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Chandrashekhar's Statue unveiled in Siwan on the 9th anniversary of his martyrdom, 31 March 2006.


Red Salute to the Brave and Fighting People of Nepal

THE people of Nepal are once again making history. The surging waves of people's movement in this Himalayan ‘kingdom' have already forced the thoroughly isolated and infamous king on the backfoot. The autocratic king who had first usurped the royal throne through a gory palace massacre and then gone on to steal absolute power by hijacking the fledgling system of multi-party democracy has now been compelled to promise to ‘return' sovereignty to the people. Many leaders of the movement including CPN(UML) General Secretary Madhav Nepal......Full text

  In Focus

Nepal : Birth Pangs of A New Republic

Nepal is in the midst of a veritable civil war. Renowned military scientist Clausewitz said that war is a continuation of politics. But Nepal is witnessing a peculiar situation in which politics and war have merged into one. People are taking on the military on streets. Curfew, shoot at sight order promulgated by the monarch have all proved futile. Political parties have rejected the King's offer of talks, saying that he is facing complete isolation at home and in the international community. In response they have launched ‘Non Cooperation Movement' on 16 April 2006.........Full text


Amir Das Commission Disbanded:

Nitish's Desperate Attempt to Shield Political Patrons of Ranvir Sena

The refusal of the Nitish Kumar government of Bihar to grant extension to the Amir Das Commission probing the political links of the Ranvir Sena is a blatant assault on truth and democracy. Recall that the Commission was set up in the wake of the infamous Laxmanpur-Bathe massacre in which killers of the Ranvir Sena had slaughtered more than 60 oppressed labouring people of this Jehanabad village in one single night in December 1997,.....Full text


Bursting the Dam of Protest:

From the Frontlines of an Andolan on the Streets of Delhi

As she broke her 20-day fast last night, surrounded by hundreds of supporters, Medha Patkar was very clear that this was no victory. Rather, she was breaking the fast to intensify the fight - the two-week fight for truth and justice that the Supreme Court has imposed on the Andolan. She asked the JNU Students' Union President Mona Das to speak, exposing the BJP-Congress tango and the prevarication of the Supreme Court. And then, in a voice that, despite the weakness, rang with conviction and challenge, Medha Patkar called upon all to join the fight of ‘Modi vs. Gandhi, Modi vs Ambedkar, Modi vs. Marx and Modi vs Lohia'.......Full text


NBA vs the People of Gujarat ?

As the movement to scrap the decision to raise the height of the Dam until rehabilitation was complete gathered steam, national dailies carried a full page ad with a large photograph of parched land, calling for quick construction of the Sardar Sarovar Dam. The ad was sponsored by an entire galaxy of Hindu godmen and heads of leading corporations. We examine the reality behind the Sardar Sarovar's claims of quenching Gujarat 's thirst.......Full text


Reservations In Cold Storage Again

W e witnessed some futile attempts to whip up the ‘anti-Mandal' frenzy again recently, this time, around the proposal to ensure 27% reservation for OBC students in central educational institutions (from Central Universities to IITs and IIMs) as well as reservation in private sector jobs. It is true that the proposal for reservation in educational institutions came from the HRD Minister Arjun Singh, but in the face of open opposition by the managements of these elite central academic institutions.......Full text


The UPA's New CMP of Unified and Unfettered Repression

A s Union Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of the previous NDA government, LK Advani had dubbed Naxalism ‘the worst enemy of the Indian dream'. As Prime Minister of the Congress-led and Left-backed UPA government, Dr. Manmohan Singh has now identified Naxalism as the greatest threat or challenge to India 's internal security as well as the Indian ‘way of life'.......Full text


Congress-BJP Tango over

Pro-US Policies

In the wake of George Bush's maiden India visit we are currently witnessing the beginning of a revealing political discourse between the two main parties of the Indian ruling classes. In a signed editorial in Sandesh, the monthly mouthpiece of her party, Congress president Sonia Gandhi has described the Bush visit as a remarkable achievement of the UPA government and charged parties opposing the visit and India's strategic partnership with the US.......Full text

May Day Feature

Some Recent Working Class Struggles in India

May Day 2006 in India would be observed amidst a new spurt in workers' struggles. Manmohan Singh Government at the Centre as well as the state governments of all hues are letting loose severe repression on struggling workers. Most of these struggles have been by workers in MNCs and big business houses........Full text


SBI employees win battle on pension issue

Over 2 lakh employees of State Bank of India went on in an indefinite strike on April 3, 2006 on their long-standing demand of comprehensive review of the pension scheme. Led by All India State Bank of India Staff Federation (AISBISF) and All India State Bank Officers' Federation (AISBOF),........Full text


Contract Workers' Strike at Hero Honda

Once again Gurgaon has become the centre of workers' unrest following the strike at Hero Honda's Gurgaon plant. Around 4,000 casual workers of Hero Honda were on strike from 10 April 2006 against the anti-worker stance of the management that had ignored the demands of the workers for a long time. The main demands placed were wage hike, job regularization, extra casual leave and medical benefits at par with the permanent workers.,........Full text


European Workers' Fightback

The dust had barely settled from the rebellions of 2005 in France that the streets again started to reverberate with songs and speeches from new protests and strikes. In the May 29, 2005 referendum the French electorate rejected the new European constitution. Later in the year the poor and super-exploited suburbs of France , especially where people of North African and Sub-Saharan origin live in dilapidated housing projects (la cites), went up in flames........Full text


Paris Commune Revisited

“The proletarians of Paris , amidst the failures and treasons of the ruling classes, have understood that the hour has struck for them to save the situation by taking into their own hands the direction of public affairs.... They have understood that it is their imperious duty, and their absolute right, to render themselves masters of their own destinies, by seizing upon the governmental power.” ........Full text

Party School

Notes on Party Programme Part- II

The first part of this paper on Party Programme was published in the April issue of Liberation in which we had discussed the ideological orientation of our Programme, the stage of our revolution and the centrality of the anti-feudal task of our revolution. The present part deals with the anti-imperialist dimension of our revolution, the pro-imperialist character of the Indian bourgeoisie and the key role of the rural poor at the helm of a broader anti-feudal anti-imperialist coalition in the countryside. We had hoped to conclude the paper with this second part, but there will now be a third and concluding part, which will appear in the June 2006 issue of Liberation.........Full text


Commemorating Nine Years of Comrade Chandrashekhar's Martyrdom.........Full text

Party Foundation Day Observed

Protests for Implementation of NREGA

CPI(ML) Team Investigates Aligarh Violence

AICCTU Protests Killer Gas Leak in Sonebhadra Chemicals Factory .........Full text

Thailand 's Silk ‘revolution'

Few who know anything about Thailand 's erstwhile Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra would lament his forced resignation in early April following months of public protests against his government.........Full text