New Series Vol. 8 No. 10 (April-May 2002)




Gujarat Has Posed the Question, India Must Find the Answer



Defeat Communal Fascism! Intensify the Battle for Secularism and Democracy!
Strengthen the Party as the Developing Centre of Communist Resurgence in India!

CPI(ML)General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya's call to the Party on the occasion of its thirty-third anniversary of Party's foundation on April 22, 2002


Monster Modi Must Go!

A brief report of CPI(ML)'s all-India protest campaigns on Gujarat.

Excerpts from the reports of two CPI(ML) investigation teams that visited Gujarat.

AISA students who visited Gujarat give their impressions of anti-minority violence in the state.

Plus an exclusive interview with Achyut Yagnik, noted intellectual and social activist.

Terror and resistance in Jharkhand

Babulal Marandi Government in Jharkhand lets loose a reign of terror in Giridih district as part of a conspiracy to curb the growing assertion of CPI(ML) only to be confronted with a wave of resistance from the people. CPI(ML)'s MLA Comrade Mahendra Singh and several other leaders and activists are in jail under false cases. A detailed report by DP Buxi.

The Other Ayodhya

Kavita Krishnan gives a bird's eye view of the anti-British and anti-feudal struggles of the people of the Avadh region.

Plus a profile of peasant leader and people's hero, Baba Ramchandra Das.

Ayodhya: Questions of History


The World Since September 11

The text of Comrade Dipankar Bhattacharya's paper presented at the Second Asia-Pacific Soidarity Conference, Sydney on March 28-April1, 2002.


Pratush Bharti's on turncoat intellectuals like Salman Rushdie, Fred Halliday who have turned into unabashed apologists of the US imperialism in the wake of September 11.

Enron and the Crony Capitalism in the US

Girish Ghildiyal describes the operation of crony capitalism in the US best captured by the dramatic collapse of the energy major Enron.

Photo Feature

Save democracy Rally in Patna

75,000 march in Washington against US militarism and Israeli aggression


Hans Issakson on the Harry Potter phenomenon.


Red Salute to Comrade Tapan Chakraborty


Beware, Men at Work: Hindu Rashtra under Construction!

Dipankar Bhattacharya calls upon the democratic and secular people of India to bury the Hindu Rashtra project of the communal-fascists.

Arindam Sen on the social-democratic agrarian programme of the Left Front Government of West Bengal and its betrayal of the interests of agricultural labourers.

Shankar on Marxist approach to caste and class. Paper presented at CPI(ML)'s Central Party School.

BB Pandey makes an assessment of the split in the Punjab unit of CPI(M) after talking to some of the leaders of the CPM (Pasla), which broke away from the CPI(M), and summarises the 'aborted' debate raised within the People's War Group by some former leaders of the PWG's West Bengal Unit


Ashok Manohar, General Secretary of Lal Nishan Party (Leninist) on industrial restructuring in Maharashtra.

S.Kumaraswamy, Working President of AICCTU, on industrial sickness in Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai.



CPI(ML) unearths a major PDS scam in Bihar through a Public Interest Litigation. The scamster minister kidnaps and tortures CPI(ML) leader in retaliation.

Lal Bahadur Singh on the post-election scenario in Uttar Pradesh and the BSP-BJP tie-up.

Rajendra Pratauli on CPI(ML)'s campaign in the Delhi municipal elections, highlighting the impact of urban crisis on the city's poor.

Purushottam Sharma on land alienation among hill people and land struggles being led by CPI(ML) in Uttarkhand.

Struggles against Ranbir Sena in Jahanabad, Bihar.


Kumudini Pati, General Secretary of All India Progressive Women's Association, on the inadequacy of Domestic Violence Bill, 2001.


Akhilendra Prataph Singh review books by Zoya Hasan on UP. Pratyush Bharti reviews book by Istvan Meszaros.


Another World is Possible:

Sundaram's report on the Second World Social Forum meet at Porto Alegre.

Call of the Social Movements - a call issued by a caucus of social movements participating at the meet.

Plus interviews with Walden Bello and Cedenir Oliviera, Organizer, Movement of Landless Farmers (MST), Brazil.

Second Asia-pacific Solidarity Conference

Sundaram reports from Sydney. Plus an interview with John Percy, National Secretary, Democratic Socialist Party, Australia.