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India Must Not Become a War Manager for US Imperialism

TROOPS OUT of Iraq ! Hands off Iran ! While anti-war activists observed the third anniversary of US invasion and occupation of Iraq by chanting these slogans in hundreds of peace rallies the world over, the Bush brigade celebrated the anniversary by launching a renewed air attack on Iraq......full text


Varanasi Must Be Saved from Becoming another Ayodhya

THE TREMORS caused by the twin blasts in Varanasi on March 7 have been felt all over the country. While Varanasi promptly plunged into the act of rescuing and treating the injured, the whole country was one in condemning the blasts and the resultant loss of innocent lives.........full text

Beyond the N-deal: India in Imperial Bandwagon

New Delhi 's foreign policy exercises in recent years have been marked by two opposite urges or contrary pulls: (a) to grow powerful as the most obedient ally of the sole superpower and (b) to exercise multiple options and improve relations with many countries. The former did predominate, but we also saw enhanced arms purchases from France, Russia and others.........full text

Assembly Elections, April-May 2006: Issues and Prospects

Assembly elections in states like Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are usully viewed as affairs of the concerned states having little connection with the pulls and counterpulls in national politics. This is primarily because of the traditional weakness of the BJP and the NDA in these states. West Bengal has been the only state with some NDA presence thanks to the Trinamul Congress (TMC),.....Full text

Union Budget 2006-07 Hitting the Aam Aadmi Below the Belt

Chidambaram's Pasta-Pepsi Budget

OVER THE years the expectations from the budget as a tool of affirmative policy actions have been diminishing. However, since is the 3rd straight year of a high growth phase of Indian economy, and some important assembly elections are due, it was expected that some bold initiatives for agriculture, infrastructure and social sector would be announced. Even the Congress president Sonia Gandhi had told earlier that all the priority welfare programmes launched last year "would be adequately funded". But that was not to be.....Full text

Bills on Unorganised Sector Workers: Restructuring Labour Market Legalising Informalisation

Salient Points of the Draft Bill Proposed by the NAC

CONTRADICTORY STATEMENTS are emanating from the higher echelons power regarding the timing of introduction of the bills on unorganized sector workers in the Parliament. Sonia Gandhi announced that the bill would be introduced in this session, only to be contradicted by the Minster of State for Labour who announced that it would be introduced only in the next session. The official Left that supports the Congress-led UPA government.....Full text

  Special Report

The Bush Visit and After: Battle Lines have been Redrawn

PREDICTABLY ENOUGH, Indian advocates of a strategic partnership with the US have begun to describe Bush's just concluded maiden visit to India and the Indo-US nuclear deal as a huge diplomatic breakthrough for India's foreign policy. With Bush ruling out the possibility of a similar nuclear deal with Pakistan , there is an obvious element of additional glee in this camp. America 's relationship with India ,.......Full text


Protests against Bush visit

CPI(ML) ORGANISED nationwide protests on March 2 against the visit of George Bush, the chief of the American war machine and imperialist pirate brigade. Various programmes were held at different centres in the country with the slogan 'Killer Bush, Go Back'. Through these protests the Party condemned the UPA Govt.'s spineless surrender before the US imperialism endangering country's sovereignty ......Full text


Communal designs of RSS-BJP given a fitting rebuff in Uttar Pradesh

Political turmoil in U.P. is bound to gain momentum with the approaching assembly elections, to be held, latest by the beginning of 2007. And one can safely predict that the tremors of upheaval in UP will be felt in New Delhi , too.......Full text

Other Reports:

Assembly March in Chandigarh against murderous assault on AIALA Leader Com. Bant Singh

Protest at the Indian High Commission in London

Massive CPI(ML) Rally in front of State Assembly in Bhuvaneshwar

Vidhan Sabha Chalo in Ranchi.......Full text

Party School

Notes on Party Programme - I

  • Evolution of CPI(M) and CPI(ML) Programmes
  • CPI(M)'s Journey from Centrism to Right Reformism
  • Why CPI(ML) Accepts Mao Zedong Thought as a Guiding Principle
  • The Great International Communist Debate against Revisionism
  • On the Anti-Feudal Task of India 's Democratic Revolution
  • We Do Need A Revolution to Overthrow Feudal Remnants .... Full text
Public Health

Avian Flu, Human Fear

'Kill the chicken to scare the monkey' goes an old Chinese proverb. It is a piece of ancient wisdom worth recalling especially in the times we live in where chicken are indeed being killed by the millions to scare the human monkey.. Full text


Denmark Has Lost Its Innocence

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark ," Shakespeare wrote in his famous Hamlet some four centuries ago. The events that have taken place during the last weeks and months show that Shakespeare's words have gained new actuality. We who live in Denmark can confirm that everything is not as it ought to be..... Full text

Who gives a damn for Iraq ?

IN THE run up to the US war on Iraq over three years ago there was a joke doing its rounds on the internet which went like this:

Bush Jr. and Colin Powell are sitting in a public park..... Full text

Vive 1968: Students and Workers on the Warpath in France !

'If they don't have secure jobs why aren't they grateful for insecure ones?': that seems to be French Prime Minister Dominic de Villepin's republican way of keeping alive the French Royal tradition of advocating cake for those demanding bread! A new law, called the CPE .... Full text