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November 2005

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Lok Panchayat in Punjab on 98th Birth Anniversary of

Saheed Bhagat Singh
(28 September 2005)


Stop this deadly farce of ceasefire

The present round of clashes had already been going on for nearly a month, but it took the horrifying 17 October killing of nearly 40 innocent people for New Delhi to take notice and pull up the State government. Even then the latter did little beyond taking routine administrative steps like imposition of curfew and deployment of the army. By that time, according to official estimates, more than 1000 houses were burned down in 43 villages in Karbi Anglong district, and a total of 77 people had lost their lives with hundreds more maimed.....Full text

  Solidarity Message

Solidarity Message:

to the Labour Party of Pakistan (LPP) and the Communist Party of Pakistan on Earthquake Devastation ....Full text


Karbi Anglong Bleeds

The violence in Karbi Anglong district of Assam continues unabated. On the worst ever day of violence 36 people were killed on October 17. The toll has crossed more than 100 in the vicious cycle of violence that started on September 26. Many are missing. Thousands of people have been injured....Full text

Communal Riots in Mau

Mau is one of the main centers of the handloom industry in eastern Uttar Pradesh. On 13 October 2005 , mob violence started during a Dussera procession, after which a shooting incident took place, in which one person was killed. After this, for nearly hundred hours Mau kept burning, while the administration refused to act. There are clear indications that the communal violence was started by the Hindu Yuva Vahini....Full text

Kashmir Shaken, Government Unstirred

For half a century two of the poorest countries in the world have fought four wars, spent billions of dollars on sophisticated arms and even engaged in a potentially catastrophic nuclear weapons race. All this, over the tormented land of Kashmir ....Full text


CPI(ML) Manifesto for Bihar Elections


The February elections showed that the people of Bihar have rejected both the RJD-Congress alliance as well as the JD(U)-BJP alliance. The Supreme Court has said that the dissolution of the Assembly was unconstitutional. Yet the RJD-Congress as well as the JD(U)-BJP combines have betrayed the people's verdict by trying to come to power by hook or by crook - i.e., by horse-trading or through a backdoor entry under the garb of President's rule.. Full text

CPI(ML) Candidates for Assembly Elections in Bihar

(For the first and second phase) ... Full text

.How do you Solve a Problem called Bihar ?

The interim order of the Supreme Court has once again highlighted the perpetual dilemma of India ’s ruling elite: how do you govern Bihar – how do you manage the utterly unruly State?  That the vaunted values of constitutionalism and rule of law never operate in Bihar society.. . Full text

What is Wrong With Bihar ?

(Below we reproduce from the Patna edition of the Hindustan Times dated 9 October 2005 , the answers by the CPI(ML) General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya to the six questions posed before him for a special column of the daily in the wake of the Bihar Assembly elections).. . Full text

CPI(ML)'s Election Campaign in Bihar – First Phase

The vigorous election campaign by CPI(ML) in Bihar is evoking a good response from the people. Liberation has received some initial reports about the campaign for the first phase of elections on October 18. Comrade Dipankar Bhattacharya – accompanied by Comrade KD Yadav – launched his election campaign on 4 October 2005 from Gaya .. . Full text


Maha Lok Panchayat in Punjab on 98th Birth Anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh

The Punjab unit of the CPI(ML) commemorated the 98th Birth Anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh by organising a massive Lok Panchayat at Mansa on 28 September. The Panchayat addressed the issue of strengthening the movement against the anti-people and pro-imperialist policies of the government......Full text

CPI(ML)'s All- India Protest Day against India 's Vote against Iran in IAEA

CPI(ML) observed September 29, the all-India strike day also as a protest day against India 's vote against Iran at the International Atomic Energy Agency under American pressure. On 24 September India shocked and shamed the entire developing world by voting in favour of the US-EU resolution......Full text

Successful All-India Strike on September 29

The September 29 All-India strike by the working class called by the left trade unions including the CPI(ML)-led AICCTU to demand a reversal of the UPA government's pro-privatisation and anti-labour policies. This became a historic success due to widespread support it received from the people of India.....Full text

Second State Conference of AIALA in Tamil Nadu

The Second State Conference of AIALA of TN was held in Nagbhushan Hall at Madurai on October 17, 2005 . A three month-long campaign was conducted before the conference, which concentrated on increasing the membership base and building the organization......Full text



Bandh to protest Firing on Tea Workers in Sonitpur

The CPI(ML)-led Asom Sangrami Chah Shramik Sangh (ASCSS) called a 12-hour Sonitpur District Bandh on 27 Sept. protest against police firing at Monabari Tea Garden leading to the killing of one worker and injury to many others. The bandh evoked good response from all sections of the society and was total... . . Full text




Anti-Imperialism and Annihilation of Caste

Annihilation of caste – a specific agenda of the Indian left - has been perceived by various intellectuals and activists from varied viewpoints. The debates on caste-class relationships and social versus political changes which were initiated in the Ambedkar era are being carried forward even to date...Full text






Fighting Multinationals, Racism and Anti-Union Laws

On the bank of a motorway known as Beacon Hill, in the no-man's land of warehouses, factories and tunnels surrounding Heathrow airport's Terminal 4 building, about 200 South Asian women and men mostly in their 40s and 50s – sacked workers of the Gate Gourmet factory – are gathered in the first mass picket in 4 weeks. Hailed by the more progressive sections of the British press as a particularly inspiring industrial struggle......Full text

Ecuador : "Popular government is the only way forward"

Liberation’s Interview with Jose Izquierdo, a senor leader of the Communist Party of Ecuador (Marxist-Leninist)

In mid-April this year the Ecuadorian President Lucio Gutirrez was ousted from power following days of protest in the streets of the country's major cities and towns.

Ironically Gutirrez rode to power three years ago on the back of a similar popular uprising protesting against his predecessor's neo-liberal economic policies that have resulted in the impoverishment of large sections of the population in this oil and natural resources-rich country. Prior to his election,......Full text