long camp at Singur. He played an exemplary role in personally leading the mass resistance against the police-cadre onslaught of first and second December and was seriously injured, arrested and hospitalised along with Comrade Bilas and others. After his release on 11 December, Arindam Sen had a detailed talk with him. Excerpts: .. ...Full text

  From the States
  Mullaiperiyar Dam Controversy

Interestingly, Mullaiperiyar dam controversy is not about sharing water as in the case of Cauvery. Kerala, any way, cannot use the dam water as most of it is going to the sea and the Kerala is least bothered about use of water that flows through the dam. It is also not a case of rehabilitation,...Full text

Aadhi Jameen
  Marxism and the Women’s Movement in India

Comrade VM passed away on December 18, 1998. As we observed his death anniversary, we found that many of his writings speak to us of questions that have enduring relevance. We reproduce excerpts from some of his writings on the women’s question, marked, as usual, by his refreshing clarity of Marxist perspective and direct and communicative style. Written way back in 1998, Comrade VM’s observations on the 33% Women’s Reservation Bill appear startlingly contemporary – as in the last winter session, the tabling of the Women’s Bill in Parliament has been scuttled yet again. We hope these excerpts will spur readers to debate afresh various issues of theory and praxis of Communism and the women’s movement in India. – Ed.....Full text


AICCTU – New Expansion, Special Initiatives ....Full text

AICCTU’s Role in December 14 General Strike ....Full text

AISA National Conference
RYA National Conference
AIKSS Team Visits Vidarbha
Jan Sanskriti Manch National Conference ....Full text
  Book Review
The Strange Case of December 13

 “I did interrogate and torture him [Afzal] at my camp for several days. And we never recorded his arrest in the books anywhere. His description of torture at my camp is true. That was the procedure those days and we did pour petrol in his ass and gave him electric shocks. But I could not break him.....Full text