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Killer Bush Go Back:

Saying a Loud No to 'Enlightened' Spinelessness and Bankrupt, Benign Barking

So, Manmohan Singh wants us to believe that his government's act of siding with the US on two successive votes on Iran in the IAEA is just an expression of “enlightened self-interest”! Not only that, the ‘soft-spoken academic-turned-administrator' has also gone on to accuse whoever is opposing his government's decision on this score of indulging in 'minority vote-bank politics'! To use an expression often used by the RSS against Singh's own government, he is simply blaming the voices of opposition as being prompted by considerations of 'Muslim appeasement'! More than merely justifying his government's vote on Iran......Full text


Nepal 's Quest for A Democratic Republic

Quite predictably, the municipal elections in Nepal have turned out to be a huge farce. We have seen similar farces enacted on a few occasions in India when voter turnout in Assembly elections in states like Assam , Punjab and Kashmir has dropped way below the 'normal'. As part of their 12-point understanding reached last November, seven major political parties of Nepal as well as the Maoists had called for an active boycott of the polls and it proved highly effective.......Full text

Rightwing Ascendancy in Karnataka

Karnataka, the most sought after destination of IT-BT industries, has undergone a political shake-up. The dislodging of the Dharam Singh-led coalition of Congress-JD(S) alliance, the culmination of a series of political developments in the past few months, has clearly exposed the political opportunism of the JD(S) and the bankruptcy of the Congress model of ‘secular' alliance. It has once again proved that politicians from the bourgeois centrist camp can hardly be consistent secularists. ......Full text

Muslim Census in Armed Forces:

Endandering Secular Democracy or Promoting It?

The request by the High Level Committee headed by Justice Sachar for statistics of Muslim representation in the Armed Forces has generated an outcry - by the Army authorities as well as by the BJP-NDA. The hue and cry is that the request amounts to an attempt to communalise the nationalist institution of the Army. Will a census of Muslim/SC-ST/women in the armed forces foster divisive and anti-national sentiment? Or will such records ensure that the nation remains alert about preventing and correcting discriminatory practices in our national institutions?.......Full text

Supreme Court Order on Protests against Clemenceau

THE SUPREME Court order restricting all articles, write-ups, demonstrations, protests etc. on the issue of the entry of the asbestos-laden French Ship Clemenceau into India is not only a violation of the settled law on the issue of contempt of court but it is also a gross violation of the fundamental rights of citizens under section 19.1A of the Indian Constitution which guarantees citizens the right to protest and demonstrate on issues of public interest.........Full text


Beware US-Sponsored ‘Democracy and Freedom'

Addressing the Asia Society in Washington on the eve of his visit to India and Pakistan , George Bush declared, “mobs must not be allowed to dictate the future of Asia ”. He was referring to the protests over the Prophet cartoons, but he undoubtedly meant the kind of ‘mobs' which protested against US wars of aggression and US' killer economic policies as well.....Full text

An open letter to ‘Emperor' George Bush Jr.

[ A team of filmmakers, Films for Peace Team, is screening a series of anti-war, anti-imperialist films at 80 places all over the country. The team has written this Open Letter to Bush. ]


George Bush Jr. ....Full text

Bhagat Singh: People's Hero in the Freedom Struggle

Hawa me rahegi mere khayal ki bijli Ye muste-khak hai fani, rahe rahe na rahe

March 23 marks the 75 th anniversary of the martyrdom of Shaheed-e-azam Bhagat Singh, and September 28, 2007 , his birth centenary. It will be interesting to see how Manmohan Singh, having given a red carpet welcome to the leader of world imperialism George Bush, reconciles his tributes to Bhagat Singh with his glowing tributes the ‘great Raj' that hanged the ‘dangerous man' till he was dead. ....Full text

Bhagat Singh

The Lighthouse of the Revolutionary Mindset of Indian Youth

Fiftieth year is to pass since we became independent. Casting a glance over our surroundings, we find a putrefying scene around. Particularly, the all-round degeneration of the Congress party, that claims to have led the country in the freedom struggle, raises some basic questions. During the freedom struggle, revolutionaries had raised their fingers at the ideology and working methods of Gandhi and Congress. They even had apprehensions that independence might prove to be mere transfer of power from white sahibs to coloured ones.....Full text

Bhagat Singh's Letter to the Second LCC Convicts

March 22, 1931

Comrades, The desire to live is natural. It is in me also. I do not want to conceal it. But it is conditional. I don't want to live as a prisoner or under restrictions......Full text

  Special Report

AIALA National Conference At Rajahmundry

On 30 January, Rajahmundry , on the banks of the Godavari , was awash in a sea of red flags. The town had been christened Alluri Sitarama Raju Nagar after the great peasant guerilla freedom fighter of Andhra Pradesh. A Rally of thousands of agrarian labourers, mostly from Andhra Pradesh and Orissa, as well as delegates from all over the country, had gathered there to participate in a Rally marking the inauguration of the second All India Conference of the AIALA on 30-31 January.......Full text

Messages to the Second National Conference of AIALA.....Full text


Agricultural labourers have begun to arrive on the stage; nothing can stop them from winning the great battle for survival and social transformation

[ Excerpts from the concluding address delivered by Comrade Dipankar Bhattacharya at the Second All India Conference of AIALA at Rajamundhry, Andhra Pradesh ] .......Full text


PI(ML) General Secretary visits Kalinga Nagar

A 9-member CPI(ML) delegation comprising General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya, West Bengal State Secretary Kartick Pal, Chhattisgarh incharge Rajaram, CPI(ML) MLA from Jharkhand Vinod Singh and five other party activists JP Minz (Jharkhand), Radhakanta Sethi, Tirupati Gomango, Meghnath Sabaro and Upendra visited Kalinga Nagar on 5 February, 2006.....Full text

Protest Against Attack on Bant Singh Continues

  The struggle to bring Bant Singh's attackers to justice and make the State Government take responsibility for his treatment and compensation continues. Till date, the Amrinder Singh Government only offered a paltry token sum of a lakh, which was refused by Bant Singh and his family......Full text

Intensify Campaign for the Mass Registrations
Under National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

February 2 was the day that the NREGA was to come into effect across the country. We carry reports from some States, about irregularities in implementation of the EGA and also regarding struggles to ensure its implementation. .......Full text

Jail Diary

A Week in Tihar Jail

Jails mean different things for different people. For the likes of Shahabuddin or Pappu Yadav, jails are a safe haven – you can runyour mafia empires from there, you can hold parties and entertain guests, you are kep abreast of every move of your political opponents, you can order your henchmen to shoot dead a young man fresh from JNU, who dares to speak out on a streetcorner and challenge your .... Full text


CPI(ML)'s Position on State Funding of Elections

[CPI(ML) response to the Union Cabinet proposal on state funding of elections mooted on December 22, which was circulated by the Election Commission among all parties for feedback.] .. Full text


Raging protests against Army Atrocities in Assam

Atrocity on Kol Women in Mirzapur

Dalit Girl's Arm Severed in Auria.... Full text


Privatisation Takes Off!

Labour Rights Crashland!

To call it a victory is a self-deception. Rather, it's a sellout, total and shameless. The strike by the workers of airports not only aired the demand for job security but also articulated the demand for a halt to privatisation of airports. The powerful demand of the workers should have ended either in a halt to privatisation or with the opportunist Left's withdrawal of support.... Full text

Sixth Pay Commission:

Freezing Across the Wage Pyramid

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced on Feb.1 that the Sixth Pay Commission (SPC) would be constituted soon close on the heels of the central government employees' decision to go on an indefinite strike. Still, the Joint Action Forum of Central Government Employees served strike notice .... Full text


Venezuelan Travelogue: Experiencing the Bolivarian Revolutionary Process

[Two comrades from CPI(ML), Surya and Tamarai, visited Venezuela for 10 days in December 2005. They have written this travelogue based on their firsthand impressions.] .... Full text